Photos for 30 Nov 2013

After That, Quiet Affection - Caitlin Aran

Saturated but soft semi solid: warm blackcurrant, mauve, plum, damson
Caitlin Aran - After That, Quiet Affection

And Now A Bubble Burst - Clara DK

Ghostly semi solid: whisper of green over stone, tiny touches of soft rose and mauve
Clara DK - And Now A Bubble Burst

A Slice Of Wedding Cake - Clara DK

Glowing semi solid: tan, chocolate, russet, bronze, dark amber
Clara DK - A Slice Of Wedding Cake

Clouds, Lingering Yet - Clara DK

Moody tonal variegated: slate, blackish purple, airforce blue, bronze, mid green, camel
Clara DK - Clouds, Lingering Yet

Don't Mention Bannockburn - Florence Aran

Deeply saturated and complex variegated: rust, forest green, black, russet, bronze, chocolate, amber, maroon, plum, plummy marl
Florence Aran - Don't Mention Bannockburn

Dreaming Of Picket Fences - Pamela Sock

Soothing tonal variegated: leaf green, soft denim, sea green, touches of muted turquoise, gold sparkle
Pamela Sock - Dreaming Of Picket Fences

Faint But Pursuing - Miranda Cobweb

Jewel bright semi solid: deep sapphire shading into purple, subtle touches of teal
Miranda Cobweb - Faint But Pursuing

For Beauty, I Replied - Sylvia Lace

Complex semi solid: terracotta, amber, deepest rose, grape, slate, tan and slate shimmer (the photo shows a touch of sage, but I don't see it in reality)
Sylvia Lace - For Beauty, I Replied

Gorgeously Arrayed - Olivia Sock

Exuberantly vivid semi solid: bright pink shading into light magenta
Olivia Sock - Gorgeously Arrayed

Head High To The Finish - Pippa DK

Sinister semi solid: charcoal, dark slate, blackcurrant, grape, hints of sea green
Pippa DK - Head High To The Finish

Hundreds Have Looked For You - Clara DK

Gentle semi solid: denim, slate, leaf green, smoke grey
Clara DK - Hundreds Have Looked For You

I Could Sleep For A Year - Caitlin Aran

Delicate semi solid: palest possible green going into platinum, touches of stone
Caitlin Aran - I Could Sleep For A Year

Improvised Music - Clara DK

Joyous semi solid: fuchsia, with shading (brighter than the photo)
Clara DK - Improvised Music

I'm The Leader, I'm In Charge - Olivia Lace

Vivid solid: light emerald
Olivia Lace - I'm The Leader, I'm In Charge

In A Fit Of Jealous Rage - Natasha Sock

Brooding semi solid: darkest bottle green going into dark forest green
Natasha Sock - In A Fit Of Jealous Rage

In A World Of Pure Imagination - Caitlin Aran

Uplifting almost solid: turquoise, with deeper turquoise shading
Caitlin Aran - In A World Of Pure Imagination

In Dire Peril - Natasha Sock

Sinister tonal variegated: dark dull blue, burgundy going into maroon, deep murky purple, damson, all very subtly blended
Natasha Sock - In Dire Peril

Intentions Strictly Honourable - Olivia Lace

Softly saturated semi solid: deep rose, mauve, amethyst
Olivia Lace - Intentions Strictly Honourable

Lairig Leacach Bothy - Miranda DK

Subtle & complex tonal variegated: bronze, murky khaki, greige, amber, sage, smoke grey, dove grey, honey
Miranda DK - Lairig Leacach Bothy

Little Lambs Eat Ivy - Florence Aran

Complex & subtle variegated: grape, silver, khaki, bronze, dove grey, sage, mauve (more predominately green than the photo would show)
Florence Aran - Little Lambs Eat Ivy

Make Your Way Home - Florence Aran

Just plain gorgeous. Tonal variegated: bronze, grape, sage, smoke grey, with barberpole marl in slate and denim
Florence Aran - Make Your Way Home

Neither Did I - Sylvia DK

Shimmering semi solid: sapphire, forest rgeen, kingfisher blue going into teal (less green and more blue than the photo shows it)
Sylvia DK - Neither Did I



On A Roll! - Sylvia Lace

Triumphantly vivid semi solid: bright violet, with deeper purple shading (slightly softer and warmer than the photo)
Sylvia Lace - On A Roll!

Reelin' And Rockin' - Pamela Sock

Dramatic tonal variegated: magenta, damson, deep purple, raspberry, plum, aubergine, gold sparkle
Pamela Sock - Reelin' And Rockin'

Shun The Frumious Bandersnatch! - Miranda Lace

Deeply saturated but soft toned semi solid: bottle green shading into forest green
Miranda Lace - Shun The Frumious Bandersnatch!

The Ayes Have It - Sylvia Lace

Brooding semi solid: navy, black, deep purple, little hints of bottle green
Sylvia Lace - The Ayes Have It

The Glory Of The Laurel Leaf - Sylvia Lace

Shimmering semi solid: moss, sage, khaki, olive, cool green, all with subtle bronze shimmer
Sylvia Lace - The Glory Of The Laurel Leaf

The Ice Is Definitely Broken - Chloe Lace

Subtle & complex tonal variegated: a deep khaki base, with dull grape, olive, murky slate, sage
Chloe Lace - The Ice Is Definitely Broken

The Last I Saw Of Him - Elinor Chunky

Gloomy and subtly variegated: murky purple base, with darkest forest green, dark bronze going into ochre, dark slate, damson, all very dark and muted
Elinor Chunky - The Last I Saw Of Him

The Probable Impossible - Natasha Lace

Incredibly vibrant semi solid: sapphire, peacock blue, kingfisher blue
Natasha Lace - The Probable Impossible

Trouble Brewing - Madeleine Lace

Deliciously wicked tonal variegated: blackcurrant, damson, deep purple, aubergine, maroon, grape, burgundy
Madeleine Lace - Trouble Brewing

Twice Around The World - Miranda Cobweb

Uplifting semi solid: light jade with touches of soft turquoise blending into the jade
Miranda Cobweb - Twice Around The World

What A Scoop! - Pippa DK

Darkly dramatic semi solid: navy, deep sapphire, black
Pippa DK - What A Scoop!

Wishful Make-Upping - Pippa DK

Vibrant but soft semi solid: deepest rose, raspberry, crimson
Pippa DK - Wishful Make-Upping

Without A Stain On Her Character - Marianne DK

Darkly saturated semi solid: burgundy, plummy purple, maroon
Marianne DK - Without A Stain On Her Character

You Don't Know The Half Of It - Pippa DK

Intense and dramatic semi solid: dark sapphire, navy, peacock blue, hints of dark purple
Pippa DK - You Don't Know The Half Of It

You Own The Sun - Florence Aran

Gloriously bright almost solid: daffodil, buttercup yellow
Florence Aran - You Own The Sun