Photos for 29 Sep 2013

A House In Brunswick Square - Valerie Cobweb

Subtle and complex tonal variegated; soft bottle green, olive going into forest green, khaki tinged with grape, greige
Valerie Cobweb - A House In Brunswick Square

All Kinds Of Beautiful - Marianne DK

Dainty variegated; rose, lavender, mint, apple, silver, jade, dove grey, sage, fawn, smoke grey
Marianne DK - All Kinds Of Beautiful

Another Beginning - Rosalind DK

Serene semi solid; sky blue, robin's egg blue, a touch of aqua
Rosalind DK - Another Beginning

A Proposal In The Rose Garden - Betsy Sock

Softly variegated; duck egg blue going into slate, soft coral going into peach, silvery mauve, blush pink, rose, mint, stone
Betsy Sock - A Proposal In The Rose Garden

Castles In Sand - Rosalind DK

Warm and gentle semi solid; amber, honey, sage, soft apricot
Rosalind DK - Castles In Sand

Challenge Accepted - Harriet DK

Complex & subtle tonal variegated; dark violet, forest green, slate, black, dove grey, grape, bottle green, moss
Harriet DK - Challenge Accepted

Everyone's Allowed A Black Mood Now & Then - Chloe Lace

Brooding semi solid; navy, dark chocolate, damson, darkest forest green, all very moody and, well, dark! This has been overdyed, so the sparkle is quite subtle
Chloe Lace - Everyone's Allowed A Black Mood Now & Then

I Can Only Sigh - Miranda DK

Delicate semi solid; silver touched with lavender, dove grey
Miranda DK - I Can Only Sigh

I Forgot To Talk Like A Pirate - Marianne DK

Warming semi solid; copper, russet, soft purple, rust, soft crimson, mauve, plum, maroon
Marianne DK - I Forgot To Talk Like A Pirate

I Never Forget A Face - Valerie Cobweb

Gentle semi solid; lavender, warm mauve, grape, a little raspberry
Valerie Cobweb - I Never Forget A Face

Just Being With You - Rosalind Aran

Softly tinted semi solid; amber, silvery mauve, tan, milky coffee
Rosalind Aran - Just Being With You

Learning To Let Go - Diana Lace

Gently variegated; slate, olive, grape, dirty denim, sage, soft violet, moss, all with a soft tan overtone (hard to describe!)
Diana Lace - Learning To Let Go

Lunch In St. Tropez - Rosalind Aran

Vivid semi solid; jade, teal, soft emerald
Rosalind Aran - Lunch In St. Tropez

Master Of None - Jeannie Sock

Very complex and subtle tonal variegated; chocolate, darkest possible forest green, brownish plum, and I'm going to give up there, because the shades in this defy words
Jeannie Sock - Master Of None

Mi Corazón Es Tuyo - Erin Sock

Intense but soft almost solid; deep plum, with some deeper raspberry shading
Erin Sock - Mi Corazón Es Tuyo

Mr Knightley Is My Favourite - Bonnie Aran

Brooding semi solid; dark bottle green, black, navy going into blackcurrant
Bonnie Aran - Mr Knightley Is My Favourite

No One Makes Me Laugh Like You Do - Erin Sock

Vibrant but not eye-searingly so! Almost solid; deep cerise, going into cherry
Erin Sock - No One Makes Me Laugh Like You Do

Not Quite There Yet - Jeannie Sock

Autumn in a skein. Gorgeously variegated; copper, saffron, moss, emerald, teal, beige, russet, olive, sea green, gold, terracotta, rust, stone
Jeannie Sock - Not Quite There Yet

Now A Fleeting Memory - Juliet DK

I love how these singles take up the dye. Intense but subtle tonal variegated; deep purple, grape, sand, blackcurrant, stone
Juliet DK - Now A Fleeting Memory

Pandora's Box Is Open - Miranda DK

Deeply saturated semi solid; dark purple with shading, blackcurrant, a little sooty black
Miranda DK - Pandora's Box Is Open

Past Tense, Future Perfect - Bonnie DK

Brooding semi solid; navy, dark teal, black, little hints of dark green, blackcurrant
Bonnie DK - Past Tense, Future Perfect

Raindrop Races - Betsy Sock

Elegant and subtle semi solid; mid grey, dirty sea green, sage, smoke grey
Betsy Sock - Raindrop Races

Seismic Shifts - Martha Sport

Subtly blended semi solid; dirty grape, dove grey, hints of plummy mauve, smoke grey
Martha Sport - Seismic Shifts

Smart As A Guardsman - Bonnie Aran

But not quite as tall…. Intensely saturated almost solid; bottle green with a dash of teal (umm, I hope this photographs well, because that's the best description I can come up with)
Bonnie Aran - Smart As A Guardsman

Start At The Very Beginning - Juliet DK

Gently variegated; emerald, damson, blackcurrant, jade going into teal, burgundy, forest green
Juliet DK - Start At The Very Beginning

St. Ives Harbour - Bonnie DK

Semi solid; the perfect teal (and if it photographs well, I'll eat my hat), with hints of soft jade and tiny bits of sapphire
Bonnie DK - St. Ives Harbour

Such Duplicity - Elinor Chunky

Moody semi solid; dark chocolate, cocoa
Elinor Chunky - Such Duplicity

The Allure Of One More Row - Natasha Lace

Intensely saturated semi solid; damson, blackcurrant, deep burgundy, very subtly blended
Natasha Lace - The Allure Of One More Row

The Best Blackberries Are Always Out Of Reach - Marianne DK

Intense tonal variegated; aubergine, dark murky green, damson, khaki, a faded black with a tinge of green, burgundy
Marianne DK - The Best Blackberries Are Always Out Of Reach

The Charm Of A Misty Morning - Miranda DK

Understated elegance in this very subtle semi solid; silver touched with the tiniest hint of green, smoke grey
Miranda DK - The Charm Of A Misty Morning

The Golden Hour - Marianne DK

The ultimate winter-defying yarn! Incredibly vibrant almost solid; daffodil yellow going into gold
Marianne DK - The Golden Hour

The Jig Is Up - Harriet DK

Moody semi solid; dark forest green, black, charcoal with a hint of grape, bottle green
Harriet DK - The Jig Is Up

The Space Between The Notes - Diana Lace

Very complex and subtly blended tonal variegated; smoke grey, sage, silver, fawn, hints of lavender, dove grey
Diana Lace - The Space Between The Notes

The Wrong Side Of The Pennines - Erin Sock

But which side is that?! Semi solid; deep dirty jade, a smoky teal
Erin Sock - The Wrong Side Of The Pennines

To The Wild Wood - Marianne DK

Soothing semi solid; khaki, soft chartreuse, olive, moss
Marianne DK - To The Wild Wood

Young Bohemians - Bonnie DK

Vibrant semi solid; deep cherry, raspberry, crimson, very subtly combined
Bonnie DK - Young Bohemians

You Started A Fire - Miranda Lace

Warming semi solid; terracotta going into plum, soft copper
Miranda Lace - You Started A Fire