Photos for 28 Dec 2013

A Chronicle Of Wasted Time - Natasha Sock

Moody, subtly blended semi solid: French navy going into dull grape, hints of soft mauve, plum
Natasha Sock - A Chronicle Of Wasted Time

All Fire & Flames - Caitlin Aran

Spicy semi solid: tan, fawn, amber, bronze, terracotta marled thread
Caitlin Aran - All Fire & Flames

An Adventure In Forgiveness - Miranda Aran

Understated semi solid: cream, stone, platinum
Miranda Aran - An Adventure In Forgiveness

Anchored In The Bay - Caitlin Aran

Uplifting semi solid: sky blue, turquoise, azure, flashes of cobalt (more intense than in the photo)
Caitlin Aran - Anchored In The Bay

A Poet's Rage - Sylvia Sock

Shimmering complex variegated: navy shot with teal, purple shot with plum, moss shot with bronze, touches of silvery green, damson, slate
Sylvia Sock - A Poet's Rage

Behind Walls Of Glass - Patricia Aran

Glacial almost solid: palest blue, with an icy silvery blue marl
Patricia Aran - Behind Walls Of Glass

Camped By Lake Agnes - Miranda Lace

Serene semi solid: soft mint, silvery sea green, sage
Miranda Lace - Camped By Lake Agnes

Come Live In My Heart - Sylvia Sock

Joyous variegated: raspberry, stone, teal, grape, mid green, fawn, amethyst, plum, deep mauve
Sylvia Sock - Come Live In My Heart

Crowned With Almond Blossom - Vivienne Chunky

Dreamy semi solid: pale rose, cream, shell pink, stone with a tiny hint of green
Vivienne Chunky - Crowned With Almond Blossom

Double Dare - Miranda Lace

Dramatic semi solid: deep plummy purple, violet, dark raspberry
Miranda Lace - Double Dare

Echoing The Melody - Elinor DK

Incredibly vibrant tonal variegated: kingfisher, azure, violet, teal, peacock, magenta, slate
Elinor DK - Echoing The Melody

Forty Winters - Miranda Aran

Delicate semi solid: off white, platinum, whispers of shell pink and palest possible green
Miranda Aran - Forty Winters

In The Eerie Owl-Light - Martha DK

Gentle tonal variegated: soft moss green, silver, khaki, hints of grape, sage
Martha DK - In The Eerie Owl-Light

Laughing 'Til It Hurts - Vivienne Chunky

Another beautiful red, badly captured. Intensely satursated semi solid: pillarbox red, cherry, crimson
Vivienne Chunky - Laughing 'Til It Hurts

Lofty Trees, Barren Of Leaves - Elinor Aran

Sinister semi solid: dark dull chocolate going into forest green, hints of bottle green, bronze, olive (this is showing up as more green than brown, but that's the lighting. In natural light it looks more brown.)
Elinor Aran - Lofty Trees, Barren Of Leaves

Love Like A Fever - Patricia Aran

Vibrant semi solid: scarlet, pillarbox red, faded cherry (I can't believe how badly this photographed! Take my word for it: it's wonderful)
Patricia Aran - Love Like A Fever

Maiden Gardens - Patricia Aran

Tranquil semi solid: icy blue, mint, sky blue, with azure and turquoise marl
Patricia Aran - Maiden Gardens

Mine Would Be You - Martha DK

Moody tonal variegated: dark grape, smoke grey, dull purple, slate, denim, dove grey
Martha DK - Mine Would Be You

Nothing A Nap Won't Cure - Chloe DK

Brooding semi solid: darkest shades of burgundy, teal going into navy, chocolate touched with bronze, and very subtle plummy sparkle
Chloe DK - Nothing A Nap Won't Cure

On Lips & Cheeks - Antonia DK

Ladylike semi solid: deep rose, soft mauve, little touches of amethyst, lavender, apricot, grape
Antonia DK - On Lips & Cheeks

On The Oregon Trail - Clara DK

Slightly gloomy tonal variegated: dull forest green, bronze, olive, khaki, dull tan
Clara DK - On The Oregon Trail

Statues Out Of Snow - Caitlin Aran

Ghostly semi solid: platinum, silver, the palest whisper of green
Caitlin Aran - Statues Out Of Snow

Sweet Beloved's Name - Florence Aran

Elegant semi solid: lavender, dove grey, with a deep mauve marl
Florence Aran - Sweet Beloved's Name

Sweet Silent Thought - Vivienne Chunky

Delicate as smoke, semi solid: silver, platinum with the tiniest whisper of green
Vivienne Chunky - Sweet Silent Thought

Tears Like Pearls - Diana Cobweb

Elegant almost solid: silvery blue with a tiny touch of lilac
Diana Cobweb - Tears Like Pearls

Ten Times Happier - Sylvia Sock

Irridescent semi solid: soft teal shot with dull bronze, touches of olive
Sylvia Sock - Ten Times Happier

That's The Gentry For You - Amelie Cobweb

Mysterious and complex tonal variegated: grape, plum, slate, dull bronze, dark purple, khaki, damson
Amelie Cobweb - That's The Gentry For You

The Bitterness Of Absence - Antonia DK

Moody complex tonal variegated: smoky grape base, overshot with slate, dove grey, warm rose, charcoal, mauve
Antonia DK - The Bitterness Of Absence

The Fish Won't Bite Today - Patricia Aran

Subtle and elegant semi solid: khaki and stormy sea green base, with hyacinth blue marl
Patricia Aran - The Fish Won't Bite Today

The Gaudy Spring - Clara DK

Vivid but still gentle variegated: lime, leaf green, sage, grape, lavender, chartreuse, khaki, silver, moss, bronze
Clara DK - The Gaudy Spring

The Ivy Won This Battle - Miranda Aran

Woodsy tonal variegated: bronze, moss, tan, khaki, sage, terracotta, amber, greyish green, hints of plum
Miranda Aran - The Ivy Won This Battle

This Fair Child Of Mine - Caitlin Aran

Happy semi solid: peach, apricot, soft coral, pale orange (showing as yellow in the photo, but it's not)
Caitlin Aran - This Fair Child Of Mine

Two Blue Flowers - Elinor DK

A slightly softer version of Echoing The Melody: softer tones of teal, purple, kingfisher, mid blue
Elinor DK - Two Blue Flowers

Vulgar Scandal - Sylvia Lace

Jewel bright semi solid: cobalt, violet, peacock blue, sapphire, kingfisher blue
Sylvia Lace - Vulgar Scandal

You Resemble Someone When You Smile - Patricia Aran

Oh, reds, why do you hate me today? Saturated semi solid: scarlet, blood red, with fuchsia marl. About a million times nicer than the photo.
Patricia Aran - You Resemble Someone When You Smile