Photos for 28 Jul 2013

And Moonlit Nights - Audrey Lace

By the light of the silvery moon…. Tranquil semi solid; silvery palest lavender, with deeper shading
Audrey Lace - And Moonlit Nights

A Nightingale In The Wood - Imogen Cobweb

Singing its tiny heart out…. Complex subtly variegated; khaki, irridescent teal, copper, sage, slate, bottle green, amber
Imogen Cobweb - A Nightingale In The Wood

Ask Me Another - Miranda Heavy Lace

Believe it or not, I don't have all the answers. Really! Soft tonal variegated; charcoal, khaki, slate, moss, sage, grape
Miranda Heavy Lace - Ask Me Another

Best Foot Forward - Gretchen Heavy Lace

Eyes forward, no looking back today…. Intense semi solid; deep bottle green, going into forest green, with hints of khaki and moss
Gretchen Heavy Lace - Best Foot Forward

Blessed Silence - Miranda Cobweb

As essential to me as oxygen and water…. Another really subtle semi solid; mid grey with tints of slate, stormy sea green, and some grape
Miranda Cobweb - Blessed Silence

Books Without Covers - Megan Sock

If you only ever judge them by their covers, you'll miss out on some really amazing stories…. One of Tony's clever subtle variegateds; plum, silvery mauve, warm moss, tan, grape, amethyst, blackcurrant, sage
Megan Sock - Books Without Covers

Can't Give You Anything But Love - Marianne DK

Baby. That's the only thing I've plenty of. Baby….. Vibrant tonal variegated; fuchsia, mauve, raspberry, grape, cerise, damson, dove grey, smoky lavender
Marianne DK - Can't Give You Anything But Love

Chance Encounter - Olivia Sock

Our eyes met across a crowded room…. Really unusual tonal variegated; deep jade, dark grungey forest green, bottle green going into teal, tan going into terracotta, darkest moss, very dark khaki
Olivia Sock - Chance Encounter

Daddy's Tweed Jacket - Marianne DK

With elbow patches and leather buttons…. Complex and subtle variegated; gold, apricot, greige, silver, saffron, peach, taupe, smoke grey, mustard, sage
Marianne DK - Daddy's Tweed Jacket

Does It Sound Too Good To Be True? - Miranda Heavy Lace

Then it probably is. Except in this case. Look at it! Incredibly complex and subtle variegated; plummy mauve, moss going into khaki, smoky grape, damson, tan, cool dull purple
Miranda Heavy Lace - Does It Sound Too Good To Be True?

Famous Or Infamous? - Miranda Heavy Lace

I'd plump for….. Neither. Intense but soft semi solid; maroon, russet, muted purple
Miranda Heavy Lace - Famous Or Infamous?

Foot Firmly In Mouth - Jeannie Sock

There seems to be a theme emerging here, doesn't there…. Intense and brooding tonal variegated; blackcurrant, aubergine, darkest purple, black
Jeannie Sock - Foot Firmly In Mouth

I Hear Sirens Calling Me - Chloe Lace

"Buy me," they whisper, "buy me…." Intense semi solid; soft emerlad, murky teal, a little French navy, soft jade, bottle green
Chloe Lace - I Hear Sirens Calling Me

I'm Feeling Fractious - Chloe Lace

The name bears no relation to the colourway. But I am. Be gentle with me…. Complex gently variegated; mauve, slate going into duck egg, dirty denim, plummy rose, amethyst, smoke grey.
Chloe Lace - I'm Feeling Fractious

Kill Me Now - Imogen Cobweb

Seriously, please just…. Subtle and complex variegated; soft purple, plum, silvery sage going into khaki, soft violet, deep mauve
Imogen Cobweb - Kill Me Now

Left Of The Seine - Jeannie Sock

How do they decide left and right of the Seine? Surely it depends on which way you are facing?! Vibrant semi solid; cobalt, royal blue, dark sapphire, the merest smidgeon of purple
Jeannie Sock - Left Of The Seine

Like Riding A Bicycle - Diana Heavy Lace

I hate it when people say this. Because I can't actually ride a bicycle. I'll pause to let that sink in…. Yes, really! Complex and subtle variegated; grape, fawn, mint, sky blue, pale pink, apple, sand, leaf green, taupe, peachy rose, and so much more
Diana Heavy Lace - Like Riding A Bicycle

Mercury Rising - Dorothy Sock

And it's too darn hot…. Subtle semi solid; crimson, soft maroon going into terracotta, dull orange
Dorothy Sock - Mercury Rising

On Sunny Days - Audrey Lace

Bathed in golden sunlight…. Almost solid; deep buttery gold, with some deeper gold shading
Audrey Lace - On Sunny Days

Out After Curfew - Diana Heavy Lace

Somebody's gonna get grounded! Brooding semi solid; charcoal overlaid with a murky plum, grape, smoke grey, hints of stormy green, but all very dark and muted
Diana Heavy Lace - Out After Curfew

Perfectly Imperfect - Martha Sport

Celebrate yourself, flaws and all…. Softly variegated; stone, soft copper, moss going into khaki, beige, taupe, dove grey, sage, amber, chocolate, stormy sea green
Martha Sport - Perfectly Imperfect

Rubus fruticosa - Megan Sock

Nicest in a crumble, I think…. Go on, I'll wait while you Google…. Another intense subtle variegated; chocolate, dark purple, damson, hints of forest green and moss, aubergine
Megan Sock - Rubus fruticosa

Said Too Much - Jeannie Sock

I think of this in the middle of the night too…. Brooding subtle semi solid; looks black from a distance, but look more closely and you see shades of dark chocolate, deep blackcurrant
Jeannie Sock - Said Too Much

Scarlet Anemones - Diana Cobweb

Only here for a day, but what a glorious day…. Vibrant semi solid; coral, cerise, tangerine, cherry
Diana Cobweb - Scarlet Anemones

Sleeping Under The Stars - Diana Cobweb

It's my dream, to do this one day. I try not to think about midges and mosquitos and little crawling things…. Darkly intense semi solid; black shot with darkest sapphire, navy, and teal
Diana Cobweb - Sleeping Under The Stars

Soul Of An Artist - Audrey Sock

Beautiful doesn't cut it here. I actually gasped when I saw this one…. Incredible gently variegated; violet, damson, tan, leaf green, copper, terracotta, amber, deep purple, slate, all with a soft coppery irridescence
Audrey Sock - Soul Of An Artist

Spaceman Spiff - Diana Cobweb

Interplanetary explorer extraordinaire…. Subtle and complex tonal variegated; deep teal, smoky grape, amethyst, kingfisher blue, dark slate
Diana Cobweb - Spaceman Spiff

The Best Of Enemies - Jeannie Sock

I know two people, the very best of enemies. Believe me, you don't want to get caught in their cross fire. But if one dies, I think the other one's heart will actually break…. Subtle semi solid; plum, amethyst, silvery mauve, burgundy
Jeannie Sock - The Best Of Enemies

The Black Bat, Night - Imogen Cobweb

Has flown…. Brooding and subtle semi solid; sooty black from a distance, but look closer and you see darkest teal, blackcurrant, chocolate
Imogen Cobweb - The Black Bat, Night

The Great Pretender - Miranda Cobweb

Don't we all feel like this sometimes? Intense semi solid; deep warm purple, soft violet, silvery mauve
Miranda Cobweb - The Great Pretender

Things I Should Have Said - Dorothy Sock

I think of them in the middle of the night…. Muted semi solid; lavender, smoky grape, silvery mauve, dove grey
Dorothy Sock - Things I Should Have Said

Throw Caution To The Wind - Audrey Sock

Every now and then. Go on…. Uplifting semi solid; cerise, tangerine, coral, flamingo pink
Audrey Sock - Throw Caution To The Wind

Tomorrow Never Comes - Gretchen Heavy Lace

I have a picture that says, "Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday". I think it's supposed to be reassuring, but I think it sounds rather threatening…. Intense semi solid; khaki going into moss, teal going into bottle green, with a teal irridescence over all
Gretchen Heavy Lace - Tomorrow Never Comes