Photos for 27 Oct 2013

A Book With No Ending - Marianne DK

Deep water on a stormy day, ruffled by the wind. Intense but subtle semi solid: petrol blue going into slate, silver with a hint of palest pink, dull teal, stormy sea green
Marianne DK - A Book With No Ending

A Day In Inverness - Elinor Sock

My favourite of the week (and I'm very tempted by it, I can tell you!). A very complex and full of colour, gently variegated: moss, Wedgewood blue, mauve, amber, plum, chartreuse, hyacinth blue, grape, bronze, russet, and more!
Elinor Sock - A Day In Inverness

A Little Smackerel Of Something - Miranda Heavy Lace

It's teatime, and I'm in need of honey. Or should that be hunny? Subtle and complex. Tonal variegated: dull grape, greige going into taupe, sage, milky coffee, silvery mauve
Miranda Heavy Lace - A Little Smackerel Of Something

Born One Hundred Years Too Late - Natasha Lace

Make that two hundred. Although, maybe not, I'm attached to an indoor toilet. Er, wait, that didn't sound right. Let's move on. Serene semi solid: soft hyacinth blue, mauve going into soft violet, a hint of blueish slate
Natasha Lace - Born One Hundred Years Too Late

Colour Outside The Lines - Sylvia Lace

Joyously vivid. Semi solid: bright fuchsia, cherry going into scarlet
Sylvia Lace - Colour Outside The Lines

Cue The Mysterious Stranger - Valerie Cobweb

Time for a plot twist! Dramatically vibrant semi solid: cobalt, sapphire, black, kingfisher blue, navy, royal blue edging into purple
Valerie Cobweb - Cue The Mysterious Stranger

Do I Dare? - Gretchen Heavy Lace

Cheerful, to light up winter darkness. Semi solid: magenta going into violet, with a bright but soft pink irridescence
Gretchen Heavy Lace - Do I Dare?

Endless Autumn Days - Sylvia Sock

I asked Tony for a dull gold, and this is what he came up with. Bingo, say I! Vivid semi solid: dull gold (!) going into bronze, hints of sage and proper gold
Sylvia Sock - Endless Autumn Days

Fragments Of Conversation - Miranda Sock

I am a terrible eavesdropper. I can't help it. Put me in a place where people are talking, and my eyes glaze over, and my ears twitch, and I pick up bits of everything, and make sense of none of it. But I can't help myself. Not that that has anything to do with the colours, but it's the end of the day, I'm nearly done, I think I'm allowed a little digression. Intense but muted, if that makes sense, semi solid: deep dull sapphire with a hint of purple, dull blackcurrant, little bits of darkest chocolate going into black
Miranda Sock - Fragments Of Conversation

Have I Lost You Yet? - Esme Sock

Another one that is tugging at my heartstrings - it would make the most gorgeous sweater, and these colours look wonderful on all colourings. You're going to leave me some, aren't you? Yes. Good. Semi solid: deep turquoise, sea green, and shades between the two
Esme Sock - Have I Lost You Yet?



In A Light Hearted Moment - Sylvia Lace

Charming, delicately feminine. Semi solid: lavender, rose, mauve, slate, amethyst
Sylvia Lace - In A Light Hearted Moment

In Our Best Frocks - Juliet Sock

Softer toned than the photo. Deeply tinted semi solid: warm purple, silvery grape, hints of plum and lavender
Juliet Sock - In Our Best Frocks

I Open A Little Door, And Out Pop The Names - Elinor Chunky

I do! If only I could also open a door and have the photos pop out. I did my best with this one, and the tone is correct, but the intensity is way off. The yarn is much, MUCH more saturated and vivid than the photo. Vibrant almost solid: bright deep kingfisher blue with a dash of jade
Elinor Chunky - I Open A Little Door, And Out Pop The Names

I Think Of You Now & Then - Diana Heavy Lace

Heartwarming, and very smooshy. Semi solid: deep rose, powder pink, amethyst, lilac, sage, dusky pink
Diana Heavy Lace - I Think Of You Now & Then

It's A Frame Up! - Juliet Sock

This one photographed very strangely. The variegation is nowhere near as pronounced as the photo shows it, and the colourway is, overall, much more green (a cool bottle green). Still beautiful though! Intense and subtle tonal variegated: dark forest green with hints of almost black, deep jade going into emerald, moss, deep purple going into almost navy, dull teal, dull bronze
Juliet Sock - It's A Frame Up!

I Want To Be A Silver Fox - Natasha Sock

Not really silver, but I liked the name, so it stuck. Gentle semi solid: silvery green, pale sage, hints of sea green and ivory
Natasha Sock - I Want To Be A Silver Fox

Just Thinking About Tomorrow - Sylvia Sock

This looked lilac in the sunshine (when I was editing the photos), but now the sun has vanished behind the clouds, it looks more silvery blue. Which one is accurate? I don't know! Gentle semi solid: silvery blue with hints of lilac (!)
Sylvia Sock - Just Thinking About Tomorrow

Let's Ban Selfies - Erin Sock

If you don't know, ask your nearest teenager. Delicately pretty, softly variegated: soft aqua, mid pink, mint, rose, platinum, soft mauve
Erin Sock - Let's Ban Selfies

Lies, Lies, Lies - Audrey Lace

Where do the lies end and the truth begin? Intense and complex tonal variegated: a deep bottle green base, with hints of dull plum, slate going into navy, dull teal, blackcurrant
Audrey Lace - Lies, Lies, Lies

Lost In The Vast Wilderness Of Life - Gretchen Heavy Lace

Soothing shades of the beautiful world around us. Semi solid: sage going into olive, a little pale bronze
Gretchen Heavy Lace - Lost In The Vast Wilderness Of Life

My Own Private Loch - Natasha Sock

Endless depths of cool beauty. Complex tonal variegated: cool green bordering on teal, mid green, leaf green, dull denim
Natasha Sock - My Own Private Loch

Nothing Left To Say - Marianne DK

Brooding depths of darkness. Complex semi solid: black at first glance, but look again, and you see charcoal, grape, blackcurrant, black, pewter
Marianne DK - Nothing Left To Say

On A Bed Of Bracken - Miranda Heavy Lace

The very essence of autumn (an English autumn, not as dramatic as other nations!). Subtly shaded tonal variegated: bronze, dull terracotta, olive, khaki, soft amber, hints of grape, leaf green, plummy rose, mauve
Miranda Heavy Lace - On A Bed Of Bracken

On The Tip Of My Tongue - Audrey Lace

Oh, the lovely irridescence of this. Vivid semi solid: plum, amethyst, little hints of hyacinth blue and crimson
Audrey Lace - On The Tip Of My Tongue

Pluck The Trembling Stars - Natasha Lace

I don't know where I heard that, but I tucked it away as the perfect name for a poetic colourway. This is it. Elegant in an understated way. Semi solid: silvery sage, pale grape, stormy sea green, cool toned mid green
Natasha Lace - Pluck The Trembling Stars

Say It Again, I Dare You - Elinor Sock

Drama, drama. Intensely saturated tonal variegated: blackcurrant, aubergine, black, plum, dark chocolate
Elinor Sock - Say It Again, I Dare You

Someone Is In Need Of A Nap - Gretchen Heavy Lace

Refined or sober? You decide. Semi solid: dove grey, lavender, dull grape, smoke grey, all with a silvery marl effect running through them
Gretchen Heavy Lace - Someone Is In Need Of A Nap

Speak Before You Think - Erin Sock

Softer and warmer purple than the photo. Vivid but soft almost solid: deep warm purple with subtle variation
Erin Sock - Speak Before You Think

The Dubious Art Of The Knock Knock Joke - Elinor Sock

Intensely saturated, much more so than the photo shows. Semi solid: kingfisher, teal, deep jade, peacock blue
Elinor Sock - The Dubious Art Of The Knock Knock Joke

What Midlife Crisis? - Esme Sock

What midlife? 37 isn't midlife, surely? Lovely tonal variegated: rose, silvery blue, powder pink, lavender, soft mauve, warm pink
Esme Sock - What Midlife Crisis?

White Winter Trees - Diana Heavy Lace

Delicately tinted, whispers of colour. Tonal variegated: palest possible green, silvery aqua, the merest hint of pink, a ghostly lavender
Diana Heavy Lace - White Winter Trees

You Never Forget Your First Crush - Erin Sock

Even if you are embarrassed by it (as I am. Don't ask!). Soft but intense semi solid: deep plum going into currant and raspberry
Erin Sock - You Never Forget Your First Crush

You Once Were Queen - Elinor Chunky

Faded grandeur. Complex tonal variegated: blackcurrant, greige, dark grape, dull taupe going into ashy grey, silvery grape
Elinor Chunky - You Once Were Queen