Photos for 26 May 2013

A World Of Possibilities - Esme Sock

Softly variegated in Tony's special way; smoke grey, duck egg blue, amethyst, denim, stormy sea green, slate
Esme Sock - A World Of Possibilities

Break The Monotony - Martha Sock

Not that this has got anything to do with the name, but this reminds me of images you see of the Earth as seen from space. A wonderfully intense semi solid; deep emerald, teal, deep sapphire, grass green, tiny hint of grape
Martha Sock - Break The Monotony

Brings Out The Tiger In You - Sadie Lace

RAOWRRGH. Intense semi solid; crimson, deep grape, blood red shading into a russet, all toned down by the way the tencel resists the dye
Sadie Lace - Brings Out The Tiger In You

Bucolic Bliss - Daisy Lace

Lost in the heart of the British countryside. Vivid semi solid; cool emerald, bottle green
Daisy Lace - Bucolic Bliss

Catch The Next Wave - Sadie Sock

Or just hang ten. Can you tell I don't really know my surfing terms? Oh well. I'm just talking to put off the moment when I have to actually put words to these colours, because they really don't want to be pinned down. Can I just say, shades of the sea? Okay, I'll try harder. Subtle semi solid; sea green, stormy blues and greys, hints of a grapeish amethyst sort of purple, a murky turquoise that changes into something else if you look at it directly. I give up. I hope the photo speaks for me!
Sadie Sock - Catch The Next Wave

Come Hither Look - Gretchen Lace

It's done with a special flicker of the lashes, so I'm told…. Delicately variegated; pale rose, silvery green, blush pink, aqua, smoke grey, all very subtle
Gretchen Lace - Come Hither Look

Croquet Tournament - Martha DK

The most heavenly, heart lifting, cheerful, joie de vivre colourway ever. A perkily variegated; lime, icy blue, peachy rose, bright lemon, mint, chartreuse, palest lilac
Martha DK - Croquet Tournament

Feeling Continental - Hannah Sock

Another one of Tony's wonderfully subtle variegated; cool plum, bronze, amber, deep purple, sage, chartreuse, amethyst, moss
Hannah Sock - Feeling Continental

Four Candles - Chloe DK

Or do I mean fork handles? Subtle and delicate variegated; sage, peach, khaki, dusky rose, sand, all very muted and soft
Chloe DK - Four Candles

Friends Since Childhood - Miranda DK

The happiest colourway in the world. Well, at least the happiest one this week. Apart from Croquet Tournament. But this is a more gentle kind of happy. Softly variegated; peachy rose, violet, mauve, amethyst, lavender, lilac, dusky pink
Miranda DK - Friends Since Childhood

Give Me A Moment - Gretchen Sock

Breathe, just breathe…. Gentle semi solid; shades of cool greens, soft sapphire blue, khaki, sage, teal
Gretchen Sock - Give Me A Moment

Glowering - Valerie Cobweb

For those drama queen moments. An intense semi solid; damson, blackcurrant, burgundy, a tiny bit of black
Valerie Cobweb - Glowering

Hands On Hearts - Miranda DK

A soft & soothing one to finish on. Delicate semi solid; silver with ghostly hints of green and dove grey (ie, grey with the merest whiff of lavender)
Miranda DK - Hands On Hearts

Have You Heard The Latest? - Martha Sock

It's all over town. A dramatic gently variegated; blood red, blackcurrant, maroon, black, aubergine, crimson, chocolate
Martha Sock - Have You Heard The Latest?

How Many Roads - Natasha Lace

A leaf blowing on the wind. Subtly variegated; deep cream, mint, palest peach, delicate little hints of aqua, lavender, leaf green, apple
Natasha Lace - How Many Roads

It's All Good - Natasha Lace

Uplifting solid; an unusual golden shade, no, it's actually more the colour of a celandine. The yarn is naturally a deep beige, so it tones down the bright yellow in a wonderful way.
Natasha Lace - It's All Good

Lady Catherine de Bourgh - Natasha Sock

She is NOT to be trifled with. A regal semi solid; deep violet, with shimmering overtones of lilac and pink. Has to be seen to be truly appreciated!
Natasha Sock - Lady Catherine de Bourgh

Let Me Sulk - Gretchen Heavy Lace

It's my moment and I'll sulk if I want to. Dramatic semi solid; dark damson, blackcurrant, little touches of navy and black
Gretchen Heavy Lace - Let Me Sulk

Loop-Di-Loop - Gretchen Sock

Utterly fabulous variegated, like peacocks strutting on the terrace of a stately home (and I know that has nothing to do with the name Loop-di-Loop!); Peacock blues and greens, violet, jade, magenta, teal, muted rose, slate, French navy, sage, and some other shades hard to name
Gretchen Sock - Loop-Di-Loop

Many A True Word - Chloe DK

Yes, I believe in this old phrase. There's nothing annoys me more than when someone takes a side swipe at you, and then backs down with a, "it was only a joke, where's your sense of humour?". Anyway. Subtly variegated; plum, grape, deep purplish navy, dull amethyst, khaki, mauve, rose, all a bit sulky and subdued
Chloe DK - Many A True Word

My Conker's Bigger Than Your Conker - Valerie Cobweb

This yarn just glows, like looking into the heart of a wonderful fire. Incredibly subtle variegated; tan, amber, maroon, chestnut, mustard, taupe, khaki, amethyst, coffee, dull gold, chocolate
Valerie Cobweb - My Conker's Bigger Than Your Conker

No Time For Talking - Sadie Sock

This is a moment for action, not discussion. A subtle variegated; smoke grey with a hint of stormy green, amethyst, steel, dirty plum
Sadie Sock - No Time For Talking

One Good Deed - Hannah Sock

Deserves another. Pay it forward. A muted and very subtle variegated (it feels strange to call something so subtle variegated, but it certainly has a lot of shades in it, so here goes): a smoky grey and khaki base, with tiny hints of rose, greige, purple, sea green, and grape
Hannah Sock - One Good Deed

Patience, Patience - Miranda Lace

Dainty and delicate variegated; rose, mint, aqua, blush pink, silvery beige
Miranda Lace - Patience, Patience

Raise Your Sail - Natasha Sock

A heavenly irridescent piece of loveliness. Or in more prosaic words, a subtle semi solid; sea green, sapphire, sage, teal, azure, with turquoise and khaki irridescence
Natasha Sock - Raise Your Sail

Sigh No More, Ladies - Esme Sock

If a gently mournful sigh could be seen, I think this is what it would look like. Soothing semi solid; lavender, silver, pale mauve, tiny hints of a greenish grey
Esme Sock - Sigh No More, Ladies

Steady On, Old Girl - Hannah Sock

No drama, please, we're British. An intense semi solid; damson, burgundy, deep magenta, red wine
Hannah Sock - Steady On, Old Girl

Swimming Upstream - Gretchen Lace

Jaunty & carefree, gently variegated; sky blue with a hint of turquoise, pale azure with a hint of lavender, mauve, lilac, sea green
Gretchen Lace - Swimming Upstream

The Great Puzzle - Valerie Cobweb

Dark & brooding semi solid; Navy, blackcurrant, dark grape, hints of teal and black
Valerie Cobweb - The Great Puzzle

The Monkey Puzzle Tree - Hannah Sock

Climb to the highest branch and hide there. A soft semi solid; muted shades of cool licheny green and moss
Hannah Sock - The Monkey Puzzle Tree

The Same But Different - Chloe DK

Are my colour descriptions driving you mad this week? Some of them you'll get, and some of them you won't, but I hope you're enjoying them anyway. Because I am! Intense semi solid; forest green, bottle green, dark teal, hints of purple, tiny tiny hints, and a blackish navy
Chloe DK - The Same But Different

Unforgiving Minute - Sadie Lace

The colour of the sky outside my window as I type this! Oh English summertime. Brooding semi solid; darkest navy and black, with a very subtle greenish overtone
Sadie Lace - Unforgiving Minute

Wherefore Art Thou - Martha DK

I love the balcony scene. Especially when Romeo wears tights. Because men in tights=funny. I can't watch a ballet without sniggering. But I digress (although let's face it, this entire set of descriptions is a wild digression, and I don't know what new customers must think of me by now. Gently mad?) A gently variegated; plum, dove grey, dull apricot, raspberry, slate, taupe, amethyst, silver, khaki
Martha DK - Wherefore Art Thou

You Can Tell Me Anything - Miranda Lace

A gentle heart, a warm shoulder, a patient ear. Soft semi solid; grape, soft purples, mauve
Miranda Lace - You Can Tell Me Anything