Photos for 24 Feb 2013

As One Door Closes - Martha DK

Watch out you don't trap your fingers in it. Semi solid slate, dirty denim, mid grey
Martha DK - As One Door Closes

A Thousand Kisses Deep - Gretchen Heavy Lace

A thousand heartbeats wide. Gentle semi solid; warm rosy pink, soft mauve, pinkish peach
Gretchen Heavy Lace - A Thousand Kisses Deep

Bearing An Olive Branch - Natasha Lace

Will you accept it? Soft & gentle variegated; pale olive, leaf green, fawn, greige, sage, tiny hints of mauve, apple, peach
Natasha Lace - Bearing An Olive Branch

Bow To The Inevitable - Martha Aran

With as good a grace as you can muster. Softly variegated; mauve, amethyst, fawn, rose, lavender, coral
Martha Aran - Bow To The Inevitable

Bravery In Everyday Deeds - Gretchen Heavy Lace

They should hand out medals for living. Intense semi solid; deep plums & purples, with a touch of black, and some lighter violet highlights
Gretchen Heavy Lace - Bravery In Everyday Deeds



Daring Tango - Megan Sock

Shock the stuffy. Vibrant semi solid; crimson, pale scarlet, cherry pink
Megan Sock - Daring Tango

Dear Diary Moment - Megan Sock

Today I.... Complex variegated; mauve, deep rose, soft violet, hyacinth blue, grape, coraly pink, dove grey, amethyst
Megan Sock - Dear Diary Moment

Eloquent Words - Natasha Sock

But do you mean them? Faded but still beautiful variegated; shell pink, robin's egg blue, peachy powder pink, silver, stonewashed denim, all very ghostly and soft
Natasha Sock - Eloquent Words

En Plein Air - Olivia Sock

In the beautiful light. A bluer version of Lazy Afternoons; cool jade shading into sky blue
Olivia Sock - En Plein Air

Fluttering Wings - Gretchen Heavy Lace

A thousand wings, a thundering sound. Almost solid soft tan, with some milky coffee highlights
Gretchen Heavy Lace - Fluttering Wings

For Maximum Effect - Hannah Sock

So they never forget. Electrifyingly vibrant variegated; kingfisher blue, warm violet, cobalt, turquoise, fuchsia, purple, magenta, mauve, sapphire
Hannah Sock - For Maximum Effect

How Did You Know? - Sadie Sock

Was it a lucky guess? Semi solid; plum, maroon, damson
Sadie Sock - How Did You Know?

How The Light Gets In - Martha DK

Through the cracks, through the cracks. Gently variegated; bronze, gold, sand, powder pink, fawn, daffodil yellow, moss
Martha DK - How The Light Gets In

I Am An Open Book - Diana Heavy Lace

For anyone to read. Muted variegated; khaki, tan, smoky sage, amber, hints of copper, chocolate, greenish teal, fawn (which is showing up as pink in the photos, but it's not)
Diana Heavy Lace - I Am An Open Book

I Feel Charming - Olivia Sock

It's alarming how charming I feel. Subtle variegated; smoky grape, muted lavender, taupey sand, shades of grey and mauve and a little green, all mere ghosts of themselves
Olivia Sock - I Feel Charming

If Only, If Only - Miranda Heavy Lace

Did I build my life around if only's? Almost solid smoke grey, with a hint of sage green overlaying it
Miranda Heavy Lace - If Only, If Only

I Hear You - Olivia Lace

Even when you say nothing at all. Gentle variegated, denim, mint, lavender, apple, aqua, all very muted and icy
Olivia Lace - I Hear You



I'm Through With Love - Sadie Lace

Said adieu to love, don't ever call again. Muted variegated; lavender, shell pink, steel, duck egg blue, stonewashed denim, powder pink, mint, silver
Sadie Lace - I'm Through With Love

Inner Sunshine - Olivia Lace

Peeping through the grey clouds. Intense almost solid, sunflower yellow, with a little deeper gold shading (richer & a little less bright than the photo)
Olivia Lace - Inner Sunshine

Invincible Summer - Martha Aran

Inside us, even in the depths of winter. Vibrant variegated; lime, bright jade, chartreuse, moss, bronze, turquoise, hyacinth blue, mid murky blue-green, ivory, sky blue
Martha Aran - Invincible Summer

Keep Never-Minding - Sadie Lace

When life threatens to get you down - never mind, and keep never-minding. Variegated; azure, jade, sapphire, teal, French navy, bottle green
Sadie Lace - Keep Never-Minding

Lazy Afternoons - Olivia Sock

Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow. Semi solid pale jade, mint, leaf green
Olivia Sock - Lazy Afternoons

Make Up Our Own Language - Martha DK

That only we can understand. Vibrant semi solid; amethyst, mauve, plum, soft violet
Martha DK - Make Up Our Own Language

Make Your Mark - Diana Heavy Lace

However small, however simple. Subtly variegated; murky teal, khaki, smoky grape, dark denim, mid green, French navy, forest green
Diana Heavy Lace - Make Your Mark

My Bags Are Packed - Miranda Heavy Lace

I'm on my way. Muted semi solid; khaki, greige, sage
Miranda Heavy Lace - My Bags Are Packed

My Own Worst Enemy - Elinor Chunky

Aren't we all? A deep & moody semi solid; black with a tinge of green, dark chocolate, tan, hints of purple and more green
Elinor Chunky - My Own Worst Enemy

Nearly Twenty Years - Diana Heavy Lace

A long, long time, and a very short one. Incredibly subtle variegated; smoky sage, greige, khaki, little hints of teal, plum, smoky rose, dirty denim
Diana Heavy Lace - Nearly Twenty Years

No Need To Hurry - Sadie Sock

All the time in the world. Muted variegated; duck egg blue, silver with a touch of lavender, aqua, pale slate
Sadie Sock - No Need To Hurry



Once More Into The Fray - Sadie Lace

Take a deep breath.... Semi solid; bottle green, dull teal, pale emerald, forest green, hints of navy and French navy
Sadie Lace - Once More Into The Fray

Past My Bedtime - Sadie Sock

We spend the first thirty years of our life fighting going to bed early, and the rest of it fighting going to bed late. Dark & gloomy variegated; murky greenish grey, dull forest green, maroon, charcoal with a hint of navy, grape, and lots more undefineable shades
Sadie Sock - Past My Bedtime

Pirates Of Penzance - Elinor Chunky

I've a pretty taste for paradox. Jubilantly variegated; deep violet, terracotta, mauve, maroon, tan, coral (only Tony could make this combination work!)
Elinor Chunky - Pirates Of Penzance

Rather You Than Me - Diana Heavy Lace

Any day of the week. Intense semi solid; damson, blackcurrant, plum, amethyst, a little burgundy and black
Diana Heavy Lace - Rather You Than Me

Set Hearts Racing - Hannah Sock

Ba-dumm, ba-DUMM. Bright almost solid faded scarlet/crimson
Hannah Sock - Set Hearts Racing

Shall I, Shan't I - Megan Sock

Your guess is as good as mine. Gently variegated; sweet pea mauves, soft apricot, warm rose, dove grey, blush pink, sand
Megan Sock - Shall I, Shan't I

Shoop-Shoop - Martha Aran

It's in his kiss. Almost solid violet (less blue than the photo suggests)
Martha Aran - Shoop-Shoop

The Grasshopper's Song - Elinor Chunky

Sounds of summer. Almost solid mossy/olive/khaki green (depending on the light!), with tiny flashes of soft emerald and tan
Elinor Chunky - The Grasshopper's Song

The Heart Speaks - Natasha Lace

Its own language of truth. Warming semi solid; soft faded crimson, soft cerise (softer & richer than the photo)
Natasha Lace - The Heart Speaks

Who Makes The Rules? - Sadie Sock

Because I want to file a complaint. Dark semi solid; murky forest green, dark chocolate
Sadie Sock - Who Makes The Rules?

Wild Ancient Forest - Sylvia Aran

I lose myself forever. Semi solid chocolate, tan, dark khaki, a little copper
Sylvia Aran - Wild Ancient Forest