Photos for 23 Jun 2013

After My Own Heart - Natasha Sock

Oh, I just love this colourway. So happy and uplifting. A rare solid; soft cerise, really soft, but still vibrant
Natasha Sock - After My Own Heart

All Things Considered - Megan Sock

The description for this one is going to be long, I'd better get on with it…. Incredibly complex variegated; damson, grape, azure, icy blue, bright purple, mid brown, turquoise, soft violet, maroon, cocoa, and lots more that I can't quite pinpoint
Megan Sock - All Things Considered

Beautiful As You Are - Natasha Lace

Don't ever change, not one little thing…. Joyous variegated; deep warm rose, plum, amber, bronze, gold, mauve, apricot, moss
Natasha Lace - Beautiful As You Are

Caerfai Bay - Diana Heavy Lace

Not far from where we live. Beautiful, but this is not very aptly named really. I should have called it something Caribbean-y. Oh well…. Vibrant semi solid; turquoise, azure, and shades between the two.
Diana Heavy Lace - Caerfai Bay

Can You Count The Stars? - Natasha Sock

A shimmering irridescent colourway that needs no extra waffle from me…. Soothing semi solid; silvery blue, hints of lavender, palest green, all blended and shimmery
Natasha Sock - Can You Count The Stars?

Carry On Regardless - Sylvia Lace

With your courage in both hands…. Gentle semi solid; lavender, silver, the palest possible whisper of green
Sylvia Lace - Carry On Regardless

Daybreak Came At Last - Miranda Lace

And the first bird took up the call of day…. Subtle semi solid; shades of stormy sea green, slate, faded dusky pink
Miranda Lace - Daybreak Came At Last

Farther Afield - Megan Sock

But not too far, because these are the colours of the English countryside, in one perfect colourway. Soothing semi solid; mid green, moss, blueish teal, more greens. Sorry, hard to put names to these colours!
Megan Sock - Farther Afield

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow - Miranda Lace

Fleeting and fast…. Intense semi solid; deep stormy jade-ish green, grape, mauve with plummy dots, dark slate (this colourway defies description)
Miranda Lace - Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

If In Doubt - Miranda Sock

Dearest Annabel, this one has your name all over it. Doesn't it? Soothing semi solid; silvery slatey stormy sea green, with some paler highlights and some deeper tealy slate flashes
Miranda Sock - If In Doubt

I Have A Silly Side - Natasha Lace

But it's very, very well hidden…. Gentle tonal variegated; raspberry, deep rose, very soft orange, plummy mauve
Natasha Lace - I Have A Silly Side

Jamming At The W.I. - Sylvia Sock

Yo, yo, bringing the W.I. into the 21st century, y'all…. Intense and vibrant semi solid; deep purple, jammy plum, raspberry, burgundy, damson
Sylvia Sock - Jamming At The W.I.

Keep It Simple - Miranda Lace

Not stupid, because that's just rude. But still, wise people do keep it simple…. Ghostly semi solid; platinum, silver, and the palest possible silvery apple green
Miranda Lace - Keep It Simple

Lashings Of Ginger Beer - Sylvia Lace

The only part of the Famous Five's adventures that I would have enjoyed, I think…. Very gentle and subtle variegated; sage, pale gold going into bronze, apricot, leaf green, fawn, silvery mauve
Sylvia Lace - Lashings Of Ginger Beer

Merry Goes The Time - Valerie Cobweb

When the heart is young.... Jewel bright tonal variegated; sapphire, teal, violet, azure
Valerie Cobweb - Merry Goes The Time

Moody Mondays - Diana Heavy Lace

Not to mention testy Tuesdays. Stop sniggering, you in the back row…. Dark & menacing tonal variegated; blackcurrant, dark chocolate, plum, French navy, damson, cocoa going into black
Diana Heavy Lace - Moody Mondays

Mountains Out Of Molehills - Diana Lace

I make this into an Olympic sport (and I would so win gold)…. Saturated semi solid; khaki, bronze, forest green, tan, all with a bronzey coppery overcast
Diana Lace - Mountains Out Of Molehills

My Feet Want To Jump - Elinor Sock

I'll settle for tapping my toes instead. Jaunty & very complex variegated; well, where do I start here? Raspberry, magenta, russet, saffron, puce, denim, khaki, mustard, amber, and I still haven't really scratched the surface
Elinor Sock - My Feet Want To Jump

Neither Lost Nor Found - Diana Heavy Lace

A menacing, brooding, bad tempered colourway. Or a happy quacky duck's head. Depending on your perspective! Dark & saturated tonal variegated; bottle green, black, navy with a hint of purple, darkest teal, more black
Diana Heavy Lace - Neither Lost Nor Found

Packed My Little Suitcase - Miranda Sock

More travel!! No, but this reminds me of a vintage suitcase's pretty lining. Oh, you'll just have to go with me on this one…. Gentle variegated; silvery leaf green, robin's egg blue, silvery mauve, pale lavender, silvery mint, cool pink, icy blue
Miranda Sock - Packed My Little Suitcase

Sometime Never - Miranda Sock

What will I be? Lady, baby, gypsy, queen…. Gently variegated; amethyst, pale lemon, mint, khaki, silvery lavender, palest peach, rose, pale mauve, sage
Miranda Sock - Sometime Never

The World Holds Its Breath - Valerie Cobweb

Nothing moves, on the tops of mountains or down in wooded valleys.... Intense & complex variegated; dark forest green, navy, emerald, deepest purple, dark jade, khaki, black, little flashes of azure
Valerie Cobweb - The World Holds Its Breath

Though Faraway - Valerie Cobweb

You are always near. Softly variegated; azure, soft blueish green, dark jade, light teal, leaf green, dark denim, khaki, emerald, deep purple, turquoise, French navy
Valerie Cobweb - Though Faraway

Voice Of An Angel - Sylvia Sock

Soothing down the ruffled feathers of my soul…. Gentle semi solid; silver, platinum, smoke grey with the merest whisper of green
Sylvia Sock - Voice Of An Angel

What Else Do You Want To Know? - Elinor Sock

I'm an open book today. For one day only. Intense tonal variegated; plum, purple, amethyst, grape, raspberry, soft corally pink, damson, hyacinth blue going into lilac
Elinor Sock - What Else Do You Want To Know?

What Else Is New? - Sylvia Sock

I can't think of any colouring that wouldn't look utterly fabulous in this colourway. Blonde, brunette, redhead, ooh, silver best of all! Intense semi solid; deep dark grape, warm purple. Do you know, the more I look at it, the harder this is to put words to. You're going to have to see it for yourself.
Sylvia Sock - What Else Is New?

Why Do They Call It A Funny Bone? - Sylvia Sock

When it isn't a bit funny? Cheerful variegated; rose, cobalt, amethyst, kingfisher blue, fawn, shimmering turquoise, dark grape going into almost navy, shell pink
Sylvia Sock - Why Do They Call It A Funny Bone?

Wiggling Bare Toes - Elinor Sock

I seem to have toes on the brain today. Umm, yuck. Okay. Vibrant almost solid; bright turquoise with the merest hint of azure (the camera is showing it as blue, not turquoise, so go by my description)
Elinor Sock - Wiggling Bare Toes

Wind-Swept Plains - Megan Sock

I seem to be touring the world today. This one reminds me of a mid-Western prairie…. Complex & subtle variegated; khaki, sage, dull coffee, slate, mid greens, faded plum
Megan Sock - Wind-Swept Plains

Wisteria Petals Falling - Sylvia Lace

One day (in my dreams anyway) I will live in a house covered with an old, old wisteria, crowding up against the windows and door…. Gentle tonal variegated; lavender, silvery blue, lilac, pale mint green, silvery sage, little hints of ivory and pale pink
Sylvia Lace - Wisteria Petals Falling