Photos for 21 Jul 2013

A Day Too Soon - Olivia Sock

And a week too late…. Intense but gentle semi solid; hyacinth blue, subtle purplish tints, and another deep blue that I'm struggling to put words to (answers on a postcard, please)
Olivia Sock - A Day Too Soon

A Kingdom By The Sea - Imogen Cobweb

It was many and many a year ago…. Gentle but intense tonal variegated; moss, teal, jade, slate, khaki, stormy sea green
Imogen Cobweb - A Kingdom By The Sea

Alexander Beetle - Valerie Cobweb

We made the sort of noises which a beetle likes to hear…. Intense semi solid; deepest teal, bottle green, dark sapphire going into navy (more green than the photo shows)
Valerie Cobweb - Alexander Beetle

A Lion With A Six Foot Tail - Esme Sock

His name was Leonard, by the way…. Subtle and complex variegated; copper, plum, sage, tan, amethyst, amber, moss, mustard, khaki, coffee (there is significant variation within this colourway - some skeins have a lot of green, others have far less. I will do my best to match skeins up if you buy multiples)
Esme Sock - A Lion With A Six Foot Tail

Brain Freeze! - Sadie Lace

I got a delayed brain freeze the other day. Ohmygoodness. Thought my head was going to drop off. Totally worth it though…. Refreshing tonal variegated; sky blue, lilac, duck egg blue, sea green
Sadie Lace - Brain Freeze!

Bringing Up Baby - Gretchen Lace

I was born on the side of a hill…. Irridescent subtle variegated; grape, amethyst, silvery sage, mauve, slate, plum, mint, dirty denim, all with a silvery shimmer
Gretchen Lace - Bringing Up Baby

Don't Make Me Jump! - Natasha Sock

I HATE being made to jump…. Gently variegated; lilac going into hyacinth blue, sage going into mint, lavender, pale apple
Natasha Sock - Don't Make Me Jump!

Don't Tell Mother - Olivia Lace

Because I'd never hear the last of it…. Vivid semi solid; lilac, light violet, mauve
Olivia Lace - Don't Tell Mother

Eye Of Newt & Toe Of Frog - Diana Lace

Is that the grossest yarn name I've ever come up with? Intense and vivid semi solid; shades of deepest emerald, with some darker forest green shading, and some lighter almost jade touches
Diana Lace - Eye Of Newt & Toe Of Frog

Fresh Breeze - Olivia Lace

And it feels so good…. Zingy tonal variegated; lime, mint, leaf green, aqua
Olivia Lace - Fresh Breeze

How Do You Spell That? - Hannah Sock

If you've a name like mine, you'll have heard this a thousand times…. Another very subtle semi solid; all the colours of a bad bruise! Dirty grape, dark slate, greige, dark taupe
Hannah Sock - How Do You Spell That?

I Can Smell The Sea From Here - Gretchen Sock

I can! On the fresh breeze…. Vibrant semi solid; cool bright jade, going into sea green, and some bright turquoisey teal
Gretchen Sock - I Can Smell The Sea From Here

If You Forget Me - Diana Lace

I will still remember you…. Gentle & soothing semi solid; smoky lavender, dove grey, warm beige
Diana Lace - If You Forget Me

I Miss The Rain - Sadie Lace

I do! I know I was grumbling about a rainy British summer a few weeks ago, but really, I miss it…. Delicate tonal variegated; icy blue, palest aqua, silvery lilac, almost blue really
Sadie Lace - I Miss The Rain

I Would Rock A Hot Pink Tutu - Olivia Sock

Well, wouldn't I???!!! Sunglass-requiring, I-Don't-Know-How-He-Gets-Them-This-Bright almost solid; fuchsia, with some lighter bright pink, oh, did I mention that it is BRIGHT?!
Olivia Sock - I Would Rock A Hot Pink Tutu

Muttering Under My Breath - Pamela Sock

Grumble, grumble, grumble…. Very subtle sparkle on this one, a brooding subtle variegated; damson, charcoal with a hint of grape, dark khaki, murky forest green but muted, more plummy tints, and all very gloomy and subdued
Pamela Sock - Muttering Under My Breath

No Place For Divas - Gretchen Lace

There's only room for one diva here, diva with a capital Dee…. Eyeball searing vibrant semi solid; brightest violet, with some deeper purple shading (brighter than the photo - I struggled with this one)
Gretchen Lace - No Place For Divas

Officially A Grown-Up - Gretchen Sock

Is that a scary thought? Exciting? Depressing? Reassuring, I think…. Softly variegated; rose, mint, amethyst, soft coral, pale jade, silvery sage, mauve, denim, beige
Gretchen Sock - Officially A Grown-Up

Ominous Silence - Natasha Sock

Uh oh…. Subtle but intense semi solid; plum, grape, amethyst, dove grey, all with a silvery grape irridescence
Natasha Sock - Ominous Silence

Rooks Corner - Hannah Sock

Caw, caw…. Very subtle brooding semi solid; overall a very dark cocoa, but look closely and you'll see hints of black, lighter chocolate, and an almost purple tinge
Hannah Sock - Rooks Corner

Salt In My Hair - Miranda Sock

A last minute addition.... Intense but soft semi solid; soft teal, petrol blue, little hints of turquoise, slate, aqua, and a little bit of a very dark teal
Miranda Sock - Salt In My Hair

Solitary Traveller - Sadie Sock

He travels fastest, apparently…. Gently variegated; khaki, emerald, coppery amber, forest green, moss, a greenish teal, and some more green shades that I can't quite name
Sadie Sock - Solitary Traveller

Story Of My Life - Esme Sock

How long have you got? Gloomy and complex variegated; khaki, charcoal with more than a hint of damson, dark dirty navy, murky grape, oh this one is an Eeyore one, for sure!
Esme Sock - Story Of My Life

The Cockles Of My Heart - Natasha Lace

Warmed and warmed and warmed…. Intense but soft semi solid; deep russety crimson, shading into a warm plummy maroon
Natasha Lace - The Cockles Of My Heart

The Oldest Tree In The Wood - Pamela Sock

Boughs green not with leaves but moss….Silver sparkle tonal variegated; moss, bottle green, forest green, bronze going into a dull gold
Pamela Sock - The Oldest Tree In The Wood

The Skirl Of The Pipes - Imogen Cobweb

The wail of the bagpipes brings a tear to many an eye…. Incredibly complex and subtly blended variegated; plum, dirty jade, dove grey, dark emerald, dusky rose, dark teal going into almost navy, fawn, sage, amethyst, khaki, bottle green, dirty amber, black, and I could go on....
Imogen Cobweb - The Skirl Of The Pipes

The Wrong House - Esme Sock

In the wrong street, in the wrong town, in the wrong land…. Intense and subtle tonal variegated; deep purple, teal going into jade, aubergine, deep violet, sea green (one of these skeins has less variation than the rest)
Esme Sock - The Wrong House

Us Two - Valerie Cobweb

It isn't much fun for One, but Two, Can stick together, says Pooh (I'm in an A.A. Milne mood today)…. Gentle variegated; stone, camel, gold, plummy rose, silvery beige, milky coffee, bronze, lemony chartreuse
Valerie Cobweb - Us Two

When Dreams Blossom - Sadie Sock

And hopes flourish…. Delicately tinted gently variegated; silvery pink, pale primrose, silvery mauve, beige, deep cream, palest apple, stone, icy blue
Sadie Sock - When Dreams Blossom

Words Fail Me - Natasha Lace

.......... Subtle semi solid; teal, grape, kingfisher blue, all intense but quite soft at the same time
Natasha Lace - Words Fail Me