Photos for 21 Apr 2013

All The World Loves A Lover - Diana Heavy Lace

Intense semi solid; deep purple, navy, dark teal, with a plummy irridescence over all
Diana Heavy Lace - All The World Loves A Lover

A New Plan - Audrey Lace

Semi solid; teal, azure, deep turquoise
Audrey Lace - A New Plan

Chamber Orchestra - Diana Heavy Lace

Brooding semi solid; aubergine, black, damson, maroon
Diana Heavy Lace - Chamber Orchestra

Clarinet Solo - Esme Sock

Semi solid; chocolate, dark grape, earthy brown
Esme Sock - Clarinet Solo

Country Cousins - Hannah Sock

Gently variegated; pale lime, mint, mauve, icy blue, sage, sky blue, greige, lavender, apple, silver
Hannah Sock - Country Cousins

Dawn On The Riverbank - Gretchen Heavy Lace

Semi solid; soft silvery greens, sage
Gretchen Heavy Lace - Dawn On The Riverbank

Electric Silence - Sadie Lace

Subtly variegated; French navy, violet, dark sapphire
Sadie Lace - Electric Silence

Feeling Pompous - Audrey Lace

Intense semi solid; deep purple shading into almost navy
Audrey Lace - Feeling Pompous

Frankly, My Dear - Betsy Sock

Semi solid; navy, murky purple, dark slate
Betsy Sock - Frankly, My Dear

Half Past Kissing Time - Hannah Sock

Softly variegated; amber, deep rose, plum, mauve, apricot
Hannah Sock - Half Past Kissing Time

Hide From The World - Mimi Cobweb

Subtle semi solid; grape, silvery lavender, smoke grey, with subtle sage overtones
Mimi Cobweb - Hide From The World

I'll Wear A Carnation - Natasha Lace

Almost solid; deep raspberry
Natasha Lace - I'll Wear A Carnation

In A Puff Of Smoke - Natasha Sock

Subtle semi solid; smoke grey, pewter, with the tiniest hint of green in both
Natasha Sock - In A Puff Of Smoke

Keep 'Em Guessing - Hannah Sock

Brooding semi solid; blackcurrant, damson, black
Hannah Sock - Keep 'Em Guessing

Kissing Frogs - Natasha Lace

Semi solid; dark teal, with darker slatey shading
Natasha Lace - Kissing Frogs

Ladies Present - Betsy Sock

Semi solid; lavender, lilac, silver
Betsy Sock - Ladies Present

Lady Godiva - Miranda Heavy Lace

Subtly variegated; fawn, sage, smoky rose, milky coffee, stone
Miranda Heavy Lace - Lady Godiva

Living The Dream - Sylvia Sock

Intense semi solid; deep teal, plum, slate, with a plummy irridescence
Sylvia Sock - Living The Dream

Mork & Mindy - Audrey Lace

Vivid semi solid; sapphire, deep violet
Audrey Lace - Mork & Mindy

On The Prowl - Erin Sock

Semi solid; darkest teal, shading into a bottle green, black
Erin Sock - On The Prowl

Pensive Moments - Miranda Heavy Lace

Subtly variegated; slate, smoke grey, denim, greyish green, lavender, pinkish mauve
Miranda Heavy Lace - Pensive Moments

Poetry In Motion - Natasha Lace

Delicate semi solid; sage, silvery green, olive
Natasha Lace - Poetry In Motion

Practising Scales - Gretchen Heavy Lace

Subtle semi solid; amber, smoky grape, camel, olive, all with a peachy irridescence
Gretchen Heavy Lace - Practising Scales

Primrose Party - Sadie Sock

Softly variegated; primrose, ivory, silver, pale lemon, greyish sage
Sadie Sock - Primrose Party

Puddle Jumper - Miranda Heavy Lace

Semi solid; silvery greens, soft turquoise
Miranda Heavy Lace - Puddle Jumper

Release The Doves - Mimi Cobweb

Softly variegated; lavender, silvery mauve, sage, dove grey
Mimi Cobweb - Release The Doves

Show Time! - Gretchen Heavy Lace

Intense semi solid; cobalt, sapphire with the tiniest hint of purple (which isn't showing up in the photo, unfortunately)
Gretchen Heavy Lace - Show Time!

Sleeping Beauty - Diana Heavy Lace

Softly variegated; deep rose, amethyst, lilac, apricot, mauve, soft plum
Diana Heavy Lace - Sleeping Beauty

Somewhere In Umbria - Miranda Heavy Lace

Very subtly variegated; plum, deep amethyst, murky mauve, little hints of tan, navy and olive
Miranda Heavy Lace - Somewhere In Umbria

Sound All The Bells - Chloe Lace

Semi solid; azure, turquoise, greenish teal, hyacinth blue with a touch of purple (I couldn't get the green or purplish tones to show in this photo, so best to go by my written description)
Chloe Lace - Sound All The Bells

Sprigged Muslin - Betsy Sock

Subtly variegated; lavender, apple green, silvery green, lilac, icy blue, mint, ivory, and other delicate shades I'm finding it hard to name
Betsy Sock - Sprigged Muslin

Stop Scowling - Jeannie Sock

Brooding semi solid; black, damson, the darkest ever purple
Jeannie Sock - Stop Scowling

Stop The Bus! - Gretchen Heavy Lace

Intense semi solid; warm cerise, raspberry
Gretchen Heavy Lace - Stop The Bus!

Tell Me Your Dreams - Miranda Sock

Vivid semi solid; mauve, deep violet, a little purplish sapphire
Miranda Sock - Tell Me Your Dreams

The Beat Of Your Own Drum - Sadie Lace

Intense semi solid; deep purple shading into almost navy, violet
Sadie Lace - The Beat Of Your Own Drum

The Crest Of The Wave - Natasha Sock

Subtle semi solid; silver, slate, silvery green, denim
Natasha Sock - The Crest Of The Wave

The Ghost Of A Smile - Mimi Cobweb

Semi solid; platinum with the tiniest bit of green, silver with a tiny hint of lavender
Mimi Cobweb - The Ghost Of A Smile

The Glamour Of The Stage - Chloe Lace

Subtly variegated; amethyst, mauve, plum, deep rose, little touches of coffee and chocolate
Chloe Lace - The Glamour Of The Stage

The Last Snowflake - Gretchen Heavy Lace

Delicate semi solid; icy blue, palest silvery green, silver
Gretchen Heavy Lace - The Last Snowflake

Tip The Wink - Miranda Sock

Intense semi solid; deep teal, kingfisher blue, bottle green, sapphire (I couldn't get any of the green tones to show up in the photo, I'm so sorry)
Miranda Sock - Tip The Wink

Tony's Favourite Pink - Gretchen Heavy Lace

Solid; where-are-my-sunglasses bright fuchsia! (the camera HATES this shade, so I do apologise for the poor quality of the photo)
Gretchen Heavy Lace - Tony's Favourite Pink

Trip The Light Fantastic - Sadie Sock

Subtly variegated; silver, cream, peach, sage, slate, ivory, sand, khaki
Sadie Sock - Trip The Light Fantastic

Turn Up The Heat - Sadie Lace

Subtly variegated; amber, khaki, soft russet, olive, and some zingy violet & cerise flashes, just for fun!
Sadie Lace - Turn Up The Heat

Warbling Voices All - Diana Heavy Lace

Semi solid; shades of grey, with gentle tints of lavender, slate, silvery blue
Diana Heavy Lace - Warbling Voices All

Ways & Means - Esme Sock

Brooding semi solid; blackcurrant, burgundy, damson, dark navy, black
Esme Sock - Ways & Means

Westerly Wind - Diana Heavy Lace

Subtly variegated; silvery green, mint, slate, silver, pale jade, soft mauve
Diana Heavy Lace - Westerly Wind

Where Dragonflies Skim - Miranda Heavy Lace

Vibrant variegated; turquoise, jade, azure, kingfisher blue, denim, violet, blush pink
Miranda Heavy Lace - Where Dragonflies Skim