Photos for 18 Aug 2013

All The Virtues I Dislike - Miranda DK

And none of the vices I admire. Ah, those were the days, when insults were as elegantly phrased as compliments…. Gentle semi solid; lavender, mauve, soft violet, all subtly blended
Miranda DK - All The Virtues I Dislike

Alpaca Is My Kryptonite - Miranda Lace

It really is! I'm not alone, surely? Vibrant semi solid; jade, emerald, turquoise
Miranda Lace - Alpaca Is My Kryptonite

And Don't You Come Back No More - Martha Sock

Possibly this will be the antidote to the last earworm, I don't know! Very complex variegated (really, I don't know where to start!); deep jade, slate, silvery mauve, violet, teal, taupe, pale lilac, mouse, khaki, sand, and a lot more!
Martha Sock - And Don't You Come Back No More

Around The Next Corner - Diana Lace

Who knows what will be there…. Subtle semi solid; khaki, deep forest green, little touches of sage and teal and faded moss
Diana Lace - Around The Next Corner

As Summer Into Autumn Slips - Sadie Sock

I've just realised that this poem is actually about embracing aging. Serendipity! I just thought it was a lovely way to describe these end of August days…. Complex gently variegated; sage, leaf green, bronze, stormy sea green, silvery blue, coffee going into taupe, slate, tiny hints of grape
Sadie Sock - As Summer Into Autumn Slips

Embracing Age With Open Arms - Olivia Sock

Why fight it? Let's go with it and have some fun! Gentle tonal variegated; rose, powder pink, lavender, silvery mauve
Olivia Sock - Embracing Age With Open Arms

Even I Don't Know Where The Names Come From - Valerie Cobweb

I don't! To.Die.For Subtle & complex variegated; a deep damson and blackcurrant base, with little flashes and hints of navy, teal, chocolate, charcoal, russet
Valerie Cobweb - Even I Don't Know Where The Names Come From

Excuse Me While I Have A Tantrum Moment - Martha Sock

I'm feeling just the teensiest bit bratty today…. Intense and subtle semi solid; gloomy plum, dark murky purple, hints of amethyst and charcoal, dove grey, and all much nicer than I've made them sound!
Martha Sock - Excuse Me While I Have A Tantrum Moment

Got A Few Tricks Up My Sleeve - Betsy Sock

And an ace or two…. Incredibly complex and subtly blended variegated; amethyst, khaki, sage, charcoal, terracotta, plum, rose, grape, sky blue, leaf green
Betsy Sock - Got A Few Tricks Up My Sleeve

How Could It Be Otherwise? - Betsy Sock

It must be so, it cannot be otherwise…. Gentle semi solid; sage, sandy khaki, leaf green
Betsy Sock - How Could It Be Otherwise?

I Do Have A Naughty Streak - Diana Lace

It's well hidden, but it's definitely there…. Vivid tonal variegated; crimson, plum, pale amber, mauve going into palest rose, amethyst, honey, terracotta
Diana Lace - I Do Have A Naughty Streak

If I Knew Then What I Know Now - Sadie Lace

Ah, if only. Or would it really be a good thing? Oftentimes, ignorance IS bliss…. (is oftentimes a word?) Gloomy semi solid; darkest forest green, charcoal
Sadie Lace - If I Knew Then What I Know Now

I Knew You When - Jeannie Sock

Back in the days, when you just had one foot on the bottom rung. And look at you now! Uplifting gently variegated; powder pink, light mint, ivory, beige, silvery lavender, aqua
Jeannie Sock - I Knew You When

It's Friendlier With Two - Elinor Chunky

Especially when one of those two is a Silly Old Bear…. Warming semi solid; chocolate, copper, russet, cocoa, rust, terracotta
Elinor Chunky - It's Friendlier With Two

It's Not Me, It's You - Olivia Lace

Can we just be not-friends? Tonal variegated; lavender, lilac, slate, silvery mauve, warm violet
Olivia Lace - It's Not Me, It's You

Ladybug Or Ladybird? - Martha Sock

Ladybug sounds fancier, don't you think? Saturated semi solid; blood red, pillarbox red
Martha Sock - Ladybug Or Ladybird?

Let's Waltz The Rumba - Amelie Cobweb

I have no idea what this means, but it sounds like a fun way to kick off the update…. Subtle & complex tonal variegated; honey, soft amber, coffee, bronze, sage, mouse, delicate mauve, dull gold, smoke grey
Amelie Cobweb - Let's Waltz The Rumba

Living Well Is The Best Revenge - Gretchen Heavy Lace

Ohhhh, yes. Muted tonal variegated; dull amethyst, plum, murky mauve, silvery grape, taupe, blackcurrant
Gretchen Heavy Lace - Living Well Is The Best Revenge

Lost In The Appalacians (I Wish!) - Megan Sock

How much I want to go there, I can't even tell you. THIS MUCH…. Complex gently variegated; moss, tan, copper, mid green, violet, amber, khaki, plum, hyacinth blue
Megan Sock - Lost In The Appalacians (I Wish!)

Make A Difference - Valerie Cobweb

Even a little one…. Soothing semi solid; mid silvery green, sea green, greyish blue, khaki, sage, stormy green
Valerie Cobweb - Make A Difference

My Life Is Like A Silent Movie - Valerie Cobweb

And I am the tragic heroine, tied to the railroad tracks…. Another shimmery irridescent colourway, but more subtle this time. Gentle tonal variegated; coffee, sage, taupe, khaki, pale amber, all with a delicate silvery green shimmer
Valerie Cobweb - My Life Is Like A Silent Movie

One Minute Warning - Gretchen Heavy Lace

Let the adrenaline surge! Vivid semi solid; bright turquoise, jade going into emerald, azure (greener and richer in tone than the photo shows)
Gretchen Heavy Lace - One Minute Warning

Oo Oo Ooh, I Want To Be Like You, Oo Ooh - Jeannie Sock

I apologise profoundly for this most virulent of ear worms. If it's any consolation, it's stuck firmly in my head too, and may never come out…. Earthy toned tonal variegated; tan, silvery grape, coffee, taupe, greige, dull brown
Jeannie Sock - Oo Oo Ooh, I Want To Be Like You, Oo Ooh

Out With The Old, In With The New - Miranda DK

A change is as good as a rest. And all the other cliches which are no less true for that.... Soothing semi solid; leaf green, sand, apple green, sage, peach. Now then. There are little red dots scattered over this yarn. You can see some of them on the top left skein. I think it looks rather pretty, so I'm selling them as they are, but I am going to reduce the sale price.
Miranda DK - Out With The Old, In With The New

Seagulls Wheeling Above Us - Diana Lace

And a fresh wind from the West…. Delicate semi solid; silvery aqua, soft stormy sea green, and subtle shades in between these that I'm strugging to define in words
Diana Lace - Seagulls Wheeling Above Us

Sit Upon The Lofty Hill - Jeannie Sock

Where waving woods and waters wild…. Complex & subtle variegated; azure going into teal, deep green, airforce blue, silvery grape, little hints of sage, khaki, moss, sand, lavender
Jeannie Sock - Sit Upon The Lofty Hill

Speak The Word That Sets Me Free - Olivia Lace

Oh dear, this is how rumours start. Don't worry, the Posh couple are very happily married! Subtle & complex tonal variegated; coffee, silver going into slate, sage, khaki, taupe, stone, silvery green
Olivia Lace - Speak The Word That Sets Me Free

The Blue Hydrangea - Olivia Sock

We only have pink ones here. Boring old pink. I want blue ones!!! Incredibly vibrant semi solid; bright azure, hyacinth blue, sky blue
Olivia Sock - The Blue Hydrangea

The Meadow Is Full Of Kingcups - Betsy Sock

I have shamelessly stolen a skein of this, to make the happiest of socks and brighten my winter up. Join me!! Eye wateringly bright solid; bright bright bright lemon yellow
Betsy Sock - The Meadow Is Full Of Kingcups

The Wide Open Arms Of The Night - Martha Sock

Which hold you close and keep you safe…. Subtle semi solid; at first glance, black, but look closer and you'll see blackcurrant, damson, and a dark dark navy
Martha Sock - The Wide Open Arms Of The Night

Too Great For Modesty - Betsy Sock

I shall name no names here! Complex semi solid; dull blackcurrant, muted plum, and a murky sort of silvery green that is very hard to pin down in words!
Betsy Sock - Too Great For Modesty

Too Perky For Monday - Amelie Cobweb

Perkiness should definitely be banned for Monday mornings. Or any mornings. Only permitted between the hours of, say, 2pm - 3pm. Maybe…. Vibrant tonal variegated; irridescent violet, rose, apricot, lilac, mid pink, silvery grape, all with that same irridescent violet shot over them
Amelie Cobweb - Too Perky For Monday

Unhand Me, Sir! - Madeleine Lace

How very dare you! Vivid semi solid; damson, raspberry, blackcurrant, plum, cherry, and I'll have ice cream on the side, please
Madeleine Lace - Unhand Me, Sir!

Why Does No One Ever Get My Jokes? - Megan Sock

It's the way I tell 'em…. Subtly blended semi solid; denim, mauve, airforce blue, slate, grape, stormy sea green
Megan Sock - Why Does No One Ever Get My Jokes?

You Go, Glenn Coco - Gretchen Heavy Lace

Not a Mean Girls afficionado? Wellll, me neither, but this is in honour of someone who is…. Intensely saturated semi solid; bright violet, bright warm purple, with a fuchsia irridescence
Gretchen Heavy Lace - You Go, Glenn Coco