Photos for 18 Feb 2013

Alert The Media - Diana Heavy Lace

Intense semi solid; irridescent violet, with little hints of azure peeking through, and a cerise pink sheer layer over all
Diana Heavy Lace - Alert The Media

Bark Rubbings - Francesca DK

Incredibly subtle variegated Tony special; a warm brown base, with hints of taupe, ash grey, chocolate, and a plummy grey (you have to see it to know what I mean!)
Francesca DK - Bark Rubbings

Behind The Aspidistra - Betsy Sock

Muted semi solid; a faded green (hard to describe, but very restful on the eyes), with a soft pale teal for contrast
Betsy Sock - Behind The Aspidistra

Believe The Best - Valerie Cobweb

Intense semi solid; deep sapphire going into navy, purplish shading
Valerie Cobweb - Believe The Best

Breeze From The West - Francesca DK

Refreshing semi solid, mint, pale apple, aqua
Francesca DK - Breeze From The West

Bumpy Ride - Gretchen Sock

Stormy semi solid; dirty denim, soft pale teal, stormy greyish blue,
Gretchen Sock - Bumpy Ride

Carmen - Martha Sock

Flaming tangerine and orange semi solid
Martha Sock - Carmen

Clouds Like Feather Beds - Miranda Lace

But still no snow..... a muted semi solid, silver with a touch of aqua
Miranda Lace - Clouds Like Feather Beds

Coppelia - Esme 50g Sock

Delicate & muted semi solid; dusky grape, faded lavender; dove grey, muted mauve
Esme 50g Sock - Coppelia

Dear Old Boy - Elinor Aran

Vibrant semi solid sapphire, cobalt
Elinor Aran - Dear Old Boy

Expectant Hush - Miranda Lace

The world holds its breath before spring; a gentle semi solid, pale silvery green, sage, blue & aqua
Miranda Lace - Expectant Hush

Feathers In Your Path - Francesca DK

Gentle semi solid; a stone base with beige & pale sage tints
Francesca DK - Feathers In Your Path

Flower Dance - Gretchen Sock

Delicately tinted variegated sky blue, pale jade, blush pink, silvery green, duck egg blue, lavender
Gretchen Sock - Flower Dance

Grab Your Sombrero - Diana Heavy Lace

Cheerful subtly variegated deep rose, silvery mauve, pale terracotta, lavender, dusky pink
Diana Heavy Lace - Grab Your Sombrero

Hidden By The Hillside - Diana Lace

Muted semi solid; khaki, dull olive, faded moss green, sage
Diana Lace - Hidden By The Hillside

I Can Still Blush - Miranda Sock

Can you? A gentle semi solid; cool toned rose, with silvery mauve and powder pink
Miranda Sock - I Can Still Blush

I Can Yodel - Betsy Sock

Not really, but wouldn't that be funny?! A cooler version of Behind The Aspidistra; semi solid cool murky greens and teals, very subtle
Betsy Sock - I Can Yodel

I Could Have Danced All Night - Miranda Lace

Light on her feet; a delicate mauve/lavender mix, with a pinkish irridescent sheen over it
Miranda Lace - I Could Have Danced All Night

Impossibly Jaunty - Sylvia Sock

And impossible not to smile at this one; a solid bright pale tangerine that just glows with happy colour
Sylvia Sock - Impossibly Jaunty

Ma Fille - Diana Heavy Lace

Demure semi solid, a silvery lavender, stonewashed denim, mauve, with little flashes of amethyst and plum
Diana Heavy Lace - Ma Fille

Make A Good Entrance - Diana Heavy Lace

Subtly variegated, damson, sand, plum, currant, taupe, milk chocolate, raspberry, sand, fawn
Diana Heavy Lace - Make A Good Entrance

Modern Dancers - Chloe Lace

Gentle semi solid mauve with an irridescent sheen, silvery lavender
Chloe Lace - Modern Dancers

Moss Creeps Onward - Juliet Sock

Vivid semi solid; chartreuse, amber, bright moss green, lime, gold, mustard
Juliet Sock - Moss Creeps Onward

Mrs Sherlock - Gretchen Lace

Vibrant semi solid; bright violet, warm purple
Gretchen Lace - Mrs Sherlock

Our Intrepid Traveller - Miranda Sock

Gentle semi solid; a cool green base, with olive, dirty teal, bottle green, petrol blue, khaki
Miranda Sock - Our Intrepid Traveller

Out Of Quiet - Miranda Heavy Lace

Whispers of colour on an ivory background, palest green, shell pink, tiny bits of rose
Miranda Heavy Lace - Out Of Quiet

Perfect Emerald - Audrey Lace

Intense semi solid; deep emerald with a hint of teal, dark jade, a little bottle green
Audrey Lace - Perfect Emerald

Perfect June Morning - Betsy Sock

Well, a girl can only dream..... Bright almost solid azure with a slight tint of turquoise
Betsy Sock - Perfect June Morning

Prize Winning Dahlia - Gretchen Lace

Bright but not eyeball searing fuchsia, almost solid, just a little shading
Gretchen Lace - Prize Winning Dahlia

Rain, Rain, Go Away - Gretchen Heavy Lace

Muted semi solid; dark denim, dull petrol blue, slate, hints of teal
Gretchen Heavy Lace - Rain, Rain, Go Away

Run For Cover - Esme 50g Sock

Storm clouds gathering; a very very subtly variegated stormy green, taupe, dove grey, greige, and lots of little hints of colours that are hard to describe (very unusual, this one)
Esme 50g Sock - Run For Cover

Seize The Day - Gretchen Heavy Lace

Subtly variegated pale amber, dusky rose, muted apricot, dove grey, little hints of green
Gretchen Heavy Lace - Seize The Day

Sitting In A Tree - Juliet Sock

Dark & deep semi solid; forest green, bottle green, little hints of black
Juliet Sock - Sitting In A Tree

Spanish Moss In Savannah - Valerie Cobweb

Gloomy semi solid; muted moss, dark khaki, olive, black
Valerie Cobweb - Spanish Moss In Savannah

Spellbound - Martha Sock

A slightly more jaunty version of The Secret-Keeper; vaiegated azure, turquoise, denim, magenta, lavender, jade
Martha Sock - Spellbound

Take The Wheel - Miranda Heavy Lace

Gently variegated slate, plum, jade tinted teal, dirty denim, dull mauve
Miranda Heavy Lace - Take The Wheel

The Earth Stirs - Miranda Sock

Complex semi solid; warm mossy green, sage, fawn, khaki, olive, pale amber
Miranda Sock - The Earth Stirs

The Forest Comes Alive At Night - Elinor Chunky

Menacing semi solid; darkest forest green, warm toned, with bitter chocolate hints
Elinor Chunky - The Forest Comes Alive At Night

The Secret-Keeper - Martha Sock

Subtly variegated hyacinth blue, mauve, azure, soft teal, muted violet, denim
Martha Sock - The Secret-Keeper

This Song Is About You - Diana Heavy Lace

Subtly variegated; amethyst, lavender, icy blue, plum, dusky pink, mauve, aqua, silver
Diana Heavy Lace - This Song Is About You

Tilting At Windmills - Diana Heavy Lace

Sunbleached semi solid; fawn, sage green, faded rose, little flashes of amethyst
Diana Heavy Lace - Tilting At Windmills

Trilling Whistle - Juliet Sock

Intense semi solid; deep emerald, jade, teal, kelly green
Juliet Sock - Trilling Whistle

Triumphant Winner - Gretchen Lace

Joyously bright violet, almost solid, with just a little deeper purple shading (not as blue as it appears in the photo)
Gretchen Lace - Triumphant Winner

Vivacious Lady - Gretchen Sock

Stand out in a crowd; an almost solid cerise/raspberry
Gretchen Sock - Vivacious Lady

When Ladies Were Ladies - Gretchen Heavy Lace

Elegant gently variegated blend of rose, lilac, soft apricot, amber, powder pink
Gretchen Heavy Lace - When Ladies Were Ladies

Where The Sun Always Shines - Miranda Heavy Lace

Warming semi solid; apricot, peach
Miranda Heavy Lace - Where The Sun Always Shines