Photos for 18 Jan 2014

A Drop Of Something To Keep Out The Cold - Erin Sock

Moody semi solid: charcoal, amber, dirty grape, smoke grey, ash brown, dull plum, taupe
Erin Sock - A Drop Of Something To Keep Out The Cold

A Hundred Thousand Butterflies - Valerie Cobweb

Piquant semi solid: soft orange, copper, tangerine
Valerie Cobweb - A Hundred Thousand Butterflies

A Living Epitaph - Caitlin Aran

Gloomy semi solid: dark forest green, bottle green, darkest khaki, black, hints of brown
Caitlin Aran - A Living Epitaph

A New Intention - Diana Cobweb

Vivid semi solid: bluebell blue, sapphire, lightly touched with purple
Diana Cobweb - A New Intention

A Slender Young Moon - Audrey Lace

Wistful semi solid: silver, dove grey with a touch of lavender
Audrey Lace - A Slender Young Moon

Big Laugh, Silent Cry - Pamela Sock

Playful variegated: tangerine, ivory, silver, orange, dove grey, white, a dirty bronze where the orange and grey meet, silver sparkle
Pamela Sock - Big Laugh, Silent Cry

Born To Be Hanged - Carissa Sock

Sinister semi solid: navy, blackcurrant, damson, aubergine
Carissa Sock - Born To Be Hanged

By Loch Leven - Josephine Lace

Joyously variegated: turquoise, azure, mauve, hyacinth blue, teal, dark denim, soft violet, ash brown
Josephine Lace - By Loch Leven

Der Pflaumenbaum - Elinor Sport

Delicious tonal variegated: damson, aubergine, moss, chartreuse, plum, burgundy, bronze, khaki
Elinor Sport - Der Pflaumenbaum

Drinking The Dew - Antonia DK

Serene semi solid: stonewashed denim, silvery blue, duck egg blue, dove grey
Antonia DK - Drinking The Dew

Every Leaf A Miracle - Antonia DK

Woodsy tonal variegated: sage, copper, khaki, plum, amber, taupe, all with a silvery green irridescence
Antonia DK - Every Leaf A Miracle

He Caught My Wandering Wing - Sylvia DK

Glorious semi solid: bright teal, slate with a touch of grape, turquoise
Sylvia DK - He Caught My Wandering Wing

Inhaling The Dawn - Sylvia DK

Ethereal semi solid: sage, stone, soft mint, biscuit
Sylvia DK - Inhaling The Dawn

I Shake Off Old Thoughts - Antonia DK

Elegant semi solid: grape, dusky mauve, hints of plum, charcoal
Antonia DK - I Shake Off Old Thoughts

I've Rocked A Million Faces - Caitlin Aran

Majestic tonal variegated: plum, raspberry, grape, amethyst, blackcurrant, damson, rose, mauve, navy, touch of teal
Caitlin Aran - I've Rocked A Million Faces

Just A Molehill, They Tell Me - Miranda Aran

Intense semi solid: grass green, moss, chocolate, khaki, olive, soft emerald
Miranda Aran - Just A Molehill, They Tell Me

Married To The Sea - Audrey Sock

Vibrant semi solid: jade going into leaf green, soft turquoise going into azure, deepest sky blue
Audrey Sock - Married To The Sea

More Tea, Duchess? - Josephine Sock

Rich semi solid: chocolate, earth brown, terracotta, mahogany
Josephine Sock - More Tea, Duchess?

Moustache Twirling Villain - Virginia Sock

Mysterious tonal variegated: blackcurrant, damson, black, aubergine, deep burgundy, cocoa, darkest teal going into navy
Virginia Sock - Moustache Twirling Villain

Near To Tremendousness - Natasha Lace

Gorgeously intense semi solid: deep teal going into peacock blue, touches of royal blue, kingfisher
Natasha Lace - Near To Tremendousness

Pines, Torrents, Rocks, And Moors - Josephine Lace

Mellow softly variegated: olive, smoke grey, duck egg blue, violet, khaki, heather purple, sage, dove grey, silver, dull bronze
Josephine Lace - Pines, Torrents, Rocks, And Moors

Quenching In Purple - Betsy Sock

Magnificent tonal variegated: royal blue, violet, damson, kingfisher blue, sapphire, raspberry, cobalt (the kingfisher didn't really show up in the photo, but it's there)
Betsy Sock - Quenching In Purple

Sending Sweet Dreams - Patricia Aran

Enchanting semi solid: lavender, pale lilac, pale mauve, with a silvery blue marl
Patricia Aran - Sending Sweet Dreams

Settles In The Hills - Erin Sock

Rustic tonal variegated: soft copper, murky aqua, taupe, sage, ash brown, stone, amber, khaki
Erin Sock - Settles In The Hills

Soft Bud Swooning - Virginia Sock

Pretty semi solid: rose, powder pink, smoke grey, silvery mauve, pale amethyst
Virginia Sock - Soft Bud Swooning

Someone Has Seen The Beauty In Me - Vivienne Chunky

Cheerful tonal variegated: mauve, rose, turquoise going into slate, amethyst, sky blue
Vivienne Chunky - Someone Has Seen The Beauty In Me

Sweet Flattery - Chloe Lace

Charming semi solid: shades of warm mauve, touches of deep lavender, silver sparkle
Chloe Lace - Sweet Flattery

The Door Just Opened For Someone - Pamela Sock

Dramatic tonal variegated: chocolate, tan, bronze, mahogany, aubergine, cocoa, amber, moss, silver sparkle (some skeins have more green than others)
Pamela Sock - The Door Just Opened For Someone

The Sunrise Compels Me - Audrey Lace

Glowing semi solid: buttery yellow, soft gold, honey, a hint of delicate apricot
Audrey Lace - The Sunrise Compels Me

This Wonderful Day - Betsy Sock

Lovely gently variegated: lavender, plum, amber, silvery blue, amethyst, soft purple, dove grey, honey, copper
Betsy Sock - This Wonderful Day

You Have Not Kept Your Secret Well - Carissa DK

Wicked semi solid: burgundy, aubergine, maroon, raspberry, crimson
Carissa DK - You Have Not Kept Your Secret Well

You've Gotta Know When To Stop - Caitlin Aran

Brooding semi solid: chocolate, burgundy, aubergine, dark purple, maroon, forest green, hyacinth blue
Caitlin Aran - You've Gotta Know When To Stop