Photos for 17 Mar 2013

And We Polka - Martha Sock

Cheerful variegated; copper, ochre, russet, denim, mustard, chartreuse, gold, tangerine, coral, moss
Martha Sock - And We Polka

Barefoot In The Sand - Miranda Sock

Very subtle semi solid; stone, creamy beige
Miranda Sock - Barefoot In The Sand

Best Actress Goes To - Juliet DK

Almost solid; vivid pillarbox red, a little ruby
Juliet DK - Best Actress Goes To

Boo To A Goose - Miranda Lace

Subtly variegated; denim, tan, olive, azure, sage, grape, copper highlights
Miranda Lace - Boo To A Goose

Born In The Wrong Century - Elinor DK

Subtly variegated; lavender, olive, lilac, moss, sage, denim
Elinor DK - Born In The Wrong Century

Bottle Garden - Betsy Sock

Semi solid; moss, olive, cool green
Betsy Sock - Bottle Garden

Cherry Picking - Natasha Sock

Almost solid; deep raspberry
Natasha Sock - Cherry Picking

Dragons Walk - Miranda Sock

Intense semi solid; sapphire, cobalt, kingfisher blue, teal
Miranda Sock - Dragons Walk

Dramatis Personae - Juliet Sock

Vivid semi solid; violet, magenta toned purple
Juliet Sock - Dramatis Personae

English Channel - Diana Heavy Lace

Subtle semi solid; duck egg blue, light slate, denim
Diana Heavy Lace - English Channel

Enough Of The Drama - Rosalind Aran

Moody semi solid; navy, dark grape, hints of purple, smoke grey
Rosalind Aran - Enough Of The Drama

Fluttering Doves - Natasha Lace

Semi solid; silver, smoke, greige
Natasha Lace - Fluttering Doves

Gowns By Irene - Juliet DK

Complex variegated; lavender, mauve, dusky pink, mint, rose, lilac
Juliet DK - Gowns By Irene

Hug Me Tight - Miranda Sock

Subtly variegated; soft peach, mauve, sand, pale rose, lavender
Miranda Sock - Hug Me Tight

I Dream Of Jeannie - Elinor DK

Semi solid; raspberry, crimson
Elinor DK - I Dream Of Jeannie

If You Love Somebody - Martha Sport

Semi solid; mauve, amethyst, lavender, magenta, rose
Martha Sport - If You Love Somebody

In A Twinkling - Elinor DK

Subtly variegated; olive, pale blue, moss, leaf green, lavender
Elinor DK - In A Twinkling

In Thoughtful Mood - Hannah Sock

Subtly variegated; navy, dark teal, grape, dark slate, plum, all very muted
Hannah Sock - In Thoughtful Mood

Ivy Tapping At The Window - Gretchen Heavy Lace

Subtly variegated; olive, dull grape, leaf green, sage, smoky amethyst, khaki
Gretchen Heavy Lace - Ivy Tapping At The Window

Killed With Kindness - Natasha Lace

Intense variegated; raspberry, gold, plum, amber, russet, amethyst, ochre
Natasha Lace - Killed With Kindness

Let's Play Truth Or Dare - Miranda DK

Intense semi solid; deep warm purple, with deeper tones and a tiny bit of darkest chocolate
Miranda DK - Let's Play Truth Or Dare

Mellow Season - Martha Sport

Subtly variegated; plum, cool green, dusky grape, forest green, and other shades I can't put a name to!
Martha Sport - Mellow Season

Menacing Silence - Sylvia Lace

Intense semi solid; blackcurrant, damson, aubergine
Sylvia Lace - Menacing Silence

One Book In You - Martha Sock

Complex variegated; deep mossy green base, dark denim, emerald, teal, tan, plum, slate
Martha Sock - One Book In You

One For My Baby - Sylvia DK

Very subtle semi solid; deep grape, dirty denim, mauve, slate, a touch of teal
Sylvia DK - One For My Baby

Pebble On Pebble - Rosalind Aran

Subtly variegated; sage, sand, greige, dove grey, mint, silvery lavender
Rosalind Aran - Pebble On Pebble

Planning My Revenge - Miranda Heavy Lace

Intense semi solid; deep shades of blackcurrant, aubergine, damson
Miranda Heavy Lace - Planning My Revenge

Quick Cloud Burst - Hannah Sock

Semi solid; mid grey, silver, some deeper smoky tones
Hannah Sock - Quick Cloud Burst

Repent At Leisure - Hannah Sock

Complex variegated; dark grape, olive, plum, charcoal, moss, dove grey, and lots of other subtle shades
Hannah Sock - Repent At Leisure

Sing, Little Frogs - Natasha Sock

Vibrant semi solid; emerald, grass green, jade, lime, teal
Natasha Sock - Sing, Little Frogs

Starry Eyed Am I - Diana Heavy Lace

Intense semi solid; navy, deep sapphire
Diana Heavy Lace - Starry Eyed Am I

Striding Over Moors - Jeannie Sock

Semi solid; olive, moss with a warm golden tinge
Jeannie Sock - Striding Over Moors

Strut Your Stuff - Juliet Sock

Intense variegated; ruby, burgundy, scarlet, violet, plum
Juliet Sock - Strut Your Stuff

Temper, Temper - Elinor Chunky

Semi solid; plum, dusky grape, amethyst, dull teal, all very muted
Elinor Chunky - Temper, Temper

The First Violet - Rosalind Aran

Semi solid; violet, deep lavender
Rosalind Aran - The First Violet

The Mistral Blows - Sylvia DK

Subtle & complex variegated; cool greens, denim, olive, slate, hint of grape, sage
Sylvia DK - The Mistral Blows

The Peace Of A Garden - Miranda Sock

Soothing semi solid; cool toned greens, soft blue, sapphire, and all the shades in between blue & green, all muted
Miranda Sock - The Peace Of A Garden

The Scent Of Bluebells - Elinor Chunky

Semi solid; azure, lilac, sky blue
Elinor Chunky - The Scent Of Bluebells

Today Is Yours - Sylvia Lace

Subtly variegated; lavender, palest silvery green, beige, blush pink, mauve, delicate peach
Sylvia Lace - Today Is Yours

Vipers Drag - Diana Lace

Semi solid; moss, leaf green, hints of chartreuse
Diana Lace - Vipers Drag

Way Up High - Miranda Heavy Lace

Semi solid; sky blue, turquoise, robin's egg blue
Miranda Heavy Lace - Way Up High

Where I Belong - Sylvia DK

Subtly variegated; terracotta, soft gold, amber, apricot, ochre
Sylvia DK - Where I Belong