Photos for 15 Feb 2014

An Enlightened Age - Florence Aran

Wicked marled semi solid: blackcurrant, damson going into chocolate, plum, marled with coffee, silvery grape
Florence Aran - An Enlightened Age

A Sailor Lad - Miranda Lace

Cheery semi solid: turquoise, deep jade, denim, teal
Miranda Lace - A Sailor Lad

As The Moon Sails Along The Sky - Patricia Aran

Misty marled semi solid: smoke grey, delicate sage, biscuit, silver, marled with powder pink
Patricia Aran - As The Moon Sails Along The Sky

A Truth Universally Acknowledged  - Antonia DK

Elegant tonal variegated: sage, smoky lavender, soft jade, smoke grey, delicate pink, duck egg blue, rose
Antonia DK - A Truth Universally Acknowledged 

Attention Please! - Robynn Sock

Gloriously bright semi solid: orange, copper, crimson, tangerine, gold
Robynn Sock - Attention Please!

A World Made Of Pink - Florence Aran

Fun marled semi solid: bright mid pink, with a slightly paler pink marl (the pink is a little softer than the photo)
Florence Aran - A World Made Of Pink



Few Words Are Said - Diana Heavy Lace

Sophisticated semi solid: grape, smoky mauve, amethyst, dirty denim (which is showing green in the photo)
Diana Heavy Lace - Few Words Are Said

Finery And Jewels - Caitlin Aran

Splendid semi solid: damson, purple, burgundy, plum, raspberry, navy, maroon
Caitlin Aran - Finery And Jewels

Furious Winter's Rages - Caitlin Aran

Sullen tonal variegated: slate, deep teal, grape, sea green, kingfisher blue, dove grey, sage, mid green, navy, smoke grey, black
Caitlin Aran - Furious Winter's Rages

Hope Is A Phoenix - Patricia Aran

Uplifting marled tonal variegated: rose, saffron, apricot, pale lemon, blush pink, marled with rose, soft coral, sand
Patricia Aran - Hope Is A Phoenix

If That’s The Answer, What's The Question? - Diana Cobweb

Dramatic semi solid: navy, darkest sapphire, the tiniest hint of blackcurrant
Diana Cobweb - If That’s The Answer, What's The Question?

Imaginary Gardens - Elinor Sport

Mysterious semi solid: deep moss green, hints of bronze, forest green
Elinor Sport - Imaginary Gardens

I'm The Leader, I'll Say What We Do - Antonia DK

Majestic semi solid: plum, soft taupe, soft amethyst, chocolate, raspberry
Antonia DK - I'm The Leader, I'll Say What We Do

I Told Her All My Heart - Martha Sock

Magnificent semi solid: russet, plum, terracotta, soft copper, amethyst, raspberry
Martha Sock - I Told Her All My Heart

It's Always Tea Time - Patricia Aran

Warming marled semi solid: russet, tan, terracotta, deep copper, stone, marled with soft brown
Patricia Aran - It's Always Tea Time

I Will Catch For You Some Fireflies - Miranda Lace

Spicy semi solid: burnt orange, copper, terracotta, plum
Miranda Lace - I Will Catch For You Some Fireflies

Joy Has Taken Flight - Patricia Aran

Dazzling marled semi solid: daffodil, gold, marled with lemon
Patricia Aran - Joy Has Taken Flight

Lit By The Splendour Of The Moon - Patricia Aran

Sophisticated marled semi solid: dove grey, sage, soft lavender, marled with robin's egg blue going into aqua
Patricia Aran - Lit By The Splendour Of The Moon

Matches, Matches, Never Touch - Patricia Aran

Blazing (geddit?!) marled semi solid: tangerine, saffron, orange, marled with amber, plum
Patricia Aran - Matches, Matches, Never Touch

Must You Be So Kissable - Gretchen Heavy Lace

Charming semi solid: amethyst, mauve, silvery shell pink, lavender
Gretchen Heavy Lace - Must You Be So Kissable

My Bowl Is The Sky - Florence Aran

Dreamy marled semi solid: aqua, silvery blueish green, sky blue marl
Florence Aran - My Bowl Is The Sky

Never Off My Mind - Diana Cobweb

Sinister semi solid: subtly blended dark teal, dark slate, navy, hints of grape and a soft ashy pink
Diana Cobweb - Never Off My Mind

No One Answered My Letter In A Bottle - Gretchen Heavy Lace

Breezy semi solid: azure, sea green, Wedgwood blue, mint, stoneashed denim
Gretchen Heavy Lace - No One Answered My Letter In A Bottle

Not Afraid Of Life - Sylvia Sock

Perky tonal variegated: azure, rose, amethyst, violet, raspberry, teal, plum, slate, mauve, dusky pink
Sylvia Sock - Not Afraid Of Life

Nothing Good Happens After 2 A.M. - Florence Aran

Intense & glowing marled semi solid: forest green so dark it is almost black, with a bright kingfisher and teal marl (quite incredible in real life!)
Florence Aran - Nothing Good Happens After 2 A.M.

Nothing Rhymes With Orange - Antonia DK

Piquant semi solid: russet, crimson, copper, plum, raspberry, amber, terracotta
Antonia DK - Nothing Rhymes With Orange

Not Jealous, Not Jealous - Antonia DK

Bold tonal variegated: emerald, teal, aubergine, forest green, grass green, blackcurrant, navy, faded black (the two skeins are a little different, which I've tried to show in the photo, but they are still nicely paired, but will need alternating)
Antonia DK - Not Jealous, Not Jealous

Offer An Olive Branch - Antonia DK

Woodsy semi solid: khaki, dark teal going into forest green, bronze, tan
Antonia DK - Offer An Olive Branch

Oh, Solitude - Antonia DK

Ethereal tonal variegated: stone, cream, greige, silver, palest peach
Antonia DK - Oh, Solitude

On The Rocks With A Twist - Patricia Aran

Delicious marled semi solid: apple green, mint, aqua, palest lime, honey, and a stone, sage, and biscuit marl
Patricia Aran - On The Rocks With A Twist

Oxford Comma - Virginia Sock

Serene semi solid: sea green, softest petrol blue, sage, duck egg blue
Virginia Sock - Oxford Comma

Saying Goodbye Is Hard - Martha Sock

Rich but muted semi solid: dark chocolate touched with purple, deep bronze, forest gree, dark grape
Martha Sock - Saying Goodbye Is Hard

Seen Only In Half-Light - Patricia Aran

Smoky marled semi solid: camel, smoke grey, marled with slate and steel
Patricia Aran - Seen Only In Half-Light

Sharing The Secrets Of My Soul - Patricia Aran

Delicately tinted semi solid: soft peach, stone, nude, palest beige, marled with silver, ivory, smoke grey
Patricia Aran - Sharing The Secrets Of My Soul

Sleep For A Thousand Years - Patricia Aran

Gorgeously vivid marled semi solid: forest green, bronze, chocolate, marled with khaki, cool green, bronze, sage
Patricia Aran - Sleep For A Thousand Years

Spring! Spring! Spring! - Virginia Sock

Enchanting tonal variegated (more softly blended than the photo shows): delicate tints of mint, duck egg blue, silvery lavender, apple, cream, leaf green, aqua
Virginia Sock - Spring! Spring! Spring!

Storm The Castle - Patricia Aran

Subdued marled semi solid: stone, biscuit, sage, softest silvery pink, marled with slate, denim, duck egg
Patricia Aran - Storm The Castle

This Is Curious - Patricia Aran

Jewel like marled semi solid: warm purple, deep violet, lavender, touches of raspberry, marled with mid purple
Patricia Aran - This Is Curious

This Of All My Hopes - Sylvia Sock

Mellow semi solid: subtly blended amethyst, taupe, grape, soft amber, plum, mauve, lavender, rose
Sylvia Sock - This Of All My Hopes

Under The Water, Under The Sea - Antonia DK

Vibrant semi solid: deep teal, kingfisher blue
Antonia DK - Under The Water, Under The Sea

When Small Birds Sighed - Martha Sock

Pensive semi solid: damson, cocoa, maroon, dull forest green, chocolate
Martha Sock - When Small Birds Sighed