Photos for 14 Jul 2013

Alone At Last - Miranda Lace

I can hear myself think…. Delicate semi solid; icy blue, aqua, dove grey, duck egg blue, silvery green
Miranda Lace - Alone At Last

Alter Ego - Miranda Heavy Lace

What's yours? Do you wear a cape and fight crime? Sinister semi solid; blackcurrant, aubergine, black
Miranda Heavy Lace - Alter Ego

A Week In Nantucket - Elinor Sport

I WISH!! Uplifting variegated; duck egg blue, lime, aqua, sky blue, chartreuse, violet, moss, icy blue
Elinor Sport - A Week In Nantucket

Behind The Bike Sheds - Mimi Cobweb

Do they even have bike sheds any more? On the dark side semi solid; forest green, black with a chocolately tint, khaki, moss
Mimi Cobweb - Behind The Bike Sheds

Can You Dig It? - Diana Heavy Lace

Yes, you can! Muted semi solid; khaki, olive, sage, with a silvery teal irridescence
Diana Heavy Lace - Can You Dig It?

Chapel Of Love - Diana Heavy Lace

Uh huh, uh huh…. Intense semi solid; hyacinth blue, grape, denim, mauve, all with a sapphire irridescence
Diana Heavy Lace - Chapel Of Love

Clutching My Pearls - Miranda Sock

And hoisting my bosom…. Subtle semi solid; silvery sage, limestone
Miranda Sock - Clutching My Pearls

Did Someone Say Party? - Gretchen Heavy Lace

Or rather, part-ay…. Jewel bright tonal variegated; turquoise going into jade, azure, lilac going into violet, sapphire, mint, light teal
Gretchen Heavy Lace - Did Someone Say Party?

Give Me The Moon - Chloe DK

And the stars on the side…. Delicate semi solid; taupe, greige, smoke grey
Chloe DK - Give Me The Moon

Grandma, What Big Eyes You've Got! - Gretchen Heavy Lace

Grandma, what big teeth you've got! Vivid semi solid; olive, jade, moss, sage, bronze, hints of fawn and slate. The camera exaggerated the more subtle colours, and minimised the green shades, so best to go by my description on this one.
Gretchen Heavy Lace - Grandma, What Big Eyes You've Got!

I Don't Need A Reality Check - Elinor Sport

Thanks all the same…. Brooding subtle tonal variegated; chocolate, coffee, dark grape going into navy, and some other shades I'm struggling to name, sorry
Elinor Sport - I Don't Need A Reality Check

It Ain't Half Hot, Mum - Chloe DK

Oh for a swimming pool to languish in…. Vivid semi solid; turquoise, with lighter and darker shading, like the light and shadows on a swimming pool. Yikes, the photo is NOTHING like the yarn. I tried!!! It's an intense clear turquoise, so please go by my description.
Chloe DK - It Ain't Half Hot, Mum

It's a bird! It's a plane! - Sylvia Lace

It's Superyarn!! Vivid semi solid; azure, sapphire
Sylvia Lace - It's a bird! It's a plane!

Just A Beach Bum - Miranda Sock

With salt in my hair, and sand between my toes….Intense tonal variegated; azure, soft turquoise, hints of lilac, sky blue (this one didn't photograph well, I knew it wouldn't. sorry!)
Miranda Sock - Just A Beach Bum

Keep Your Promises - Sylvia Sock

Whatever the cost…. Delicate semi solid; mint, apple, silver, sage, pale lime, platinum
Sylvia Sock - Keep Your Promises

Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire - Betsy Sock

Did I really just call a colourway that? Cheerful semi solid; soft tangerine, coral, touches of dusky pink
Betsy Sock - Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire

Look Before You Leap - Sylvia Lace

But not too far, or you might never leap at all…. Gentle semi solid; azure, mint going into aqua, little hints of lilac, sky blue
Sylvia Lace - Look Before You Leap

Looking Everywhere - Elinor Sock

Haven't found him yet…. Complex tonal variegated; olive, khaki, copper, moss, sage, soft jade, amber
Elinor Sock - Looking Everywhere

Love Is Blind - Elinor Sock

Fortunately for some…. Subtle and complex variegated; darkest possible teal, going into forest green, navy, plum, dull blackcurrant, soot
Elinor Sock - Love Is Blind

Mad Hatters Tea Party - Miranda Sock

Take some more tea…. Gentle semi solid; deep rose, amber, plum, mauve, tan
Miranda Sock - Mad Hatters Tea Party

My Own Brand Of Cool - Elinor Sock

Apparently, I'm Super Cool. Just ask my niece…. Subtle variegated; plum, amber, lavender, grape, coffee, dusky pink
Elinor Sock - My Own Brand Of Cool

Never Smile At A Crocodile - Sylvia Lace

You can't get friendly with 'em, apparently…. Muted tonal variegated; tan, khaki going into stormy sea green, dull copper, forest green, taupe, silvery grape, bottle green
Sylvia Lace - Never Smile At A Crocodile

Not Just A Pretty Face - Amelie Cobweb

So, so much more…. Delicately shaded tonal variegated; silvery lavender, pale mauve, slate, dusky pink
Amelie Cobweb - Not Just A Pretty Face

Oh, To Be 25 Again - Miranda Lace

Well, not really. Oh to have a 25" waist again though! Complex variegated; leaf green, azure, lilac, sage, rose, sea green, denim, mint
Miranda Lace - Oh, To Be 25 Again

Pass The Champers - Miranda Lace

My glass is half empty…. Ghostly semi solid; palest possible shade of green, shading into limestone
Miranda Lace - Pass The Champers

Puttin' The F In Fierce - Sylvia Sock

Oh yeah, I'm bringin' it…. Vivid semi solid; deep warm violet, with subtle hints of purple and magenta
Sylvia Sock - Puttin' The F In Fierce

Reunited - Sylvia Sock

And it feels so good…. Subtle and complex variegated; denim, taupe, lavender, duck egg blue, beige, coffee, icy blue, and a few more subtle shades I can't pin down in words
Sylvia Sock - Reunited

Team Pink - Miranda Heavy Lace

You know who you are! Vivid semi solid; magenta, cerise, mauve, warm violet, lavender
Miranda Heavy Lace - Team Pink

Texture Like Sun - Amelie Cobweb

I apologise in advance for that ear worm…. Glowing semi solid; tan, soft copper, hints of sage
Amelie Cobweb - Texture Like Sun



Without A Paddle - Betsy Sock

Uh oh…. Gentle semi solid; slate, dove grey, silvery teal, dirty denim
Betsy Sock - Without A Paddle

You Get Extra Brownie Points For That - Martha Sock

Mmm, brownies…. Okay, I'm mixing metaphors, but still, mmm, brownies…. Gentle semi solid; chocolate, cocoa, more chocolate (and why not indeed)
Martha Sock - You Get Extra Brownie Points For That

You Have Enemies? - Martha Sock

Good. See Winston for details…. Intense subtle variegated; deep forest green, emerald, blackcurrant, navy, charcoal, plum
Martha Sock - You Have Enemies?