Photos for 14 Apr 2013

A Cautionary Tale - Rosalind Aran

Did you hear about the little girl who…. Semi solid: muted lilac, silvery lavender, grape, all quite subdued
Rosalind Aran - A Cautionary Tale

A New World - Sylvia Aran

Across the sea…. Subtly variegated: sage, silvery green, smoke grey, duck egg blue, fawn, olive, all with an amazing irridescence
Sylvia Aran - A New World

A Pirate's Life For Me - Elinor DK

Yo ho ho…. Intense variegated: scarlet, aubergine, saffron, moss, amber, mustard, olive, crimson, gold, forest green
Elinor DK - A Pirate's Life For Me

At Last - Daisy Sock

My lonely days are over…. Delicately variegated: lavender, icy blue, aqua, pale mauve
Daisy Sock - At Last

Badly Kept Secret - Martha Aran

Don't tell anyone, but…. Hard to define semi solid: a purplish brownish greyish something with a touch of plum - and that's the best I can do!
Martha Aran - Badly Kept Secret

Black Sheep - Miranda Lace

Every family has one…. Semi solid: darkest teal, black with a tiny hint of damson
Miranda Lace - Black Sheep

Blowsy Roses - Olivia Lace

The old fashioned ones that really smell of roses…. Softly variegated: rose, mauve, powder pink, fawn, lavender
Olivia Lace - Blowsy Roses

Born A Lady - Miranda Heavy Lace

And a classy one at that…. Semi solid: palest lavender, silver
Miranda Heavy Lace - Born A Lady

Button My Lip - Daisy Lace

Before I say something we both regret…. Brooding semi solid: dark slate, charcoal, navy, dark grape, murky teal
Daisy Lace - Button My Lip

Clouds Fly Tattered & Swift - Esme Sock

Be my love in the rain…. Softly variegated: slate, powder pink, dove grey, denim, sage
Esme Sock - Clouds Fly Tattered & Swift

Coniston Water - Daisy Sock

Let's charter a yacht…. Semi solid: sage, smoky silvery green, pale khaki
Daisy Sock - Coniston Water

Dawn At Covent Garden - Sylvia Lace

The scent of flowers in the air…. Semi solid: leaf greens, both warm and cool
Sylvia Lace - Dawn At Covent Garden

Don't Cross Me - Elinor DK

Or you'll regret it…. Brooding semi solid: aubergine, black, blackcurrant
Elinor DK - Don't Cross Me

Don't Eat The Daisies - Chloe Lace

Please, sings Doris…. Softly variegated: aqua, primrose, ivory, duck egg blue, icy blue, mint, silver
Chloe Lace - Don't Eat The Daisies

Don't Walk The Walk - Miranda Lace

If you can't talk the talk…. Semi solid: murky green, khaki, charcoal
Miranda Lace - Don't Walk The Walk

Dreams Of An Insomniac - Martha Sock

Awake? Or asleep?.... Deep semi solid: navy, hints of deep purple
Martha Sock - Dreams Of An Insomniac

Elegant To The Last - Daisy Lace

And soignee…. Semi solid: soft purple, navy, grape
Daisy Lace - Elegant To The Last

Fill Up The Glass - Jeannie Sock

A celebration is in order…. Semi solid: plum, murky grape, a little French navy
Jeannie Sock - Fill Up The Glass

Here Comes The Bride - Sylvia Sock

All dressed in…. Lavender?.... Semi solid: lavender, lilac, duck egg blue, silvery mauve
Sylvia Sock - Here Comes The Bride

I Am Too Bold - Elinor Sock

Tis not to me she speaks…. Intense semi solid: raspberry, damson, fuchsia, deep violet, crimson, magenta
Elinor Sock - I Am Too Bold

La Sylphide - Miranda Heavy Lace

She dances, en pointe…. Delicately variegated: duck egg blue, mint, pale lavender, aqua, silvery blue
Miranda Heavy Lace - La Sylphide

Lightening Strikes Twice - Olivia Lace

Once in a blue moon…. Semi solid: platinum, beige, greige, silver
Olivia Lace - Lightening Strikes Twice

Malice Intended - Miranda Lace

So look out…. Semi solid: damson, blackcurrant, black, grape
Miranda Lace - Malice Intended

Marilla's Redcurrant Wine - Martha Sock

Definitely not raspberry cordial…. Semi solid: maroon, dark burgundy, plum, tiny hints of chocolate and slate
Martha Sock - Marilla's Redcurrant Wine

Never Tell Them How The Trick Is Done - Daisy Lace

Otherwise it's not magic…. Semi solid: teal, slate, denim, a cool green
Daisy Lace - Never Tell Them How The Trick Is Done

Not All Sweetness & Light - Sylvia Aran

This kitten has claws…. Intense semi solid: plum, deep mauve, grape, all with a denimy blue irridescent sheen
Sylvia Aran - Not All Sweetness & Light

Olive Tree - Audrey Sock

Older than the hill on which it grows…. Semi solid: sage, greenish beige, silvery green
Audrey Sock - Olive Tree

Panacea - Olivia Sock

Yarn is the closest thing I know of!.... Variegated in a whisper: aqua, palest blush pink, platinum, pale apple
Olivia Sock - Panacea

Pursued By A Bear - Jeannie Sock

Exit left…. Semi solid: chocolate, cocoa, dark tan
Jeannie Sock - Pursued By A Bear

Red Hot Mamas - Sylvia Aran

The first, the last…. Solid: deep pillarbox red
Sylvia Aran - Red Hot Mamas

Red Lips For Morale - Juliet Sock

Speak softly and carry a lipstick…. Solid: bright scarlet, on the warmer side
Juliet Sock - Red Lips For Morale

Sounds Of The Ocean - Diana Heavy Lace

Press your ear to the shell…. Subtly variegated: mid blue, denim, slate, lavender, hints of green
Diana Heavy Lace - Sounds Of The Ocean

Talk With Your Eyes - Olivia Sock

I'm listening…. Semi solid: slatey blue, mid denim
Olivia Sock - Talk With Your Eyes

The Ballad Of Bilbo Baggins - Martha Sport

Worst earworm EVER…. Vibrant variegated: bright emerald, violet, fuchsia, jade, russet, forest green, plum, cerise, kingfisher blue
Martha Sport - The Ballad Of Bilbo Baggins

The Outlaws - Elinor Sock

Led by William…. Subtly variegated: deep emerald, teal, slate, grape, jade, sage (the green is more pronounced than the photo shows)
Elinor Sock - The Outlaws

The Rest Of Our Lives - Audrey Sock

And may they be long…. Palest variegated: lavender, mint, icy blue, silver, all very ghostly in shade
Audrey Sock - The Rest Of Our Lives

The Sweetest Smile - Daisy Sock

From the one you love…. Softly variegated: sky blue, apple, mauve, blush pink, icy blue, aqua
Daisy Sock - The Sweetest Smile

The Tallest Treehouse - Miranda Lace

Up among the birds…. Semi solid: khaki, forest green, charcoal, a tiny bit of plum
Miranda Lace - The Tallest Treehouse

Uncertain Glory Of An April Day - Martha Sport

The beauty of the sun, taken away by a cloud…. Softly variegated: leaf green, duck egg blue, olive, mint, azure, silver, smoke grey
Martha Sport - Uncertain Glory Of An April Day

Whisper It - Miranda Heavy Lace

From ear to ear…. Ghostly semi solid: silvery blue, palest lavender, robin's egg blue, silver
Miranda Heavy Lace - Whisper It

Words Or Actions? - Martha Sport

Well done is better than well said…. Subtly variegated: damson, milky coffee, dull teal, a grungey greenish charcoal, and other shades I can't name
Martha Sport - Words Or Actions?