Photos for 12 May 2013

A Happy Ending? - Daisy Sock

Semi solid; plum, dark raspberry, damson
Daisy Sock - A Happy Ending?

A Night Of Jazz - Gretchen Lace

Intense semi solid; deep violet, bright cobalt
Gretchen Lace - A Night Of Jazz

A Thousand Things - Martha Sport

Gently variegated; hyacinth blue, mauve, amethyst, soft violet, denim, dusky pink
Martha Sport - A Thousand Things

Batten Down The Hatches - Daisy Lace

Semi solid; pewter, charcoal, with the tiniest hint of green in them
Daisy Lace - Batten Down The Hatches

Bermuda - Audrey Sock

Vivid semi solid; turquoise, sapphire
Audrey Sock - Bermuda

Come In, The Water's Lovely - Gretchen Sock

Almost solid; bright light turquoise (darn it all, camera fail again, argh)
Gretchen Sock - Come In, The Water's Lovely

From Pole To Pole - Martha Sport

Soothing semi solid; sea green, sage, fawn, dull jade
Martha Sport - From Pole To Pole

Hear Me Sigh - Daisy Lace

Subtly variegated; slate, dull jade, smoky grape, stormy sea green, fawn, smoke grey
Daisy Lace - Hear Me Sigh

I Get No Kicks From Champagne - Hannah Sock

Gently variegated; grape, amber, slate, rose, lavender, mauve, apricot, icy blue, and some other shades I can't define
Hannah Sock - I Get No Kicks From Champagne

It's All About Me, Me, Me - Miranda Heavy Lace

Intense semi solid; deep mauve, shading into a very soft magenta
Miranda Heavy Lace - It's All About Me, Me, Me

Late Bloomer - Valerie Cobweb

Complex but subtle variegated; smoky grape, stonewashed denim, mauve, sea green, fawn, pale slate, sage, dove grey
Valerie Cobweb - Late Bloomer

Life Begins At 40 - Gretchen Sock

Soft semi solid; amethyst, dusky pink, silvery mauve, rose
Gretchen Sock - Life Begins At 40

My Arch Enemy - Valerie Cobweb

Brooding semi solid; damson, blackcurrant, maroon, aubergine, a little black
Valerie Cobweb - My Arch Enemy

My Heart Gave A Jump - Gretchen Lace

Semi solid; deep plum, damson, a little mauve
Gretchen Lace - My Heart Gave A Jump

Nothing But Blue Skies - Betsy Sock

Uplifting semi solid; swimming pool azure blue, shading into subtle turquoise
Betsy Sock - Nothing But Blue Skies

Nuts, Oh Hazelnuts - Daisy Sock

Semi solid; tan, amber
Daisy Sock - Nuts, Oh Hazelnuts

Rock The Boat - Betsy Sock

Brooding semi solid; navy, murky mauve, dark grape
Betsy Sock - Rock The Boat

Said The Spider To The Fly - Juliet Sock

Brooding semi solid; dark navy, deep cobalt, black
Juliet Sock - Said The Spider To The Fly

Salty Sea Dog - Audrey Lace

Tranquil semi solid; sea green, slatey blue, denim, with a wonderful chartreuse irridescence
Audrey Lace - Salty Sea Dog

Singing In The Rain - Valerie Cobweb

Subtle semi solid; soft sky blue, stonewashed denim, delicate hints of lavender
Valerie Cobweb - Singing In The Rain

Sweet Nothings - Gretchen Lace

Wonderfully complex variegated (I don't know where to start with this one!); rose, grape, sage, plum, violet, amber, khaki, and other hard to define shades, all with a rainbow of irridescence
Gretchen Lace - Sweet Nothings

Sweet Sorrow - Daisy Lace

Softly variegated; plum, sage, dusky rose, dirty mauve, khaki
Daisy Lace - Sweet Sorrow

That's Another Story - Martha Sport

Subtle semi solid; russet, maroon, terracotta, rust, a little hint of mauve & crimson
Martha Sport - That's Another Story

The Face That Launched A Thousand Ships - Gretchen Sock

Complex semi solid; plum, grape, damson, mauve, maroon, slate
Gretchen Sock - The Face That Launched A Thousand Ships

Turn Back The Years - Miranda Heavy Lace

Demure semi solid; pale lavender, icy blue, and the palest mauve
Miranda Heavy Lace - Turn Back The Years

Turn Your Face Up To The Sun - Audrey Lace

Cheerful semi solid; pale gold, peach, soft lemon, apricot
Audrey Lace - Turn Your Face Up To The Sun

Two Turtle Doves - Audrey Sock

Wonderfully subtle semi solid; it looks grey from a distance, but this is an optical illusion, when you look closely, its grape and soft mauve, shot with a bronzey green
Audrey Sock - Two Turtle Doves

Unhand Me, Sir! - Amelie Cobweb

Subtle semi solid; amethyst, mauve, grape, plum, hints of slate
Amelie Cobweb - Unhand Me, Sir!

We Were On A Break - Miranda Heavy Lace

Gentle semi solid; soft khaki, sage, fawn, dove grey, dusky pink, all quite subdued in tone
Miranda Heavy Lace - We Were On A Break

Yes, Miss - Betsy Sock

Brooding semi solid; navy, blackcurrant, darkest teal
Betsy Sock - Yes, Miss