Photos for 11 Aug 2013

Ah, Back In The Day - Miranda Heavy Lace

I could tell you a tale or two (go on then!)…. Soothing semi solid; silvery grape, stonewashed denim, dove grey, aqua, smoke grey
Miranda Heavy Lace - Ah, Back In The Day

All's Fair In Love & Yarn - Juliet Sock

Knitting needles at fifty paces…. This one isn't going to photograph well, I can tell that now, so please go by my description. Intense and vibrant almost solid; wonderfully deep teal going into kingfisher blue. Okay, I may as well hang up my hat, this is my biggest ever photo fail. I have tried, but I can't get even slightly close. You'll have to take this one on faith - and I promise you, you'll be amazed when you see it. It's similar to this nail polish, but more intense:
Juliet Sock - All's Fair In Love & Yarn

Annie Get Your Gun - Natasha Lace

I seem to have reverted to movie week…. Shimmering semi solid; bronze, amber, overlaid with a sage irridescence
Natasha Lace - Annie Get Your Gun

Awkward Is My Specialty - Marianne DK

I'm thinking of getting business cards with this printed on, under my name…. Soothing & complex tonal variegated; a warm rose base, with a deep purplish mauve over it, and hints of sand, peach, grape, apricot
Marianne DK - Awkward Is My Specialty

Bad Influence - Juliet Sock

You know who you are…. Brooding semi solid; looks black at first glance, but it's actually the darkest possible green, with subtle hints of black, navy and teal
Juliet Sock - Bad Influence

But Then Again, Too Few To Mention - Megan 150g Sock

I did what I had to do. I saw it through. Without exemption? Somebody was struggling for a rhyme there…. Deeply saturated tonal variegated; chocolate, copper, bronze, sage, khaki, amber, forest green
Megan 150g Sock - But Then Again, Too Few To Mention

Chance Would Be A Fine Thing - Elinor Sport

It occurs to me that this week's descriptions seem be turning into cryptic crossword clues…. Vivid tonal variegated; emerald, grass green, kelly green, jade, bottle green
Elinor Sport - Chance Would Be A Fine Thing

Cheeky Chappy - Megan 150g Sock

I have a pet one of these in the house. And I'm not talking budgerigar…. The perfect sock yarn for Posh chaps, and in a large skein for large feet! Tonal variegated; khaki, forest green, cocoa, a little plummy brown
Megan 150g Sock - Cheeky Chappy

Cruella Was Misunderstood - Sadie Lace

Okay, she wasn't. But isn't that a fabulous name for a colourway?! Intensely saturated tonal variegated; darkest forest green, a purplish dark brown, black, charcoal
Sadie Lace - Cruella Was Misunderstood

Definitely A Cat Person - Chloe DK

Especially Grumpy Cat. I love Grumpy Cat…. Delicate but complex semi solid; coffee, silvery sage, soft tan, and the silver sparkles have picked up a coppery tinge, which is really quite lovely
Chloe DK - Definitely A Cat Person

Enough With The Blonde Jokes - Gretchen 150g Sock

Actually, I think I'm woefully out of date here…. Cheerful variegated; apricot, rose, slate, peach, fawn, pale puce, denim, gold
Gretchen 150g Sock - Enough With The Blonde Jokes

Give Momma Some Sugar - Hannah Sock

Can I pull that off? Probably not, along with, 'You go, girl'…. Gentle tonal variegated; rose, fawn, powder pink, smoky mauve, deep cream, more soft pinks (why did I give this a name like that, when it's such a gentle refined colourway? Who knows….)
Hannah Sock - Give Momma Some Sugar

Go Live Your Magnificent Life - Chloe DK

It's not magnificent? Make it so! Vivid, vibrant, happy happy tonal variegated; violet, bright warm purple, and every shade around those two colours (I can't pin them down into words!)
Chloe DK - Go Live Your Magnificent Life

Has Anyone Seen My Will To Live? - Sadie Lace

I know I had it around here somewhere…. Dark and sinister semi solid; sooty black, with hints of darkest green, darkest teal, and an elusive dark brown
Sadie Lace - Has Anyone Seen My Will To Live?

I Don't Do Karaoke - Miranda Heavy Lace

No, not even if you give me tequila. Just no…. Cheerful semi solid; soft orange with some deeper tangerine shading
Miranda Heavy Lace - I Don't Do Karaoke

I'm Two Steps Ahead Of You - Martha Sport

Make it three, actually…. Deeply saturated semi solid; bronze going into golden moss, amber going into copper
Martha Sport - I'm Two Steps Ahead Of You

In Love With A Frog - Gretchen 150g Sock

Kermie? Or a prince in disguise…. Vivid tonal variegated (now there's a tongue twister); emerald, jade, lime, forest green, grass green, khaki, chartreuse, green, green, green
Gretchen 150g Sock - In Love With A Frog

More Questions Than Answers - Miranda Heavy Lace

And that, my friend, is life in a nutshell…. Dreamy tonal variegated; aqua, mint, soft slate, silvery blue, silvery green
Miranda Heavy Lace - More Questions Than Answers

No One Looks Good In A Passport Photo - Elinor Sport

Well, do they? I look like a monster in mine. It offends me tremendously when they DON'T stop me at passport control to question my identity…. Intense semi solid; plum, raspberry, soft magenta, rose, sand, damson
Elinor Sport - No One Looks Good In A Passport Photo

Prettier As Norma Jean - Gretchen 150g Sock

Don't you agree? So pretty, so innocent, so hopeful…. Gently variegated; lavender, mauve, chocolate, sky blue, bronze, coffee, blush pink, aqua, mint
Gretchen 150g Sock - Prettier As Norma Jean

Say, What's The Big Idea? - Madeleine Lace

Said in my best Bronx prohibition-era twang…. Deeply saturated semi solid; plum, raspberry, blackcurrant, cherry, ooh, I'm hungry now
Madeleine Lace - Say, What's The Big Idea?

Shh, I'm Thinking - Hannah Sock

Shhhhhh…. Incredibly complex variegated (deep breath, Dee); sage, slate, lavender, smoke grey, amethyst, khaki, pale puce, icy blue, coffee, and I don't think I can put names to the rest, you'll have to see it for yourself
Hannah Sock - Shh, I'm Thinking

The Moment Between Today & Tomorrow - Marianne DK

I'm running out of steam now. I can't think of anything to say about this name, instead I just want to tell you how much I hate drinking out of thick cups. I'd better move on to the fabulous colours…. Incredibly complex and subtly blended variegated; lemon, lavender, apricot, rose, gold, mint, grape, sage, primrose, and quite a lot more that I can't pin down
Marianne DK - The Moment Between Today & Tomorrow

Where Are My Smelling Salts? - Gretchen Lace

I fear I am about to swoon…. Subtle semi solid; grape, amethyst, mauve, plum, rose, all beautifully blended
Gretchen Lace - Where Are My Smelling Salts?

Who Clicked Funny? - Elinor Sport

Own up! Intense but soft semi solid; deep sweet pea shades of mauve and soft purple, a little cerise, lavender
Elinor Sport - Who Clicked Funny?

Wol's House - Megan 150g Sock

If you don't know what this means, then we can't be friends…. Subtle and complex tonal variegated; forest green, emerald, bronze, plum, moss, chocolate, copper, cocoa
Megan 150g Sock - Wol's House

Yes, My Jeans Are Ripped On Purpose - Madeleine Lace

Never you mind how much I paid for them…. Cool tonal variegated; dark denim, duck egg blue, lavender, silvery purple, sky blue
Madeleine Lace - Yes, My Jeans Are Ripped On Purpose

You Have No New Messages - Sadie Sock

Sob. Nobody loves me…. Subtle and delicate tonal variegated; silver, smoke grey, little whispers of sage, dove grey with a hint of lavender
Sadie Sock - You Have No New Messages

You Know How To Whistle, Don't You? - Gretchen Lace

You just put your lips together…. Intense but gentle on the eyes almost solid; raspberry verging on cerise, with some deeper raspberry shading
Gretchen Lace - You Know How To Whistle, Don't You?