Photos for 07 Apr 2013

Apple Blossom Time - Natasha Sock

One day in May …. Semi solid; leaf green, mint, apple, little hints of biscuit and jade
Natasha Sock - Apple Blossom Time

April Weather - Sylvia Lace

All seasons in one day…. Variegated; leaf green, jade, mint, apple, sage, silvery green
Sylvia Lace - April Weather

A Riddle - Diana Heavy Lace

Why IS a raven like a writing desk? Vibrant semi solid; violet, raspberry, mauve, magenta, lavender
Diana Heavy Lace - A Riddle

Bath Miss - Sylvia Sock

A demure young lady with a twinkle in her eye…. Ghostly semi solid; palest peach, silver, platinum, stone
Sylvia Sock - Bath Miss

Dig For Victory - Valerie Cobweb

Be a Land Girl …. Softly variegated; olive, sage, coffee, leaf green, khaki, pale tan
Valerie Cobweb - Dig For Victory

Encore! Encore! - Valerie Cobweb

Take your bow, the crowd love you…. Subtly variegated; plum, khaki, rose, grape, olive, dove grey, amber, amethyst, and many other shades too subtle to name!
Valerie Cobweb - Encore! Encore!

Family Feud - Gretchen Heavy Lace

Who's side are you on…. Subtle semi solid; blackcurrant, damson, aubergine, raspberry, chocolate (now there's a recipe!)
Gretchen Heavy Lace - Family Feud

Frenemies - Jeannie Sock

The very best of…. Intense semi solid; blackcurrant, damson
Jeannie Sock - Frenemies

Gone Poaching - Erin Sock

Hoping to bag a pheasant or two…. Intense semi solid; copper, with little hints of cocoa
Erin Sock - Gone Poaching

How Cold My Toes - Elinor Chunky

Nobody knows…. Semi solid; denim, slate, airforce blue
Elinor Chunky - How Cold My Toes

Hundred Year Sleep - Valerie Cobweb

While the thorns grew around her…. Subtly variegated; moody deep green, charcoal, khaki, moss, black
Valerie Cobweb - Hundred Year Sleep

Huntin', Shootin', Fishin' - Gretchen Heavy Lace

For country gents…. Subtly variegated; copper, olive, forest green, amber, rust, moss
Gretchen Heavy Lace - Huntin', Shootin', Fishin'

I Fought The Law - Gretchen Heavy Lace

And you know who won. Subtly variegated; deep purple, plum, cobalt, violet, mauve, grape, lavender
Gretchen Heavy Lace - I Fought The Law

Isle Of Skye - Elinor DK

Soft semi solid; shades of mid green, silvery sage, sky blue, stonewashed denim
Elinor DK - Isle Of Skye

Live Up To My Reputation - Gretchen Lace

Infamy, infamy. Intense semi solid; raspberry, deep magenta
Gretchen Lace - Live Up To My Reputation

Locked Room Mystery - Elinor Aran

Who did it, and how, and why? Incredibly subtle variegated; aubergine, forest green, blackcurrant, terracotta, French navy, copper, and flashes of other shades that elude me
Elinor Aran - Locked Room Mystery

Lonely As A Cloud - Sylvia Sock

That floats on high…. Soothing semi solid; duck egg blue, aqua, palest turquoise, sky blue, all very subtle in shading
Sylvia Sock - Lonely As A Cloud

Mizzle - Elinor DK

It'll soak you to the skin in about five minutes…. Brooding semi solid; slate, faded airforce blue, dove grey
Elinor DK - Mizzle

My Lady's Chamber - Sylvia Lace

She's powdered and patched…. Delicate semi solid; silver, beige, platinum, greige, stone, tiny hints of the palest green and lavender
Sylvia Lace - My Lady's Chamber

My Thistle - Hannah Sock

Please don't sit on it…. Softly variegated; moss, slate, dull tan, smoke grey, bronze, khaki, milk chocolate, olive
Hannah Sock - My Thistle

On The House - Hannah Sock

Free, gratis, and for nothing…. Gently variegated; plum, amber, khaki, copper, blackcurrant, grape, bronze, raspberry
Hannah Sock - On The House

On The Spree - Elinor Chunky

Kicking up our heels…. Incredibly subtle variegated; deep crimson, currant, dove grey, bronze, maroon, amber, and hints of other shades that I can't put names to
Elinor Chunky - On The Spree

On Tippy Toes - Natasha Sock

She dances, light as thistledown…. Delicate semi solid; powder pink, pale olive, rose, silvery mauve, fawn, palest peach
Natasha Sock - On Tippy Toes

Prosper - Natasha Lace

And live long…. Gently variegated; leaf green, sage, pale jade, olive, pale coffee, mint, a little hint of amethyst
Natasha Lace - Prosper

Quietly Spoken - Diana Heavy Lace

But don't underestimate me…. Incredibly subtle & delicate semi solid; palest shades of biscuit, powder pink, sage, peach
Diana Heavy Lace - Quietly Spoken

Sail Around The World - Miranda Sock

Put that on the bucket list…. Semi solid; soft turquoise, duck egg blue
Miranda Sock - Sail Around The World

Seventh Heaven - Natasha Lace

Way above the sky…. Subtle semi solid; sapphire, French navy, deep cobalt, airforce blue
Natasha Lace - Seventh Heaven

Storm On The Lake - Diana Heavy Lace

Head for the shore, quick, quick…. Semi solid; pale jade, azure, dull turquoise
Diana Heavy Lace - Storm On The Lake

Stranger Than Fiction - Gretchen Lace

Truth really is sometimes…. Subtly variegated; grape, plum, amethyst, deep rose, camel
Gretchen Lace - Stranger Than Fiction

This Is Your Moment - Erin Sock

Grab it with both hands…. Solid perfect crimson red, if anything, slightly on the warm side of the scale
Erin Sock - This Is Your Moment

To Coin A Phrase - Erin Sock

Why coin? I don't know…. Subtle semi solid; damson with a hint of chocolate, puce, and some other shades between purple & brown that I'm struggling to name
Erin Sock - To Coin A Phrase

Twilight Meeting - Natasha Lace

Fifteen minutes after sundown…. Subtle semi solid; slate, airforce blue, dull teal, all with a shimmering grape-ish overcast
Natasha Lace - Twilight Meeting

Two Dimples - Miranda Sock

One in each cheek…. Delicate semi solid; palest lavender, icy blue, white
Miranda Sock - Two Dimples

What's The Question? - Sylvia Sock

Because the answer is 42…. Brooding semi solid; airforce blue, dull teal, grape, slate
Sylvia Sock - What's The Question?

Your Right To Party - Gretchen Heavy Lace

Or should I say, partAY…. Almost solid; intense fuchsia with just a little deeper shading
Gretchen Heavy Lace - Your Right To Party