Photos for 04 Aug 2013

Awfully Glad I Met You - Miranda Sock

Cheerio and toodle-oo…. Good enough to eat semi solid; chocolate, coffee, chocolate, cocoa, chocolate!
Miranda Sock - Awfully Glad I Met You

Burning Up The Dance Floor - Elinor Sock

Get up! Get on down…. Complex tonal variegated; damson, blackcurrant, burgundy, maroon, a little dark navy, plum
Elinor Sock - Burning Up The Dance Floor

Coney Island - Sylvia Lace

I hear the beach there's divine…. Vivid semi solid; azure, sapphire, hyacinth blue
Sylvia Lace - Coney Island

Don't Give Me That Jive - Olivia Sock

No, no, no…. Well, yes, yes, yes, actually, because this one's amazing, an incredibly vibrant semi solid; purple, violet, warmer purple
Olivia Sock - Don't Give Me That Jive

Don't Go Nowhere - Martha Sport

What do I care? (nor do I care about the double negative) Brooding tonal variegated, which is going to be tough to describe; dusky pink with a hint of apricot, dirty forest green, darkest murky teal, khaki, charcoal, smoky grape, all so clevery blended that it creates several new shades that I don't think have names!
Martha Sport - Don't Go Nowhere

Easy To Remember - Olivia Lace

Hard to forget…. This is going to be another Grabby Hands, I can feel it! Intense tonal variegated; deep teal going into kingfisher blue, amethyst, silvery mauve
Olivia Lace - Easy To Remember

Ermine & Pearls - Sylvia Sock

Paid for out of your hatful of gold, perhaps? Delicate semi solid; silver overlaid with a smoky pale sage green, then more silver, this time with a tiny hint of lavender
Sylvia Sock - Ermine & Pearls

For You I Sigh - Esme Sock

For you, dear, only…. Intense but soothing semi solid; deep teal, airforce blue, petrol blue, plummy mauve, all subtly blended (this one wouldn't play nice either, so trust my description)
Esme Sock - For You I Sigh



Going For Broke - Elinor Sock

Might as well, mightn't you? Vibrant semi solid; kingfisher blue, airforce blue, teal going into jade, hints of slate and grape (bit of an epic photo fail on this one - it just wouldn't cooperate. please go by my description, and you won't be disappointed)
Elinor Sock - Going For Broke

Hatful Of Gold - Sylvia Sock

Ah, but is it fool's gold…. My favourite of the week, because Tony doesn't do this often. An incredibly intense semi solid; bright acid yellow going into chartreuse, golden mossy green, bright lemon, bronze, all subtly blended
Sylvia Sock - Hatful Of Gold

I Know For Certain - Daisy Lace

The one I love…. Gentle tonal variegated; silver, slate, rose, smoky mauve, dove grey, a hint of greyish green
Daisy Lace - I Know For Certain

In Full Swing - Sylvia DK

Swing, sister, swing! A heavenly over dyed tonal variegated; navy, plum, deep grape, black, slate, aubergine
Sylvia DK - In Full Swing

Lost In The Clouds - Sylvia Lace

Not a bad place to be…. Dreamy semi solid; silver, platinum
Sylvia Lace - Lost In The Clouds

Love On My Mind - Miranda Lace

It seems to be the common theme today! Intense semi solid; raspberry, deep crimson, deepest rose
Miranda Lace - Love On My Mind

Modern Mermaids - Natasha Sock

The world's first synchronised swimming team, complete with sequins and flowery caps! Vivid tonal variegated; turquoise going into teal, silvery blue, mint, kingfisher blue, sage, tiny hints of shell pink and silvery mauve
Natasha Sock - Modern Mermaids

My Favourite Person - Daisy Sock

In the whole wide world…. Warming tonal variegated; tan, soft copper, dusky pink, soft brownish green, coffee, amber
Daisy Sock - My Favourite Person

My Favourite Work Of Art - Olivia Sock

Can you tell what my playlist was when naming this week's yarn?! Gentle tonal variegated; apricot, dusky rose, soft peach, silvery shell pink, a little soft mauve
Olivia Sock - My Favourite Work Of Art

My Heart Is Sentimental - Daisy Lace

So please be gentle with it…. Soft semi solid; mauve, dusky pink, smoky amethyst
Daisy Lace - My Heart Is Sentimental

On A Fool's Errand - Gretchen Heavy Lace

Not if I can help it, thankyouverymuch…. Subtle & complex tonal variegated; khaki, stormy sea green, copper, moss, sage, tan, jade
Gretchen Heavy Lace - On A Fool's Errand

Social Butterfly - Natasha Lace

Not a description anyone would ever use of me, but never mind that! Vivid semi solid; sapphire, hyacinth blue, azure, mauve, with more pinkish mauve shimmering through the other colours
Natasha Lace - Social Butterfly

Start A Revolution - Esme Sock

Start small, but think big! Subtle semi solid; dark grape, silvery mauve, dusky plummy purple (can't quite put a name to this shade)
Esme Sock - Start A Revolution

Take Me Back To St. Tropez - Natasha Sock

One day, one day…. Jewel bright semi solid; sapphire, azure, subtle hints of teal
Natasha Sock - Take Me Back To St. Tropez

Two Peas In A Pod - Miranda Lace

I'm pretty sure I've used this name before, but really, what else could you call something so fabulously GREEN?! Vibrant almost solid; bright pea green, with some golden mossy hints
Miranda Lace - Two Peas In A Pod

What A Debut! - Sylvia DK

Well, since this is the last one, it should really be, What An Ending, shouldn't it? Oh well…. Complex and irridescent tonal variegated (and a fabulous one to finish on!); grape, amethyst, slate, plum, airforce blue, dove grey, mauve, rose
Sylvia DK - What A Debut!

When The Weekend's Over - Sadie Lace

And Monday looms…. Gloomy semi solid; dark navy, charcoal, faded black, all softened by the silvery tencel
Sadie Lace - When The Weekend's Over

Where We Started Out - Natasha Lace

A long, long time ago…. Intensely saturated semi solid; deep mossy green, darkest khaki, tan, subtle coppery irridescence in parts
Natasha Lace - Where We Started Out

World At My Fingertips - Miranda Sock

And what a world, what a grand old world…. Saturated but still soft semi solid; deep jade going into bright teal, little hints of emerald and mid blue
Miranda Sock - World At My Fingertips

Write Your Own Ending - Olivia Lace

Amen to that! Intense but gentle semi solid; khaki, moss, warm sage going into an almost copper shade, forest green
Olivia Lace - Write Your Own Ending