Photos for 02 Jun 2013

Always Ten Minutes Early - Eliza Sock

Better than ten minutes late. Gently variegated; cool leaf green, slate, dirty denim, mid green
Eliza Sock - Always Ten Minutes Early

Bare Toes On Grass - Madeleine Lace

The sign that summer has arrived (still wishful thinking here in Wales!). Gently variegated; leaf green, coffee, soft lime, sky blue, sage, khaki
Madeleine Lace - Bare Toes On Grass

Birds On The Wire - Sylvia Lace

A phenomenal colourway, one of Tony's how-does-he-do-it kind; slate and deep teal, overlaid with a shimmering plum, with extra plumminess in parts
Sylvia Lace - Birds On The Wire

Bitter Sweet Memories - Elinor Sock

More sweet than bitter, I'm thankful to say. A subtle semi solid; denim blue, slate, smoky mauve, lavender, grape
Elinor Sock - Bitter Sweet Memories

Caling Planet Earth - Daisy Lace

Hello, hello? Complex & subtle variegated; dark grape, denim blue, moss, forest green, dirty teal, tan, dark purple
Daisy Lace - Caling Planet Earth

Dust Yourself Off - Miranda Heavy Lace

Pick yourself up, start all over again. Even if you don't want to. Warming gently variegated; dusky pink, rose, sage, fawn, sand
Miranda Heavy Lace - Dust Yourself Off

Everybody Needs Somebody - Madeleine Lace

Don't they? Delicate and ghostly variegated; platinum, palest pink, silver, smoke grey, hints of the palest green and lavender you can imagine
Madeleine Lace - Everybody Needs Somebody

First, Catch Your Peacock - Amelie Cobweb

The best first line in any recipe every written. A heavenly, deeply saturated semi solid; sapphire with touches of teal and a hyacinth blue (more pronounced than the photo shows)
Amelie Cobweb - First, Catch Your Peacock

Five Seconds Of Fame - Chloe Lace

Oh so pretty, gently variegated; lavender, sky blue, lilac, pale mauve, stonewashed denim
Chloe Lace - Five Seconds Of Fame

Fro-Yo In SoHo - Daisy Sock

Delicately tinted and subtle variegated; cream, palest apple green, blush pink, ivory
Daisy Sock - Fro-Yo In SoHo

Gentleman Caller - Amelie Cobweb

Only one, mind you. Intense and subtle semi solid; teal, dark sapphire, emerald, forest green
Amelie Cobweb - Gentleman Caller

June Honeymoon - Betsy Sock

And we will spoon. No, wait, I'm talking the old-fashioned kind of spooning. I think I'll stop here! Very subtly variegated; pale lime, mint, palest blush pink, silvery blue, leaf green
Betsy Sock - June Honeymoon

Last Day Of School - Elinor Aran

This name belongs to a more cheerful colourway, really, but let's think of casting that old school uniform aside and shouting, summertime!!! Brooding semi solid; darkest navy, with hints of black and very dark green and the tiniest smidge of a very dark purple, but all so subtle
Elinor Aran - Last Day Of School

Left, Right, Left, Right - Diana Cobweb

Atten-SHUN! A subtle semi solid; dark khaki, grungey deep green, dark olive, moss, and a purplish brown,
Diana Cobweb - Left, Right, Left, Right

Let's Pretend Awhile - Elinor Sport

Sometimes that's the only thing to do. Softly variegated; silver, pale gold, silvery sage, mid grey, and some shades between grey and yellow that elude words
Elinor Sport - Let's Pretend Awhile

Listen To The Birds, Look At The Trees - Elinor Aran

I see sunlight shining through a canopy of leaves…. Spirit lifting intense semi solid; chartreuse, bronze, mustard, all very subtly blended
Elinor Aran - Listen To The Birds, Look At The Trees

Love, Love, Love - Daisy Lace

I can personally attest to this being very fetching when wound into a ball! Intense semi solid; raspberry, grape, plum, and about as delicious as that fruity combo would be!
Daisy Lace - Love, Love, Love

Make The Band Play One More Song - Sylvia DK

Completely fabulous subtle and complex variegated; sapphire, mauve, grape, leaf green, cobalt, rose, smoky mauve, slate
Sylvia DK - Make The Band Play One More Song

Monsoon Season - Sylvia Lace

This just cries out to be beaded with something irridescent. Vibrant semi solid; bright jade/turquoise, with a little softer sea green for contrast
Sylvia Lace - Monsoon Season

Peace Like A River - Amelie Cobweb

Just gazing at this makes me feel better. Soothing semi solid; soft silvery aqua, muted duck egg blue
Amelie Cobweb - Peace Like A River

Put On Your Party Face - Sylvia Sock

A rather heavenly little number, a subtle semi solid; grape, soft greyish purplish blue (if you can think of a name for that shade, do tell me), mauve
Sylvia Sock - Put On Your Party Face

Something Nasty In The Woodshed - Daisy Sock

Very complex subtly variegated; darkest teal going into navym amber, khaki, mid brown, moss, terracotta, darkest possible navy
Daisy Sock - Something Nasty In The Woodshed

Sunlight On The Med - Sylvia Sock

Oh, I want to go back to the Riviera. Intense semi solid; teal, petrol blue (ridiculous, petrol isn't that colour, but you know the shade I mean), dark slate
Sylvia Sock - Sunlight On The Med

Take The Skiff Out - Diana Cobweb

Don't drop the oars! Soothing semi solid; azure, mint, duck egg blue with a hint of slate, smoky turquoise
Diana Cobweb - Take The Skiff Out

The Day Every Girl Dreams Of - Sylvia DK

Somebody call the split infinitive police! Soft and pretty variegated; mint, bleached denim, palest blush pink, apple green, ivory, aqua
Sylvia DK - The Day Every Girl Dreams Of

The Silly Season - Eliza Sock

One of Tony's special complexly (is that a word?) constructed variegated colourways; plum, russet, mauve, bronze, terracotta, moss, raspberry, grape, mint, chartreuse, amethyst, and I could probably go on….
Eliza Sock - The Silly Season

30 Degrees In The Shade - Elinor Sock

Ha, we wish! This is the closest we'll get: a warming semi solid; copper, russet, terracotta, amber, all very subtly blended
Elinor Sock - 30 Degrees In The Shade

Time For Tiffin - Betsy Sock

Quai hai! Soothing semi solid; mint, pale apple green, sage, a little leaf green
Betsy Sock - Time For Tiffin

Too Cute For Your Own Good - Elinor Sport

I just have to hug you. Delicate slightly variegated; dusky pink, silver, pale rose, platinum with a hint of green, pale mauve
Elinor Sport - Too Cute For Your Own Good

Voyage Of Discovery - Miranda Heavy Lace

With every stitch. A fabulous semi solid (or very subtle variegated), which blends beautifully when wound into a ball (ask me how I know); peacock blue, jade, sapphire, hyacinth blue, teal
Miranda Heavy Lace - Voyage Of Discovery

Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf? - Chloe Lace

Well, I am, for one. Subtle semi solid; olive, khaki, greyish green, with shimmering overtones of stormy sea green
Chloe Lace - Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf?