Photos for 01 Sep 2013

A Passionate Debate About Nuts - Esme Sock

In brownies. I'm for, she's against. Who's right? Well, me, obviously. Warming tonal variegated; terracotta, soft brown, murky grape
Esme Sock - A Passionate Debate About Nuts

Back To The School Run Again - Natasha Sock

Around the world, a collective groan .... Very complex and subtle tonal variegated; sage, fawn, silvery aqua, lavender, rose, silvery blue, grape, slate, all with a soft iridscence
Natasha Sock - Back To The School Run Again

Curly Hair & Freckles - Natasha Lace

The two things I most want. And dimples. I didn't even get one out of three! Intense and brooding semi solid (and incidentally, my favourite of the week, although I probably won't use it for the cover shot, because it's so dark, but I might, we'll see. More coffee? Don't mind if I do!); plummy chocolate overshot and blended with a deep purplish navy
Natasha Lace - Curly Hair & Freckles

Did They Ever Find Waldo? - Pamela Sock

Are they still looking? Vibrant but soft semi solid; crimson, soft scarlet, gold sparkle. This feels a little over processed (although it's not), not as soft as usual, so I've reduced the price down to £11.
Pamela Sock - Did They Ever Find Waldo?

Does Anyone Still Say LOL? - Miranda Cobweb

Well, I do. I don't care if it's deeply uncool. Sometimes only LOL will cut it! Unapologetically bright semi solid; brightest violet, lilac, overshot with iridescent magenta
Miranda Cobweb - Does Anyone Still Say LOL?

Do You Even Have To Ask? - Olivia Sock

Surely you know the answer already .... Vivid almost solid; pale jade, with some lighter minty highlights
Olivia Sock - Do You Even Have To Ask?

Effective Exit - Gretchen Sock

Even more important than a good entrance, as every thespian knows .... Dramatic semi solid; deep bottle green, black, emerald, navy, teal, all very subtly blended
Gretchen Sock - Effective Exit

How You Doin'? - Diana Cobweb

Said in my best Joey voice ... . A soft but intense semi solid; deepest rose going into crimson, a warm deep pink with hints of apricot, some plummy mauve, all very subtle and hard to describe
Diana Cobweb - How You Doin'?

I Can Be Strong Too - Miranda Heavy Lace

You know what Eleanor Roosevelt said. Women are like tea bags, you never know how strong they are until they get in hot water ... . Very subtle tonal variegated; deep turquoise verging on teal, airforce blue, dove grey going into a greyish mauve, hints of black (nicer than the photo shows)
Miranda Heavy Lace - I Can Be Strong Too

I'll Have A Glass Of The Red - Elinor Sport

Make it a large one. I'm sensing a theme here today .... Brooding tonal variegated; black, maroon, navy, damson, burgundy, aubergine
Elinor Sport - I'll Have A Glass Of The Red

I'm A Low Maintenance Kinda Gal - Gretchen Lace

Well ...... mostly. Why are you laughing, Tony? Elegant tonal variegated; dove grey going into silvery mauve, palest mint, fawn going into peach, platinum, stone, aqua
Gretchen Lace - I'm A Low Maintenance Kinda Gal

I Never Was A Teenager - Diana Cobweb

I wasn't! I skipped right from about age ten to age thirty, in one go ... . Delicately variegated; apricot, sage, warm rose, fawn going into sand, soft coral, khaki, pale bronze
Diana Cobweb - I Never Was A Teenager

I Want The World To Know - Natasha Sock

I'm going to shout this one from the nearest roof top .... Intense and complex tonal variegated; navy, khaki, teal, olive, dark grape, sage, deepest purple, denim
Natasha Sock - I Want The World To Know

I Want To Get Back To My Dream - Olivia Lace

For once, it was a good one. Serene semi solid; silvery sage, steel, lavender, mint, stonewashed denim, sea green
Olivia Lace - I Want To Get Back To My Dream

Keep 'Em On Their Toes - Esme Sock

Always keep them guessing .... Jubilant gently variegated; crimson, amber, plum, russet, burgundy, sage, rose, damson, raspberry, and I'm probably missing some more, there's a lot going on in this blend of colours
Esme Sock - Keep 'Em On Their Toes

Not Firing On All Cylinders Today - Daisy Lace

Give me another coffee. Brooding semi solid; charcoal and blackish navy, overshot with forest green
Daisy Lace - Not Firing On All Cylinders Today

One Coffee Too Many - Diana Heavy Lace

Oops, maybe that was a mistake! Intense semi solid; chocolate, earthy brown, dark copper, dull bronze, little plummy hints
Diana Heavy Lace - One Coffee Too Many

Queen For The Day - Erin Sock

Now where would you start? I'd pass a law banning fun fur yarn .... Intense semi solid; warm purple, deep plum, violet, damson
Erin Sock - Queen For The Day

Soar Like The Eagles - Miranda Heavy Lace

This name feels like it should be on a motivational poster. But I like it all the same. Look at this lofty colourway! Subtle semi solid; slate, stormy sea green, denim, sage going into khaki
Miranda Heavy Lace - Soar Like The Eagles

Sometimes Only Champagne Will Do - Olivia Sock

None of your sparkling champagne-wannabe wine, the real deal, please .... Subtle semi solid; fawn, ashy pink, smoke grey, tiny hints of olive and bronze
Olivia Sock - Sometimes Only Champagne Will Do

Sometimes Yes, Sometimes No - Miranda Cobweb

Which will it be today? No, I think. The Lady has spoken. Intense semi solid; deepest teal going into bottle green, peacock blue, a sort of blueish greenish tealish black
Miranda Cobweb - Sometimes Yes, Sometimes No

Stamp Your Feet, Clap Your Hands - Elinor Sock

Hurrah, hurray! Subtle and complex variegated; damson, murky teal, charcoal with a hint of grape, deep green, blackcurrant, and some other shades I can't put into words. There is significant variation within thise dye lot, some skeins have a brighter green than others. We will always do our best to match up skeins when selecting them for you.
Elinor Sock - Stamp Your Feet, Clap Your Hands

Tell Me Something I Don't Know - Gretchen Lace

Go on, surprise me. Soothing semi solid; slate, denim, soft jade, sea green, airforce blue
Gretchen Lace - Tell Me Something I Don't Know

That Don't Impress Me Much - Pamela Sock

This week's painful ear worm. It wouldn't be an update without one, would it?! Joyous variegated; wow, where do I start? Damson, olive, terracotta, forest green, bronze, purple, plum, teal going into airforce blue, bottle green, raspberry, and much, much more. Oh, and gold sparkle!
Pamela Sock - That Don't Impress Me Much

The Reason We Agree - Marianne DK

I'm crazy 'bout my baby, and my baby's crazy 'bout me .... A variegated that makes me very happy for some reason; violet, moss, deep purple, dull emerald, sapphire with a hint of hyacinth blue, airforce blue, forest green
Marianne DK - The Reason We Agree

The Toast Of New York - Gretchen Heavy Lace

Big noise in the Big city .... Intense and subtle semi solid; navy overshot with grape, forest green, teal, blackcurrant
Gretchen Heavy Lace - The Toast Of New York

Tony Rules O.K. - Gretchen Sock

Would you just look at the artistry behind this blending of colours? What a talent .... Incredibly subtle tonal variegated; damson, dark grape, plum, cool purple going into navy, little hints of chocolate, amethyst, and other subtle shades that I can't put into words
Gretchen Sock - Tony Rules O.K.

What Do You Doodle? - Marianne DK

I love that word. Doodle, doodle, doodle. I defy you say that three times out loud, as fast as you can, and not want to laugh .... Subtle semi solid; slate, dirty denim, steel, sapphire, smoke
Marianne DK - What Do You Doodle?

When I Grow Up, I Want To Be ... - Natasha Lace

An artist. A writer. A wise old woman. Do I really have to pick one? Warm tonal variegated; plummy rose, a reddish amber, silvery mauve, amethyst, warm pink
Natasha Lace - When I Grow Up, I Want To Be ...

Where In The World Are You Now? - Erin Sock

And what are you doing? And do you miss me? Subtle semi solid; deep warm green, bronze, moss, olive
Erin Sock - Where In The World Are You Now?

Who Has Eyes Like Forgetmenots? - Olivia Lace

Outside of a romance novel, I mean? Vibrant almost solid, well, solid really, with just the natural variation of shading that hand dyed yarn has. Bright azure blue
Olivia Lace - Who Has Eyes Like Forgetmenots?

You Know Too Many Of My Secrets - Pamela Sock

I think we'd better stay friends .... A heavenly over dyed colourway, so very dark and complex; blackcurrant, faded black, damson, and very subtle sparkles that were silver, but have picked up the plummy tones in the dye
Pamela Sock - You Know Too Many Of My Secrets

Your Finest Hour - Elinor Sock

I shall never forget it .... A complex and subtly blended tonal variegated; sapphire going into navy, lavender, dove grey, grape, and some other shades too subtle for words
Elinor Sock - Your Finest Hour