Photos for 01 Feb 2014

Alert The Media - Marianne DK

Dramatic semi solid: deep burgundy, cocoa, maroon
Marianne DK - Alert The Media

All The Sweetness - Robynn DK

Ladylike tonal variegated: rose, mauve, dusky pink, amethyst, fawn, lavender
Robynn DK - All The Sweetness

An Evening At Almack's - Florence Aran

Elegant semi solid: lavender, lilac, warm mauve, rose and lilac marl
Florence Aran - An Evening At Almack's

Arise, Sir Anthony! - Miranda Aran

Mellow semi solid: khaki, dull tan, sage, dull bronze
Miranda Aran - Arise, Sir Anthony!

A Tumbler Of Roses - Patricia Aran

Pretty semi solid: rose, cool silvery pink, powder pink, rose and smoke grey marl
Patricia Aran - A Tumbler Of Roses

Be Gone Already - Diana Lace

Subdued semi solid: charcoal, smoke grey, hints of greige and stormy green
Diana Lace - Be Gone Already

Best And Dearest - Megan Sock

Charming semi solid: dusky mauve, dull plum, a brownish amethyst, grape (slightly more saturated than the photo)
Megan Sock - Best And Dearest

By All Means, Let Us Tell The Truth - Josephine Sock

Jazzy semi solid: cobalt, kingfisher blue, sapphire
Josephine Sock - By All Means, Let Us Tell The Truth

Hold The World Close - Josephine Sock

Glorious tonal variegated: emerald, moss, bottle green, forest green, hints of grape, chartreuse
Josephine Sock - Hold The World Close

Hope Raised Her Hand - Martha DK

Demure tonal variegated: amethyst, mauve, brownish plum, lavender, fawn, grape, coffee
Martha DK - Hope Raised Her Hand

I Don't Mind If You Don't Mind - Robynn DK

Mysterious tonal variegated: dull plum, khaki, dusky rose, dark sage, taupe
Robynn DK - I Don't Mind If You Don't Mind

I Kid You Not - Elinor DK

Vivid tonal variegated: moss, teal, forest green, chartreuse, kingfisher blue, leaf green, dark olive, hyacinth blue, tan (slightly more subtly blended than the photo shows)
Elinor DK - I Kid You Not

Let No Bird Call - Miranda Sock

Pensive very subtly variegated: soft mid green, slate, dove grey, denim, mid brown, soft jade, mauve, and quite a lot more - this is very subtle and cleverly blended!
Miranda Sock - Let No Bird Call

Little Wicked Ways - Miranda Heavy Lace

Wicked semi solid: deep purple, blackcurrant, maroon going into chocolate, navy (more subtly blended than the photo shows)
Miranda Heavy Lace - Little Wicked Ways

Love Is Constant - Chloe Lace

Magnificent semi solid: plum, deep crimson, raspberry, maroon
Chloe Lace - Love Is Constant

Madame Innocence - Miranda Heavy Lace

Vivacious almost solid: deep fuchsia, cerise
Miranda Heavy Lace - Madame Innocence

More Trees, Please - Amelie Cobweb

Tranquil semi solid: sage, soft leaf green, silvery khaki
Amelie Cobweb - More Trees, Please

Now Then, Now Then, What's All This? - Audrey Sock

Majestic semi solid: navy touched with purple, some deeper purple touches
Audrey Sock - Now Then, Now Then, What's All This?

Oh No, You Don't! - Megan Sock

Sinister semi solid: dark bottle green, deepest teal, black
Megan Sock - Oh No, You Don't!

Only Those Who Matter - Antonia DK

Enchanting tonal variegated: lilac, rose, silvery mauve, lavender, subtle apple green tints
Antonia DK - Only Those Who Matter

Perilously Close To The Edge - Clara DK

Sullen subtly variegated: dull damson, plum, amber, dark dull teal, dirty grape, black, amethyst, chocolate, sage
Clara DK - Perilously Close To The Edge

Rejoicing In Showers - Florence Aran

Uplifting semi solid: leaf green, mint, jade marl
Florence Aran - Rejoicing In Showers

She Who Laughs - Patricia Aran

Gentle semi solid: lavender, silver, mauve and amethyst marl
Patricia Aran - She Who Laughs

Still In The Bud - Elinor DK

Cheerful tonal variegated: amber, plum, copper, rose, silver, sage, honey, tan, mustard, olive, beige, russet
Elinor DK - Still In The Bud

Studying Cumulus - Robynn DK

Delicate semi solid: platinum touched with icy green, hints of the palest shell pink, silver
Robynn DK - Studying Cumulus

Sun in Edinburgh! - Clara DK

Sombre subtly variegated: khaki, ash brown, smoke grey, sage, grape, coffee, greige
Clara DK - Sun in Edinburgh!

Telling Of Spring - Sylvia Lace

Jewel like semi solid: sapphire, bluebell, soft purple
Sylvia Lace - Telling Of Spring

The Land At The Top Of The Tree - Miranda Aran

Rustic tonal variegated: mid green, terracotta, khaki, plum, sage, olive, sand, leaf green
Miranda Aran - The Land At The Top Of The Tree

The Smooth Birch Bark - Diana Lace

Ethereal almost solid: palest stone, with the merest whisper of sage green
Diana Lace - The Smooth Birch Bark

Wanton Poets - Miranda Sock

Dreamy tonal variegated: amethyst, lavender, plum, silvery mauve, dusky pink, smoke grey (more subtly blended than the photo)
Miranda Sock - Wanton Poets

What Can You Expect? - Marianne DK

Woodsy semi solid: moss, dark olive going into forest green, chartreuse, dark khaki
Marianne DK - What Can You Expect?

What Will The Neighbours Think? - Amelie Cobweb

Splendid semi solid: blackcurrant, damson, dark grape, slate touched with dull teal
Amelie Cobweb - What Will The Neighbours Think?

You Is Important - Florence Aran

Joyous semi solid: azure, cobalt, sky blue marl
Florence Aran - You Is Important