New (to me) Books

I’ve made some good book discoveries lately, and thought it was about time I passed them along.

Firstly, I thought I had pretty much exhausted the Golden Age whodunnit range of books, but hadnt really looked at many American ones, because I’m not a fan of the hardboiled or P.I. style of mysteries. But then I stumbled across an absolute goldmine – Elizabeth Daly. She wrote a delightful series of mysteries, based around a old book expert detective, Gamadge. I have been gradually working my way through them all, and I’m very sad to be getting to the end. The books are clever, witty, and really exciting too. Highly recommended.

I’ve also been exploring some of the Greyladies range of books – old books that have been recently republished. Twice Dead, Death on Tiptoe, and Murder At The Flood are all excellent. On a less murderous theme, The Other Miss Perkins is a charming book that reminded me of Miss Pettigrew Lives For The Day (although not as good as that). I’m looking forward to seeing the D.E. Stevenson books that they are publishing in May 2011.

Finally, on a recommendation from one of my friend’s from the Posh Knitters Ravelry group, I bought Four Hedges, a gardening book from the 30s, illustrated with beautiful woodcuts. I’ve been rationing this one, it makes the perfect bedtime read. It has really woken up in me a desire to start working on our garden, and plans for that are afoot. More on that later in the year…….

3 thoughts on “New (to me) Books

  1. I always welcome some suggestions for a good read.I am a great fan of Persephone books.Thanks for the wool I got this morning,my three lots of Sophia cashmere.I have never managed to buy three lots before!!The colours aregorgeous and the delivery quicker than ever.many thanks.Barbarax

  2. Firstly, received my beautiful Emily yarn this morning – heaven! Secondly, my DH has a first edition of Four Hedges and also recently rebound a copy- which was perfect inside but the cover had seen much better days (he does bookbinding)- absolutely beautifully with a leather and tooled spine and hand coloured paper – then he gave it to someone as a present! I think he might always slightly have regretted that except for the fact that the recipient, an ex-work colleague, was so appreciative – it’s lovely to make things and give them to others who can appreciate the work involved – like your beautiful yarns! Am off to have a look at your book recommendations now…

  3. I do enjoy Greyladies’ output – another publisher you might try is Margin Notes Books, who are planning their second book for later this year – the one already published is The Whicharts by Noel Streatfeild.