…… The Kind Diet. This is the best book on vegan living that I’ve read. It’s balanced, written in a friendly way that manages to be forceful without being brash (unlike the Skinny Bitch books), and is chockful of fantastic recipes. Its made me determined to kick my sugar habit too.

…… The Little Otleys. This trilogy was published in the first decade of the 20th century, by a writer who was close friends with Oscar Wilde. I really enjoyed the first book, Love’s Shadow, but the following books were a bit too depressing for me.

…… Women’s Running magazine. Just awesome. I’ve learned so much already.

…… Notes To My Mother-in-law. Perfect to dip into at bedtime. Sweet and hilarious.

…… murder mysteries by Catherine Aird. Henrietta Who is my favourite so far.

…… Exotic Planting for Adventurous Gardeners. Because a girl can dream.

…… A Garden For Allegra. Very sweet and gentle, a bit reminiscent of L M Montgomery’s books.

…… Something Under The Bed Is Drooling. Just because.

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