Take a Bow……

I’b sick. And I’ve been sitting here writing and deleting, and writing and deleting, for an hour now. Today’s blog just won’t come together (my brain is drying up as fast as my nose is running), so take me as you find me, and we’ll try again tomorrow.

The gallery page is up! It’s nowhere near complete (I’ve hardly scratched the surface of all the photos that you’ve sent in), and I may rejiggle the design of it (well I’ve got to fill up all that spare time somehow), but I wanted to make a start.

And Sock Club went out yesterday, so lots of you will be receiving your yarn today. The colourway is called Kiss Me, and its a lovely soft romantic colourway, all cloudy sunset colours. I think it would look fabulous knitted into a lacy sock design. We have a few skeins left over, so they’ll be going on Sunday’s sale. More sneak peeks at sale yarn tomorrow.

Lastly, pop over to Kerrie’s Place, and give her some moral support. She needs it, and you guys are really, really good at giving it. I love you all.

Or is that the cold medicine talking?

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