Welcome to my Pity Party…….

Please put on your party hats, and help me blow up these balloons.

No, really, did you think it would last? All the positivity, all the sweetness and light? My name is Dee, and it’s been a month since my last whinge.

Ah, you’re still here. Obviously you’re a good reader, a loyal visitor, and you’ll stick with me through thick and thin. Well, it’s about to get very thick (or should that be thin?).

Waaaaaaaaaaaahhh!! I’m on the Can’t Cope train, and the next stop is Hell! Less than 3 weeks left before the big move, and we’ve only just settled the tenancy agreement on the house. The letting agency had all kinds of ridiculous perfectly reasonable requirements for new tenants, and eventually, due to the new (ish) nature of our business, we had to agree to pay six months rent up front. Apparently, even with a very healthy (and rising) income, and a million and one references, we still look dodgy. So we’ve dug deep, and paid up front.

But less than 3 weeks are left, and we are yet to book a moving van, or begin packing. So! Much! Packing! We will never fit everything in, so we have to figure out what to abandon and what to take. The 22,000 boxes of books are coming, the sofas may not be. But hey, I can read in bed.
I booked our phone line and broadband transfer today, and discovered that there is no way round the 10 day broadband down time. I’ll be on dialup for at least a week, which will be oh so fun.

But the biggest straw of all has nothing to do with the move (although it dovetails nicely with it). As you know, I’m anally retentive with a well developed strain of perfectionism. This means that if I’m a day late for Sock Club, or if I don’t answer emails within 24 hours, I break out in boils. So, I’m always well organised, and things generally run according to plan. The pattern for the next Lace Club shipment (which is due to go out tomorrow, sorry, WAS) has been ready for six months. The colourway has been carefully planned. The yarn was ordered in advance. And I planned to give you Lace Clubbers a nice treat – 110g of cashmere/silk Eva 2ply. Yummy stuff.

The yarn came today, which was cutting it fine. 6lbs of it. Does that sound like a lot? I need 6kg. Kg are not Lb. Repeat after me. A kg is smaller than a lb. No, bigger. Damn, you can see where the problem popped in. I ordered 6lb, I need 6kg, and now I have to wait for the supplier to send me more. Lace Club will have to wait until the middle of the month. I have to ask you to wait! Do you know how I’m hating this?

And the middle of the month, mmm, lovely timing. Sending out 65 parcels the week that I move 500 miles across country.

Just kill me now.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to my Pity Party…….

  1. Lace Club? There’s a Lace Club? {swoon}
    …. running and ducking ….
    Mrs. R.
    Nova Scotia

  2. ouch. My sympathies. How about having a packing party? You know, for every 10 boxes of yarn you pack up to help, you get a ball of something to take away.

    I suspect you’d get takers!

    Anyway. This is just polite notice that you’ve been tagged on my blog, and once this is all over, if you feel like playing that would be great.