I’m running a little experiment today. We got so behind last week (and if you visited the sale page, you’ll know why. So! Much! Yarn!) that there was no time left to rewind yarn. I like to rewind at least a few skeins, because the transformation when you do is quite amazing. Let me show you:

I love this colourway (Regency). Rich, a little dramatic, just my kind of colour combination. But alas, it went unnoticed on the sale page, because like moi, it isn’t very photogenic. But a little rewinding, and voila…..

Much more desirable (updated to add: this sold within 5 minutes of posting this. Coincidence?). Rewinding is the yarny equivalent of slicking on some lipgloss and concealer. Another example:

From this skein of merino (Admiral), via the magic rewind, to this little beauty:

It’s a funny thing. The colours don’t change, but redistributing them like this enables your eye to see them all working together, and makes the yarn look much more inviting.

By the by, these two yarns were dyed in the same colourway, but the two fibre blends took the dye completely differently. The cash/silk is much more vibrant in colour, while the merino is soft and muted. Yarn always has the last say.

I love that.

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