I’m Back…….

Thank you honey, I can take back over now. No, really, I’m ok. Yes, you did a great job with the blog. No, I don’t think you should take over permanently. No, I don’t think we should put it to a vote. No, I don’t need one more day in bed. Give me back the laptop. No, seriously. Give it BACK…..

Ahem. Ok, I’m back. Thanks everyone for your well wishes. It was nothing too terrible. I have an old, old illness that lifts up its head and grumbles now and then. And I’ve learned to take a day or two bed rest when it does, before the grumbling turns into full blown screaming. But I’m fine (ish) now, and back on my feet.

Although rather disgruntled. So, there’s severe snow, is there? Then why is it raining here? Rain! We’re living practically in the lap of Scotland, where I thought you were guaranteed snow every winter, and there hasn’t been a speck of it! Just nasty cold rain and howling gales.

Still, I mustn’t grumble. The fire burns brightly, I have Snow Patrol on the CD player, and Mr P is doing the postal run (oh, I’m too poorly for that). And tonight I’m going out for dinner and some fun. Snow or (more likely) no snow.

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