What’s in a name?

Did I ever tell you what my maiden name was? Dyer. Yes, really. Dyer. My dad’s family were from Yorkshire, where so many of Britain’s woollen mills were situated, and I suppose that at some point, hundreds of years ago, one of them was such a skilled dyer that when it came to picking names, they gave him that one.

I don’t consider it a freaky coincidence that I’ve ended up doing a job like this. I know it sounds a bit fruitcakey, but I really think it’s in my blood. There has to be some reason why it comes so naturally to me. And I don’t mean that in a blow my own trumpet kind of way, I just mean that the skills you need to be a good dyer seem to be already in me, rather than needing to be learned.

It’s not as though I’m arty in any other kind of way, or even very good with my hands, you know, practical or skillful. My strength was always academic, I’m good with my brains rather than with my hands, and much as I would love to be the arty type, I’m just not. I’m a reader, not a doer.

But dyeing is different. I can see a colour in my head, and mix it, without hesitation or even much thought. Its not something I even feel like taking credit for, because it seems inbuilt in me, instinctive. And I’m so grateful to that ancestor, who first learned those skills, and who passed that gene down to me, because I love what I do.

But here’s something I’ve never told you: every skein we dye, every colourway I create, I always think the same thing: ‘oh no, I’ve lost it. This one is a disaster. My lucky run has ended.’ And we cook the yarn, and rinse it, and dry it, and wind it into skeins, and ta-da!! Another glorious colourway. And I truly feel like it had nothing to do with me, that it would be rude and rather presumptuous to take credit for it, because it’s a fluke, a beautiful, beautiful fluke. Maybe that’s how mothers feel when they look at their children. This is from me, but not really from me, and look how lovely it is.


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