Variety, the Spice of Life?

Is it just me, or have Rowan slightly lost the plot? Design companies generally have a unique identity – what do you think of if I mention Laura Ashley? – and Rowan used to be known for a classic, but slightly English Eccentric style of design. But now? They’re everywhere! It must be because they’ve accumulated such a huge stable of designers, but how can you go from designs like this:

To ones like this?
Now I’m all for variety, having something for everyone, but at some point, don’t you have to draw a line? Don’t you run the risk of losing your own identity if you try to be too eclectic, try to reach everyone’s taste?

Don’t get me wrong, there are some great designs coming out of the Rowan stable – although you’d hope so, with the number of books they produce each season – but I find myself turning more and more to my older Rowan books. And I’d like to think that one day, when we have our own pattern line (oh yes, its something I’m planning on doing), that it will have a strong identity. That our designs will be distinctive, but distinctively ours.

(All that being said, if anyone wants to volunteer to knit me that dressing gown, be my guest. I have a kilo of cashmere here that would be perfect for it.)


For those of you have are now completely bewildered, wondering where the Wednesday sale update is, sorry. Our big sale day is now Sunday, and the preview page will be live on Saturday. However, we do still have some yarn left from last week’s sale, so go and have a look, see if anything catches your fancy.

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