Model Meme

The latest Boden and Wrap catalogues dropped through my letterbox last week. For wearability Wrap wins hands down. Boden clothes are pretty and fun, but definitely designed for the svelter women among us. Nearly all their skirts and dresses are knee length or shorter, which doesn’t suit me very well. And I wish that just one time, a clothing catalogue would take one or two items of clothing, and have a spread where they show that one piece on a variety of shapes and sizes, just so that you can see what it might look like on you. Never mind, I thoroughly enjoyed the catalogue, it’s always very entertaining to read through. And I’m going to steal their model meme, as I did last year, for my blog. For the next ten minutes, I’m a Boden model.

Best compliment: that I’m good at what I do.

White, milk, or dark chocolate: dark. But I can live without chocolate quite happily.

My favourite building: my lovely little house.

Daffodils or crocuses: daffodils. If I could, I’d have huge bunches of them all over the house when they are in bloom.

Least favourite childhood dinner: fish with parsley sauce. Bleugh. And runner beans.

My geekiest attribute: liking to have things in round numbers. Like the blog list on Bloglines, can’t be 21 blogs, has to be 20. Or 25.

‘It’ bag or statement necklace: neither really. I’m a shoes gal.

I’m beginning to think I’m allergic to: winter.

Shower or bath: shower. Baths make me tired.

I couldn’t possibly eat: Black pudding.

People mistakenly think: that I’m strong and super confident. Or maybe I am, and its me that mistakenly thinks that I’m not!

Favourite takeaway: Chinese.

Best thing about the 21st century: the World Wide Web.

Greatest athletic feat: being able to do a very respectable Swan Dive in Pilates.

How would you describe your personal style: patchy. When I dress up, I dress UP. The rest of the time I’m a scruffy slob.

Left or right side of the bed: whichever side’s furthest from the door.

When I retire I will definitely: spin and knit all day long.

Favourite grownup toy: my camera.

Earliest memory: falling down a flight of stairs, and not being even a little bit hurt.

Do you have a life mantra: this too shall pass.

How do you celebrate the end of Winter: shave my legs, lol.

Habit I have inherited from my mother: giving dirty looks to people who annoy me.

What’s your advice on fake tan: learn to be happy pale.

4 thoughts on “Model Meme

  1. Fab and funny, some of your answers are just what I would say! Especially the shaving of the legs and being allergic to Winter! I want to become a hibernater and just sleep through until the warmer weather. But then I don’t like it too warm 😀

  2. I love your answers. I did the same as you though when I was younger fell down a flight of stairs and wasn’t hurt.