Whew, this is going to be a bi-i-i-ig week. I think we went a little nutty when it came to dyeing yarn for this week’s sale, because when we got all the skeins together in a pile, well, let’s just say we’re talking Mt Everest in cashmere.

So, much labelling, photographing, listing, packing work ahead of me this week. Plus I’m still working on the new website (any features you’d like to see changed/added/removed?), and trying to get things ready to go home to my family next weekend, and spend a week with them.

So, much preparation was needed for today’s workload. I’ve had a triple espresso (and now I’m twitching like a Mexican jumping bean), I’ve stoked up the woodburner (because it is freezing here today), I’ve got jaunty music on the CD player, and I’m wearing my comfiest sweats (which consist of an ‘Oy with the poodles already’ tee and floor sweeping yoga pants). I’m ready. I’m set. I’m good to go.

I’m gone.

One thought on “Preparation…….

  1. Keep going Dee!! I don’t know why I’m more occupied thinking about 00W than the Chrismas dinner I’ll be cooking for 12 and why I’m at my pc instead of preparing beds and rooms for the 8 extra bodies that will be staying here over those few days… must get on…