Good Stuff….

Do you remember this lovely Icarus shawl, knitted by Judith from our Cecilia cobweb weight yarn? Well, Miriam Felton, who designed this shawl, as well as other classic patterns, such as Seraphim, has made these patterns available through Hipknits. I’m seriously thinking of asking Mama to knit me one of these – she has more time and patience than I do, and loves knitting shawls, but won’t wear them herself. That Mountain Peaks shawl would be to die for in Sophia 2ply.

Or maybe Seraphim in Eva 2ply. Or Icarus in Cecilia. Ok, I want them all. How greedy do you think a daughter can get away with being?


Well, that To-Do list has conceded defeat in the face of my determination. Every outstanding order is finished, all of the parcels are on their way. Next week, we’ll be cramming in a big last minute sale, and offering free Special Delivery on all UK purchases over £50, to guarantee that your yarn will get to you before Christmas.

Then, on December 22nd, the Posh Yarn site will be shutting down for the holidays. And when we return in the New Year, it will be with the new and improved Posh Yarn. The site re-design, which I’ve been squeezing in ten minutes on, here and there, is looking so good. I can’t wait for you all to see it. Or to tell you about our plans for 2007. I think it’s going to be a Posh Year.

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