If I Wasn’t Me…..

Do you ever play this game? If I wasn’t me, I’d be…… Feel free to join in!

If I wasn’t me, I’d be………..

Called….. Poppy

Dressed….. boho casual, with a scarf around my head and bare feet

Working….. as a baker with my own little cake shop

Living….. in a quirky little apartment in New York

Having fun….. shopping at flea markets, drinking coffee in sidealk cafes, going to poetry readings  

Planning….. to take a year off and drive through every state in the US

Dreaming….. of writing a book chronicling my trip, which I would hand illustrate

Remembering….. my year in Paris, training as a pastry chef

Thinking….. that love makes the world go round

Your turn!

4 thoughts on “If I Wasn’t Me…..

  1. Name – Claire (always wanted to be called that, something to do with my love of chocolate eclairs I think!); dressed in thick hand-knits; working in a yarn shop; living anywhere less cold than here and now; having fun shopping and eating in nice restaurants with friends; planning what to cast on next; dreaming of all the above; remembering times past; thinking that I must get a life and stop this obsession with yarn!

  2. Called….. Alexandra

    Dressed….. in whatever I wanted because I would have a perfect body!

    Working….. as a designer

    Living….. part of the year in a mountain retreat by a lake and part of the year in a warm climate

    Having fun….. spending time with my children watching them grow instead of working so much

    Planning…..to organize my house and actually executing the plan!

    Dreaming….. of romantic things to do for my husband

    Remembering….. my Dad

    Thinking….. that I better accomplish my goals today rather than thinking that there’s plenty of time

  3. Called: Michaela
    Dressed: in flowing colourful gyspy skirts, muslin shirts with loads of beads and dangly earrings, bells on my ankles, strappy easy sandals
    Working: for myself in a small cottage industry….hopefully growing, shearing, spinning, weaving and knitting…..growing my own veges and esoteric herbs, possibly having a small cabin, elsewhere on the property, let as a B&B
    Living: on a small property around 30-50 acres in tuscany, with a small herd of sheep and alpaca, my own horse and rolling hils as far as the eye can see
    Having Fun: having my grandchildren close…spending time teaching myself to weave and possibly make pots
    Planning: absolutely nothing!!!! enjoying waking up to see what each new day brings….enjoying the freedom to make choices and change my mind as often as i like
    Dreaming: of having my daughters and their families join me……of having my special someone a little closer, and yet not too close
    Remembering: with a smile….my travels over nearly 2 decades
    Thinking: what more could a girl want?