My Babies All Grown Up

It’s about time we had a kitty report, don’tcha think?!? My two little ones are not so little any more. Squeak is pretty much full grown now, a beautiful sleek lithe cat. Pip is a little barrel chested short legged podgy bellied monkey of a cat, heavier than Squeak and Jaffa, with the prettiest little face and funniest ways. He’s such a sweetheart, he trots around after us all day long, asking to be picked up and carried. He likes nothing better than riding around on Tony’s shoulder. He has the funniest little miaow, unlike any cat I’ve ever heard before. It’s a bit like when a teenage boy’s voice is breaking – he opens his mouth, and this cracked wobbly noise comes out. Tony reckons he is trying to talk to us like humans talk. Maybe that sounds silly, but he is the most intelligent little thing.

Squeak is a very nervous cat, he has a perpetually worried look on his little face. But when it comes to food, all his nerves vanish. That cat is such a little piggy!!! Whenever we eat he’s on the scrounge, and any scraps we put down for the boys are immediately appropriated by Squeak, and carried away to be growled over and chomped. The other two don’t stand a chance while he’s around.

And how about Jaffa? He’s doing really well, happier than he’s been since Snicks died. He’s really accepted the kittens now, and all three snuggle up together. We have a fleece radiator bed, really only built for one cat, but I caught all three of them piled into it the other day.

So I spent £45 on a huge fancy cat bed for them on Saturday, its a wicker bed on legs with a deep luxurious sheepskin cushion inside, and its so big I’m tempted to get it in myself. Needless to say they spent all yesterday sleeping on the floor…..

10 thoughts on “My Babies All Grown Up

  1. Aaaah – They are gorgeous – how ever did they all fit in there? That’s such a wonderful photo. I totally know what you mean about Pip talking – I’m convinced my Tinker says good morning to me.

  2. My cat also makes that funny sound, and that’s because he’s part siamese… siamese cats have a different meaow. The yarn has arrived and it’s gorgeous, thank you so much, Deb!

  3. I laughed out loud at that photo!
    how’s the running going? I’m finding it hard to get motivated in this weather… being madly busy with work doesn’t help – it’s an easy excuse not to have to go!

  4. AWWWWW!

    Do they stay like that for anything more than a few seconds? My two in Joburg used to have a turf war over a particular chair. Spectre would be sprawled out in it (big cat), and Scurry would deal with this by simply pretending he Wasn’t There, and climbing in and settling down as if the chair was empty. Which didn’t make things very comfortable for Spectre, underneath Scurry’s butt, so he’d just slide off and wander off as if he had better things to do anyway.

  5. I think you should have a book published of all your beautiful photos of your cats. They are not just pictures, they’re stories! Did you ask the bottom one for a wink? Thank you-so enjoyable!

  6. Lovely picture! It’s really caught their cat-ness to a tee. We have a family name for that half closed eye contenticat look – ‘glimmering’, and they’re all glimmering beautifully at the camera!

  7. Sounds just like cats! You can spend as much money as you like and they’ll still turn their nose up at it. Ours used to love the bean bag we had so much that we made her one of her very own to sleep on at night, does it get used? No, somehow the dining room chair is a better bed!

  8. Oooooo – so adorable! What an darling pic! And typical of them not to use their fab new bed:)…
    My Mehi who is half siamese also has a wierd miao – they talk…
    I am so happy Jaffa is looking content again:)

  9. ooooohhhhhh – those are such the cutest little pussycats! i can’t say ever because our two burmese are pretty jolly cute too. but yours, really, gosh, are very very cute!!!!! i’m going to have to send the link to kevin!

  10. This reminded me of the time my mother had 9 cats and my father got fed up with all the various cardboard boxes around the place that they liked to sleep on so he spent several weeks out in the shed handcrafting this beautiful bench for our kitchen table, upholstered for us to sit on and underneath little individual carved cubicles for the cats, all with their own cushion.

    They wouldn’t even go in those cubicles when we laced them with catnip.