A Welcome Return

You’ve been very patient in the last few months, but I know that lots of you have been missing some of our old favourites, Emily, Laura, the chunkier Sophia. Well, here they finally all are! We’ve also got a new/old yarn for you, called Lisette. We stocked this a couple of years ago, I’m not sure why I stopped buying it in. It’s an aran weight single ply pure silk yarn, smooshy and sheeny and loves to be dyed. It was a joy to photograph too (in fact this week, all the yarn was cooperative in the photo shoot, for once, except for Sophia 4ply Phoenix, which insisted on screaming at the camera instead of pouting its lips.). Here are some of my favourites:

Eva 4ply Dryad

Laura Shipping Forecast

Emily Chinese Whispers

Lisette Tryst

Lisette Ritz

Laura Mansion

Laura Blizzard

The shop preview is now up. See you on Sunday at 7pm!

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