Sweet Temptation

It’s been a while since I did any lace knitting, and I’m starting to feel a craving for it. I bought myself three shawl books this week: Sharon Miller’s Shetland Hap Shawls, Nancy Bush’s Knitted Lace from Estonia, and Orenburg Shawls. Once I find the perfect pattern, I’ll be on the lookout for the right yarn. In the meantime, this is all yours…..

Miranda Iris

Sophia 2ply Comtessa

Sophia 2ply Fern

Eva 2ply Pool Party

Eva 2ply Primrose Path

Eva 4ply Steel (I know, its not lace weight, but how gorgeous would this be as a shawl?)

Lei Armada (ditto above!)

More previews tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “Sweet Temptation

  1. Dee,
    I agree about the Eva 4-ply steel. Am keen to get my hands on some more Posh Yarns…have had so much fun with all the others you sent months ago. Shall send some fotos if you like. When is your next yarn ‘auction?’ How are the cats doing these days? Would love to see fotos of them on your blog again. Renee

  2. Me too! Love the steel! Uh, oh, hope there’s enough?, well, of course I also love Sophia! & Lei….well, of course, Miranda too, but really must not buy any more cobweb weight lace…really & truly. 🙂
    All are so Maahvaloussss!