Baby Boom

Thanks for all the lovely book recommendations yesterday. Some of them may or may not have fallen into my Amazon cart……. Now I need some more recommendations from you. Baby clothes.

Not for me, silly! No! No, no, no, no, NO! Heh, heh.

But have you noticed that we seem to be in a bit of a baby boom at the moment? Two of my lovely online friends are expecting, and quite a few of my offline friends are as well. I’d love to knit something for all of them, but I don’t know what. Something very small and quick (since I haven’t much time and am a slow knitter) but very cute, and a little bit special. Can anyone suggest anything? I love the Saartje Booties, but I’m not sure how well booties would go down with non-knitters.  

16 thoughts on “Baby Boom

  1. I’d recommend the booties, I made some for a non knitting friend and she loved them. The bunny blanket buddy is another quick easy make and I’ve made two of them so far. Have a look in my projects on Ravelry and you’ll find them. I’m not sure how to do a link on here.

  2. I have wanted to knit sarjees booties for ages and ages and ages, at least they are small, lol and so you can knit lots of them 🙂

  3. Have you seen Woolly Wormheads Wee Toppers booklet? Lots of gorgeous gorgeous hats, which can be knit in an evening – you could even team them up with Saartje’s Booties for a wonderful parcel. I’ve made a couple of these hats for recent arrivals, there is certainly a baby boom in my neck of the woods at the moment – 4 in the last 4 weeks – 1 more due any day. Then I get a break until January when the next “batch” of 4 are due!

  4. HI.Jaeger Handknits book JB 29 has some super patterns in including one for a beret.I have just knitted berets for my granddaughters and they are so cute and very quick.Sirdar also have some great new ,trendy patterns out.Little Daisy pattern with a statement button,Sweet Pea cardigan and shoes,Bamboo Green cardigan.I got all these from a free booklet with a magazine but they are available individually. I have knitted them all and my daughter has been thrilled.Another good idea which is always well received are small afghans that cover the baby in a car seat ,very useful at this time of year going between house and car.

  5. I knitted a little hat for a friend’s kid recently It’s a lovely little hat, but the decrease rounds are wirtten wrongly (Just miss the first two lines of the written decreases and it all works out)

    I have the elusive Pea Pod baby pattern that I’d quite like to make for someone at some stage – if only for the experience of making something “cardi” shaped for the first time.

  6. The BSJ is reasonably straightforward – All garter stitch and a real “wow” moment when you put it all together – very limited sewing up as well.

  7. I made the Baby Surprise jacket recently and really enjoyed it. It was a good way to use up leftover yarn as well. Mine turned out big enough for a two-year-old (so my knowledgeable friends told me) so I’d recommend using DK wool and smaller needles than those specified. On the other hand, if life intervenes and it ends up among the Projects, then it will be ideal two years hence.

  8. I ‘ve made three pairs of Saartje’s bootees for non-knitting friends and colleagues and they’ve always been received rapturously! They’ re just so cute! The other repeat knit I’ve done is the Baby Shedir, which looks really impressive and doesn’t take long. If you’re going for a garment, I think A Cardigan for Merry (based on Kate Gilbert’s A Cardigan for Arwen) is adorable.

  9. I’d third the recommendations for the BSJ – I knitted mine up in 4 ply sock wool and made a matching hat (Umbilical Cord Hat) and they look so sweet 🙂 Perfect for a newborn. So many patterns, so many choices!!

  10. I love the Tulips sweater to the point where I’ve made three of them for recent friends babies!

    It’s top down, raglan contruction, knit in one piece and is made from aran weight yarn so it’s pretty quick, and because the colour changes every 8 rows, you can see it grow before your eyes!

    Also it’s aimed at age 3-6 months so will fill that gap when the baby has grown out of the new born size (and if it’s a bigger baby, it’ll still get used!)

  11. I’ve made sets of Ann Budd’s better than booties baby socks for my friends who’ve recently had babies – they are so quick and easy to make – a set of four or five pairs is easily done, and if you use a machine washable yarn, they’re perfect presents for new parents! The last set I did were in Regia sock yarn in the Clown colourway – I love bright rainbow colours for babies – so mych more exciting than pastel green and yellow! Oh and you probably get four or five pairs out of one 50g ball of yarn, so they’re economical too! I adapt the basic pattern to try out sock patterns that I want to try and they always come out looking fab!

  12. Nonknitters have always gone bananas over booties; it’s my standby “little baby knit” gift. Tranquil (an old Rowan design from Kim Hargreaves) has been a big hit with parents of girl babies. But there are loads of cute bootie designs on Ravelry. Check out the ones from Bekah Knits!