I Can See the Finish Line!!

Thanks for all the well wishes, everyone. I feel even worse today so I’m off to the doctors in the hopes that they’ll give me antibiotics.

The upside of being ill so much in the last month is that it’s given me lots of time to work on Tangled Yoke. Come on, I can’t be the only one who has thought at one time or another, “if I break my leg/get appendicitis/have a horrible flesh eating virus, think how much extra knitting time I’d get”.

Last night I cast off the neckband – wooHOO! Now I just have to graft the underarms, knit the button bands, and block her and she’s finished. This was one of those projects that you couldn’t really tell, as you were knitting it, whether it would fit well. I knew the sleeves were ok, I tried those on as I finished them. But the body? It wasn’t until I’d cast off last night and tried it on that I knew……. it fits perfectly! And it looks fabulous. Really flattering, really cute. I can’t wait to have it completely finished. I expect to have a line of drooling people gathered around me everywhere I go.

If you haven’t knitted this pattern yet, what are you waiting for??  Mine is knitted in Amelia, our alpaca/merino dk (sports) weight yarn. I got perfect gauge with it. And whatdyaknow, we have a limited supply back in stock, some of which will be in this week’s shop update! If you fancy a periwinkle blue/citrusy lime/vivid peacock Tangled Yoke, make sure you come and grab some Amelia! Mine (40″ bust) has taken a smidge over 500g.

9 thoughts on “I Can See the Finish Line!!

  1. do you know what you need to really finish this baby off?

    that’s right, some beautiful red shoes!!!

    Hope you feel better soon. I have been there on the green snot front. I always find loved ones particularly appreciate it when you show them the tissue and go “yuk! look what just came out of my nose!”

  2. Ooo it’s lovely – great natural colour 🙂

    I had an operation 2 years ago and I was off work and house bound for 6 weeks – it was the best knitting time EVER!

    Get well soon x

  3. Wow, that is really Beautiful! & in Posh Amelia…how DeeVine 🙂
    Please feel better and hugs to you.

  4. Oh that’s lovely, can’t wait to see a modelled shot. ;0) I hope you’re feeling better soon, btw.
    I frequently wax lyrical to DH about how I’d like to be *slightly* unwell and therefore off work for an extended period, but not so bad that I couldn’t knit. He has offered to run over my leg in his car, but I haven’t taken him up on it ……… yet! ;0)

  5. Hope you are feeling better soon.I had a total knee replacement last friday and came home on Monday evening.I now have loads of knitting time.Hubby is running roung waiting on me hand and foot and the knee is not too bad either!!I took some sock knitting into hospital and it got great interest.I was using Regia self striping wool in bright purples,pinks ,greens and blue and they look amazing.May be tempted by the sale onSunday.After all I can’t go out shopping.Let’s hope it’s fastest finger first!Barbara