I have tonsils the size of melons. I feel like I’ve been 10 rounds with Tyson. My nasal secretions are pea green (ewwwwww).

Send soup.

6 thoughts on “sniffle

  1. It’ll have to be zen soup Dee. I’m a bit far away to do real soup.
    How about the todays soup from Eat as your zen soup? Toulouse sausage, butter bean and lentil soup. Garnished with fresh parsley, served with a chunk of wholemeal seed topped bread. Mmmmm

    Here’s hoping your tonsil shrink pretty damn quickly, and that your excretions return to their normal colour…

    Anna T

  2. OMG Dee!
    Yuck…..I feel your pain…can only send virtual soup but would suggest icr cream to numb the pain.

    Hope it eases really soon, feel better love.

  3. Tesco (yes the ebil Tesco) do a finest Puy Lentil and Roasted Tomato soup – it is super delish and goes down smoothly. I concur on the ice cream thing. Haagen Daazs dulce de leche 😉 goes down nice and smooth

    Get well soon!

  4. I have the beginnings of the same, but luckily tonsils are only like grapes at the mo.
    I feel your pain and wish I was curled up on the sofa.

    Off to take some lemsip, it’s my only hope.

    Get well soon
    [big hug]

  5. Ouchies. And also yuk. Plenty of ice cream (for the pain), soup (for the soul), and foot rubs (for the pain, y’know). {{{{{Hugs}}}}}