We’ve got a very special double update for you this weekend!! First, on Saturday September 28th at 7pm, we’ve got a Sweater Pack update!

If you are unfamiliar with how our Sweater Pack updates work, here’s what you need to know.

When you buy a sweater pack, you reserve the entire number of skeins in that pack. The minimum you can have from a pack is 5 skeins. Although most of the packs have 10 skeins in them, some may have less or more. You’ll see a note next to each item, telling you the number of skeins that are available in that pack. Please note, the pack is listed as one item in the stock levels, so you don’t need to change the amount to the number of skeins you want – just click add to basket to secure the whole pack. If you try to add more than one, it will tell you that you can’t!

If you want all of those skeins, you can go ahead and pay for them straight away. If you only want a certain number of skeins, you will need to email me with the number of skeins you require (as long as you complete Checkout, you have secured the yarn, whether you pay or not). I will then send you a Paypal invoice for the correct amount.

Postage will be the same as usual, £3.25 for UK customers, £4.25 for European customers (whether you are in the EU or not), and £6.00 for international customers.

Then, on Sunday September 29th at 7pm we will hold a second update, listing the remainders from the sweater packs (sold as usual, by the individual skein). There will be a preview for this update sometime on Sunday.

But that’s not the end of the surprises!

Here’s the thing. Sweaters are my favourite thing to knit. I love everything about them, from choosing the pattern, to immersing myself in a long term project, to wearing the finished sweater (and getting compliments on it!). I think everyone else should love sweater knitting too.

But I’m also aware that it can be quite an investment of money, to buy a large number of skeins for a project. And times are not easy for a lot of knitter right now. I’d hate that to stand in the way of a wonderful project. So, for this special update, I am offering a 10% discount, using the code: SWEATERSEASON. This code will only apply on Saturday, during the actual Sweater Pack update. You will have the opportunity to enter this code as you proceed through Checkout (there’s a coupon box near the bottom of the checkout page).

I’ve also included a wide range of priced yarns in this update, from the sturdy Morag, through to the luxurious Miranda. It’s my hope that there will be something for everyone, and that you’ll enjoy this update, celebrating the beginning of sweater season with me!

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