Sublime Simplicity

Well, the Fair Isle sweater isn’t quite finished yet. I still have a little seaming to do, and about twenty billion ends to weave. I’ve gotta tell ya, I am not feeling the love for this sweater. But maybe it’s an ugly duckling that will turn into a swan when it’s finally finished. We’ll see. (But I do have a strong feeling that Tony will be wearing it to cut wood and dig the garden in a matter of weeks.) Photo’s when it’s all done. You’d like to see the Master wearing it, wouldn’t you? I’ll drag him out for a photoshoot over the weekend.

In the meantime, let us admire the beautiful simplicity of the Seamless Sweater.

I am love, love, loving this sweater. It’s hypnotic to knit, just round after round after round of soothing knitting. The yarn is a dream to work with, the Addis glide along smoothly, it’s really therapeutic. And especially in comparison to the Fair Isle sweater. At the moment, I feel inclined to make myself some knitting promises: a) I will only knit fine gauge items from now on, no less than 5 stitches to the inch, and b) I will only knit sweaters in the round, no more seams for me.

Yes, I expect I will break those vows, but they’re lofty ambitions to have. While chunky knits give faster gratification, fine gauge knits just look so classy. Although I have noticed that my stitches are quite uneven in this sweater. Is that from working on circs? Is it the yarn? Is it my much-better-than-it-was-but-still-not-quite-back-to-normal-speed brain? Who knows. I don’t mind, I think it makes it look more homespun.

And as for seaming……! I’ll be honest with you, I am just awful  at sewing up. No matter how I try, my seams are lumpy and bumpy, and I’ve spoiled many a nice knit at the sewing up stage. So the thought of no seams is extremely attractive. Especially while I’m toiling away at the fat ugly Fair Isle Sweater seams. Ugh.

I thought I’d finish off with a photo of my knitting view. Not a great photo, but I hope you’ll get a sense of the atmosphere. It’s chilly here today, but I have some beech logs on the fire, and a cat stretched out on the rug toasting his belly. In a moment I must tear myself away from my knitting and do a little work, but maybe just one more round first, and a cup of tea and a shortbread biscuit, and one more round for the road……

12 thoughts on “Sublime Simplicity

  1. What a blissful environment to knit in! You two deserve a bit of calm & cosy – enjoy it
    (the sweater looks lovely – which pattern are you using?)

  2. It all looks so rustic and cosy. I love a tweedy look on men. With that gorgeous fiber, one bath and any wonky stitches will bloom and come together beautifully. I do love stockinette – almost hypnotic in it’s simple rhythm.

  3. I’m passionate about the fine gauge knits and it’s fun to read that you’re enjoying yours, too, ’cause I feel a bit strange when others are working chunky sweaters all the time and I want the sport weight ones. =)

    Wet blocking should help the stitches even out, perhaps not completely, but some. It could be that you are knitting with light colored yarn that makes the stitches seem more uneven that it would if you were using a darker color.

  4. The sweater looks lovely. I seem to always have a project on the go that involves knitting in the round with a fine gauge yarn. There may be miles and miles of knitting involved, but it zips along so pleasantly! The stitches will smooth themselves out when you are finished. Let the sweater sit (soak) for 10 minutes, then rinse it, pat it to match its original measurements, and leave it to dry. The stitches will sort themselves out. Don’t worry about it, it all comes out in the wash. 🙂

  5. I am loving the look of that sweater – where’s the pattern from? I quite fancy the idea of a stripey one with my many oddments of Posh. And I can’t wait to see the fair isle…

  6. I hate seaming too! I’m making some toys designed by Jean Greenhowe and they are mostly seams. I am making a penguin who is basically a cylinder… but is he knit in the round? No! I have to sew between his white belly and his black coat and gosh it looks awful!

    Anyway… love that yarn!! It looks so squishy and soft. What is it?

  7. Ohh… …lovely yarn, beautiful beginning of a sweater and what a cozy knitting atmosphere!

    BTW, waiting for your spring and summer colourways!

  8. Mmmm, lovely to see a stove – some of my favourite knitting has been snug and warm before one of those!
    I do agree re the fine gauge – maybe not so much for hats and stuff, but for garments – just look better! Currently enjoying rowan Bamboo Soft (much admired in Oz) and Josephine from IK Summer 07. Can’t imagine wool just now….

  9. When you’re ready do tell us about the pattern and yarn for the seamless sweater. I’m knitting a My so called scarf in Manos at the moment and while I like the texture, the yarn is too thick for my liking so maybe I’m a finer guage person as well……