I’m Back!

Hello my lovelies, did you miss me?! It was very strange going for so long without talking to you – in fact for much of last week I didn’t have internet access at all, which meant no blogs, no Ravelry, no email…… it was quite terrible!!

So, I’ve got lots to tell you. First, the holiday. Cornwall is pretty (although in my biased viewpoint, not quite as pretty as Pembrokeshire) and the estate we were staying on was just gorgeous. It was an old country house, with extensive grounds, and really luxurious lodges scattered throughout the grounds. There was a lake, and woodland, and the daffodils were already blossoming beneath the trees (in December!), and an old gazebo, so very picturesque. I was going to take lots of photos to show you, but didn’t quite manage it….. more on that later……

The first morning we woke up to a scrabbling, scraping, chattering, and opened the curtains to find this little cutiepie tapping on the door for breakfast.

Once he discovered the delights of roasted corn (no salt, don’t worry!) he must have told all his family, because by the next day there were five squirrels waiting for us to wake up, not to mention dozens of birds. Delightful.

Most of our time was spend lazily enjoying the rest, Tony vegging out in front of the TV, me knitting and reading. I finished the Wool Peddler’s Shawl – hurrah! – more on that tomorrow. But we dragged ourselves out on the Wednesday for a trip to the Eden Project. What an amazing place, and how sorry I am that we live so far from it, because I’d love to see it in summer. I did get slightly distracted in the Tropical Biodome though, by a rather nice Scandinavian sweater (my lens steamed up, but you can still see the details).

And of course there were gorgeous plants to look at too, even in winter.

Now comes the slightly embarrassing part of our holiday story. It was Wednesday night, we were sitting waiting for The Old Curiosity Shop to come on, and all of a sudden a great wave of homesickness washed over us both, and we decided to come home early. Yes, I know, crazy. But those of you who adore your animals as much as we do may understand. So we came home a couple of days early, and enjoyed the rest of the holiday at home. Hence no more photos.

It was a glorious break, just what we needed, although after the insane scramble of last night’s sale (every scrap of yarn gone within 30 minutes!!) I think I could use another break! No, really, it’s good to be back. Thank you all so much for your lovely emails and comments, it’s so nice to know that you see us as the friends that we see you as…. if you follow me!

So, back to work, lots of parcels to pack, and this week’s yarn to dye. We’ve got some goodies for you over the next few weeks, to smooth over the post-holiday blues, so look out for those. And if the shawl dries today (its blocking) I can show you that tomorrow.

11 thoughts on “I’m Back!

  1. Welcome home! We missed you too.

    It’s been 2008 for 45 minutes down here and, so far, it feels like a good one. Happy New Year to you all!

  2. I know exactly what you mean about missing your moggies. I can’t bear even a couple of days away from my little Bilbo. I always know he’s having fun though, as he stays with friends who have 2 cats that he gets on really well with.

    I bet your cats were really pleased to see you back again!

  3. Welcome home! I know what you mean about coming home early, sometimes it’s just more fun to relax at home surrounded by the familiar. Especially when there are animals involved! (Although the squirrel was pretty cute! How bold!)

    I hope you had a good stiff drink after the madness of the sale. Get some rest (after you post my yarn, of course!), OK? 🙂

  4. We missed you too – welcome back!!! Oh, the squirrels are soooooo cute. Will Tony dye a yarn in their honour? 🙂 I’m glad you had time to relax, although yesterday’s sale probably aged you a few years – I think it did me lol.

  5. Lots of bright colours to chase away the winter blues please. Great to have you back, I can get back to my PY daily blog fix now :o) you were missed!

    Last night was nuts! Looking forward to a pink parcel – need cheering up, roll on spring, I know we’ve had the shortest day but so far they don’t seem to be getting any longer, am I being impatient? Ho hum, I have my beautiful PY knitting to cheer me up when it is bleak outside. Thank you.

  6. Definitely missed you and it’s great to have you back. Glad to hear, too, that your holiday was rejuvenating and relaxing. Don’t work too hard this week!

  7. Off topic – BUT – have you ever visited Rosie.com?
    Squirrel movies – quite a hoot. My kids and I watch together!

  8. I know just what you mean about being home sick. Glad you had a great time away but an even better time at home. Missed you too!!!