Sshhhh, I’m not officially here……. but go take a look at the sale preview…..

So! Many! Bargains!

9 thoughts on “Bargains!

  1. O.M.W.!!!! I am sooooooooo glad that my yarn diet doesnt start til the 1 January 🙂 Off to practise fastest finger first 🙂

    PS: Hope you and Tony had a lovely, relaxing, indulgent Christmas 🙂

  2. Just got my first shipment of yarn — I’m absolutely delighted — worth every penny, even with the wretched US exchange rate. Can’t wait to take it to work Monday (at my LYS, where I’m the Posh forerunner) and make everyone mad with jealousy.

  3. Fantastic. Wow that was a great sale =D So glad I managed to get the two I wanted – every time I hit refresh more “SOLD OUT” signs came up =D

  4. Those were all beautiful – couldn’t make the sale today, but WOW, next time look out!

    can I special order colours/yarns???

    Have a wonderful New Year