Do you ever think about how lucky we are, as knitters? I do. There couldn’t be a better time to take up knitting (or start again after many years of non-knitting), because we have an amazing world of fibre and equipment and inspiration and design out there, just waiting for us to join in. Look at what we’ve got: a superb range of yarns, for every budget, for every type of knitting, for every taste. Hand dyed, hand spun, art yarn, recycled yarn, cobweb to super chunky, in every shade of the rainbow (often in the same skein!). Allergic to wool? No problem, because there’s yarn out there made from practically every substance known to man, from shellfish to soy to steel. And look at our equipment, luxurious rosewood needles, sets of interchangeables, clever yarn swifts for winding, handmade stitchmarkers, glow in the dark needles, handcrafted knitting bags.

And inspiration? We’ve got that by the bucketload! Never has there been so many designers debuting knitting patterns, so many knitting magazines (free, web based, print, subscription), so many fabulous books. If you’re a lace knitter, a sock knitter, a colourwork knitter, a cable knitter, a scarf knitter, an entrelac knitter, a freeform knitter, whatever, there’s a range of designs out there to make your head whirl.

And look at the community we’ve got, a global knitting family, exchanging advice and inspiration and support. Blogs, knitting forums, Ravelry! RAVELRY! Lord, I practically live on that site. If you aren’t part of Ravelry yet, I do apologise for the gratuitous rubbing-in, but its the best thing ever to hit the Internet. Just wait and see for yourself.

I can’t wait to see what 2008 brings to the knitting world, because this peak shows no signs of dropping. We all thought 2007 was going to be a big year for knitters, but I suspect that 2008 will be more exciting still. Have you noticed how many of your friends and family have either taken up knitting again, started knitting for the first time, or are showing distinct leanings in that direction? I counted mine up yesterday, and 8 of my friends/family have started knitting in the last 6 months, and I’ve got my beady eye on another 10 or so. Knitting is huge, people!!

I’m just so excited to be part of it all, and grateful too. Aren’t you?   

9 thoughts on “Reflecting….

  1. I haven’t been able to convert any non-knitters this year. But there has been a huge increase in the interest in what I’m knitting! For the first time in years I had a number of requests for knitted items – yippppeee! (And even more yippppeeeee I managed to finish them all.)

  2. I’m so glad I took up knitting again (about 18 months ago) because I’m having such fun with it and have ‘met’ such delightful people!!

  3. Yes I agree – it’s a great time to be a knitter with the choice and variety out there. I am also enjoying the fact that there doesn’t seem to be any elitism in knitting so if you want to knit dishcloths instead of jumpers or use budget wool instead of cashmere no-one judges you.

  4. Amen, and thanks, Dee, for reminding us to count our k,p, ssk blessings.
    Happy holidays to each and every Posh Knitter–and the Posh Parents.

  5. I sometimes feel like I’m trying to introduce some odd cult and people nod at me in that ooh she’s a bit strange sort of way. I don’t care, I achieved something and made something pretty! They are learning but don’t believe in themselves enough to think that they could do it too. Its a lot easier than I ever thought it was

  6. Yes, we are truly fortunate. The social interaction involved in being a knitter now is as important as the craft itself. Of course we have responsibilities to pass it on if we don’t want to go back to the bad old days. If we don’t buy it’ll be amazing how fast we’ll lose all the goodies we currently take for granted.

    I love Ravelry too, if for no other reason than I can keep an eye on what everyone else is up to!

  7. I don’t think I would have started knitting again if it hadn’t been for my friends on various forums who were talking a lot about knitting, which made me think ‘I can do that!’ Then I started looking at all the lovely woolly possibilities that are now available, and while I would be quite happy to own it all for the sake of having a collection of prettily coloured soft stuff to coo over, I had to tell myself ( quite forcibly at that ) that it would be much better to actually do something with it. This is where internet sites like Ravelry, Knitty and individual blogs like yours have really made a difference to me, and I’m really incredibly grateful for it, and still a little bit amazed that it’s all there for the taking.

  8. There couldn’t be a better time to take up knitting (or start again after many years of non-knitting),

    So true. I came back to knitting at a time of deep sorrow last December and have been enchanted by it all.

    I’ll be there again on Sunday to buy enough 4ply for that lovely pattern I would never have found but for my new friends on Posh Yarn.