Okay! We have been doing some experimentation with the gift vouchers, and found that the recipient doesn’t actually need a redemption code. If you buy a gift voucher for someone, when they purchase something from us, and pay from that same email address, during the payment process on Paypal they will see an option to redeem the voucher. So, if your recipient didn’t receive the voucher by email from Paypal, we can still email her to let her know she has a voucher, the value of it, and how to redeem.

This still isn’t ideal, but we’re looking at our options for an alternative system now.


There seems to be some technical issue with the Paypal gift voucher system, when it comes to future dates vouchers (ie, you want them delivered on a future date). I’ve had three vouchers this week, not delivered on the date requested, and it’s really difficult for me to fix, because I don’t have access to the voucher redemption code, only the recipient sees that. So my hands are a bit tied in helping resolve the issue. We are looking into it, and if we can’t resolve it, I think we will have to suspend the Paypal voucher system until it is either fixed, or we find an alternative.

I can’t tell you how sorry I am, and disappointed on the behalf of those who have been let down by it. Until we say otherwise, can I please ask you all to refrain from ordering a future delivered voucher, please only use the system for a voucher that is to be delivered immediately (as that seems to be working without issue). If you don’t want the recipient to receive their voucher immediately, please choose the option to print the voucher – that way you immediately get the redemption code.

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