This week’s shop preview is now up! But before you dash off to look at it, there are some important notes that I need to tell you:

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Orphan Updates, here’s what you need to know.

There are no photos or colour descriptions with orphans. There is usually only one skein per colourway, so if you buy more than one skein in a yarn base, you will probably not get matching skeins. There are a few twins though, so you might.

Many of the skeins have been overdyed, so they are either dark or very saturated. But on the plus side, the colourways have that complexity and depth that you get from overdyed yarn. There are also a few lighter skeins that ended up as orphans for one reason or another. I’m very sorry, but we aren’t able to take requests for colour preferences, or anything like that.

Also, our clocks go forward on Saturday night, so the update will be at 7pm GMT+1, not GMT. Make sure you check what time that it is in your region!

Finally, this update sees the last of our stock of the following bases, which won’t come back into stock until the autumn:

Antonia DK
Caitlin Aran
Florence Aran
Patricia Aran

Okay, that’s all the formalities over with, now let’s see the yarn!

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