This week’s preview is up, and a particularly luscious one it is, too! We’re on Occasional Week, which includes a range of bases and weights, from our occasional range. As I mentioned yesterday, we’re also launching two new bases this week, Natasha Heavy Lace, and Zoe Aran. I think you are going to love them both. Here are some of my favourites from the week:


Madeleine Lace – All My Eye & Betty Martin


Dorothy Sock – Cockeyed Optimist howcouldibesnoringwheniwasntevenasleep

Zoe Aran – How Could I Be Snoring When I Wasn’t Even Asleep?


Madeleine Lace – I Married A Martian itisagoodshrubbery

Natasha Sock – It Is A Good Shrubbery


Natasha Heavy Lace, in (left to right) – Sweet Sue’s Society Syncopators, A Little Time For Golden Dreams, Good Red Herring peacockstalkingofthecolourgrey

Natasha Lace – Peacocks Talking Of The Colour Grey
(this week’s cover shot)


Pamela Sock – Practising My Gracious Loser Face thebandplayedon


Elinor Sock – The Band Played On

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